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Shoulder to Shoulder


Early the next morning, Elena lay with her head resting on Juan’s chest, his steady breathing making her head move up and down.

“I have to get up soon.” Juan said regretfully, it was half past 8 and he needed to be at training in Surrey at 10.

Almost ignoring him completely, Elena rolls onto her side, facing Juan, the intensity in her gaze startling him a little. “So how is this going to work?” The young man’s eyebrow quirked, he had no idea what she was talking about. “When I go off to university.” She explained.

He pulled himself up a little and opened his arms, Elena settled into them and he rested his cheek on the top of her head. “We’ll make it work. You’re not actually going that far away, only around 2 and a half hours.” His words were kind and genuine. “I’ll come and see you some days after training, you can take the train back here. We can call, text and Skype – we’ll talk all the time. I promise.” Juan ended by placing a kiss into her hair.

Elena remained quiet, despite the fact that Juan seemed to have it all worked out, she knew everything would be different once she move away. What could have been only moments later, Juan moved out of bed and went to get ready to leave.

When he returned to the bedroom, his towel was slung low on his hips. He took out his clothes for the day and began to get changed. “Are you free this evening?” Juan asked, pulling on his dark wash jeans.

For a second Elena was thoughtful, “I’m going over to Lila’s this afternoon, but no plans for tonight.”

He did up the buttons on his polo shirt, “Good. We’re playing tonight at Stamford Bridge – against Wolverhampton.” With a spritz of cologne, he continued, “you should go to the box office, I’ve left a ticket there under your name. Then come to the entrance that I told you about last time you were there, and come inside.”

“Oh, okay, that sounds great.”

Juan walked over and kissed her, before turning around and walking out of the room. Elena pulled herself out of bed pulled on one of Juan’s t-shirts to cover her bare body and went into the living room where he was searching around.

“They’re on the coffee table.” Elena told him, flicking through a magazine that was on the counter, knowing he was looking for his car keys.

“Gracias, adios!” he said, before taking a jumper and leaving the apartment.

Later that day, Elena walked from Juan’s apartment over to Lila’s which was only around 15 minutes away.

Without even greeting her friend, Lila whipped open the door, “What happened last night? You were supposed to call me, what went down?”
“Well, let me in and I’ll tell you!” Elena laughed at her friend.

She recounted the whole evening to Lila, not leaving out any detail. Lila listened attentively, gasping when her friend revealed that she’d slept with her Spanish beau.

“You really slept with him?” Lila asked, just making sure her friend wasn’t lying to her.

“Yes, last night we had sex.” She said, just to clarify.

“Wow,” Lila fell back against the sofa.

“Well, we’ve been together for about a month and it felt right.” Elena tried justifying herself to her friend.

Lila sat back up quickly. “No, I wasn’t saying wow at the fact that you slept with him; I’m saying wow because you bagged a wealthy Spaniard, and I’m still single!”

Elena laughed at her friend. “You know he’s a footballer, right?”

“What?” Lila’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open into the stereotypical ‘o’.

Sheepishly, Elena confirmed it. “He plays for Chelsea.”

Picking up a cushion, Lila hit her best friend. “How can you just drop that on me? He’s a footballer! Holy shit, and Chelsea are a big deal, yes?” Lila knew nothing about football whatsoever.

“Yeah, they won the Champions League in May, that’s the biggest club competition in the world.” Elena informed her.

“So, he’s properly rich then?” the blonde grinned devilishly.

“Well, I’m not sure how much he earns, I haven’t asked because it doesn’t really bother me.”

“Aw, look at you! You really like him.”

“Just because I don’t care about his paycheque?” Elena laughed.

“No, because all you care about is him.” Lila clarified.
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