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Take One Last Breath

Austine Gregory and Korissa Aidaire are best friends, pushed together by fate, and kept with each other because, well, they needed each other. That was the case when Kori tagged along on a visit to Austin’s cousin’s house. This cousin just happens to be both a well-known professional skateboarder, and a professional idiot. This cousin is Bam Margera. Austine grew up with the guy, so she knows that he’s rude, annoying, and has friends that are just the same. Kori, however, doesn’t know any of these people, and from the second she steps in the house, she’s at war. She hates Bam, and Bam hates her. The two create havoc that put everybody in the house at danger. That’s how the summer goes until events start to happen. Austine loses somebody close, causing a defeat for herself, and Kori is devoured by temptation. Secrets are made, made to be taken to their graves, and then secrets are exposed. These secrets unraveling in turn cause other secrets to be made, secrets that already start digging holes six feet into the ground.

As you read Take One Last Breath, you’ll be brought into the lives of two girls who find things, lose things, break hearts, and have their hearts broken. You’ll be able to read about the secrets that manage to tear people apart, and cause people to flee. You’ll get to experience love and hate. You’ll be there for the many emergency room visits, and the pranks. Most importantly, you’ll read the outbreak of something new, changing the lives of these two girls and the people around them, for better, and for worst. So sit down, and take a deep breath, because it might be your last.

DISCLAIMER: We, Saleigh Vaughn and Shannon Bradley, do not own or claim to own Bam Margera, Jackass, or H.I.M, nor any of the people in this story, aside from characters made up, including Austine and Kori. The events in this story are strictly based off of twisted and sick imagination. We apologize in advanced if anybody is offended in the duration of this story, as that was not the cause. There is sexual content, foul language, cruel humor, and events that may cause trauma (loljk).

You’ve been warned.