Status: Working on it =) And if you're new to my story, read past the first chapter, it gets better as it goes.

My Heart Belongs To You, So Save Me

Lux has a great life a great life. She has a great job, great best friend, great house, great boyfri...wait, hold that thought. So thats the one thing shes missing. Not that this bothers her.

At least until she finds out that she has stage 4 ovarian cancer. So far gone that all she can do is take pain management and wait to die in about a year.

Lux thinks about her life (or should I say death), and ends up thinking about all the things she'll never get to do and all the things she should have said. Especially to the one person who means more to her than anyone in the world.

At least, he used to mean everything to her.

Lux hasn't seen, heard or spoken to Zacky, or any of the other members of A7X for that matter, in three years. Since a certain damaging event caused she and Zacky to part ways.

Will she be able to bring herself to let them all know?

And the hardest person to tell, might not be the person you expected.
  1. Introduction
  2. The Day I Met The One Who Saved Me
  3. My Heart Still Beats
  4. They Don't Live Here Anymore
  5. Before The Nudity Continues, Let Me Take You Back
  6. Of All The Houses In All The World
  7. Secrets Don't Make Friends
  8. There Is Not A Thing You Miss
  9. Your Chariot Awaits
  10. My Best Friend's Girl
  11. Cliches
  12. Hey There, Stranger
  13. Mirror, Mirror
  14. Phone Calls and Good Omens
  15. Sticky Heat
  16. Pictures On The Wall
  17. Save It For The Morning After
  18. Hard Times & Hard Nights Are Keeping Me Wide Awake
  19. Patience Is A Virtue
  20. I'll Point Disaster My Way
  21. The Worst Lies Are The Lies We Tell Ourselves
  22. Locked Inside Your Heart-Shaped Box
  23. I Think My Mask Of Sanity Is About To Slip
  24. I Feel So Dirty When They Start Talking Cute
  25. Whoever Said Life Was Easy Was Lying Or Stupid
  26. Should I Be Afraid?
  27. Crystal Chandeliers Hang
  28. It's Distance We Need
  29. Home Is Where You Hang Your Head
  30. You're Taller
  31. All Things Are Ready If Our Minds Be So
  32. I Need Air
  33. Falling Is Easy...
  34. ...It's Getting Back Up That Becomes The Problem
  35. What Got Me Into This Mess That Devoured Me?
  36. The Truth Is Out
  37. You Found Me Where No One Else Was Looking
  38. Patch Me Up & Send Me Straight Back Into The Fire
  39. I Won't Let This Build Up Inside Of Me
  40. Bury All Your Secrets In My Skin
  41. If I Was Perfect, Then This Would Be Easy...
  42. ...Either Road Is Plausible, On Both I Could Drown
  43. My Mouth Is Filled With Love...
  44. ...My Head Is Held In Shame
  45. Being Happy Doesn't Mean Everything Is Perfect
  46. You Keep This Love
  47. When I See You I Can Read It In Your Eyes
  48. The Boys' Perspective
  49. Maybe It's Time I Was Truthful
  50. No Matter What They Say, You Can't Go Back
  51. The Envelope
  52. Are We Ok?
  53. Knock Knock.
  54. I Had A Feeling This Would Never Leave
  55. I'm No Saviour. I'm No Saint.
  56. And I Never Was Smart With Love
  57. Left Out
  58. People Are Fragile Things You Should Know By Now
  59. No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition
  60. You Would Rather Bleed Than Be Without Her
  61. Tickets