Sequel: Tied Together

This Wasn't Suppose to Happen

Bonus Chapter (Sid's POV)

I peeled out of the parking lot and started driving, I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. I was going to be a father, the words hit me hard and my fingers were shaking as I gripped the wheel tighter.

How could I have been so stupid? In all my NHL years, I’ve never even come close to having a pregnancy scare, I had made certain that the few girls I met up with regularly took precautions and so did I. The one time I strayed from the normal, I had this to deal with.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how my family was going to take the news, my Mother would probably cry and I was certain my Father would be far more vocal. People called me the face of the league and now I had knocked up a one night stand; my reputation would be tarnished, I would probably lose endorsements and I knew that my wholesome imagine would be gone.

Not only have I let everyone else down, but I let myself down. I didn’t want to have a child under these circumstances, I wanted to do it the right way, get married and then settle down. Not now, I was suppose to be working out hard this summer, getting ready for a full season despite rumors of a lockout. Not preparing for a baby.

A baby…

I found myself in the parking lot of Consol and pulled into the underground parking lot. This was the one place that I could clear my head, walking into the locker room; I headed to my stall and started lacing up my skates. Walking down the runway, I made sure I grabbed a bucket of pucks and tossed them onto the ice as I opened the gate. I was never so glad to step out onto the ice and take the first strides across the smooth surface.

I skated around for a moment, as if it would clear my head. Janelle said that I didn’t have to go through this with her, I could just walk away. Walk away, was that even an option for me? Did I have the ability to walk away from a child? My child?

I swung by the pile of pucks and grabbed one with my stick, I started heading towards the net, using my backhand to launch it into the back of the net. I stopped suddenly and slammed my stick against the side of the net, catching the pole and shattering it. I was so torn, she was giving me an out. A way to make this go away, keep my life the way it was, keep my endorsements…after the last year and all the suffering and uncertainty, I needed this year to be drama free. Maybe this was what I had to do, hell, if she gave the baby up for adoption I wouldn’t be a part of its life. This could be the answer I was looking for and needed; and all that I was required to do was walk away and forget. Forget that the night happened in the first place, forget the 2 words that sent my head spinning, forget everything…
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Some of my lovely readers requested that it would be nice to see Sid's point of view and while I have a distinct direction I wanted the story to go in and it being through Janelle's eyes, I thought that I could add a bonus chapter every now and then to fill in some gaps and give you another perspective on what is happening.

Please let me know if you like the idea of having bonus chapters in Sid's pov because I was going to do the same in Fantasy Reality. Enjoy!