Sequel: Tied Together

This Wasn't Suppose to Happen

Part 2

So, it’s not easy to get in touch with a superstar NHL player. Nate quickly learned the hard way since Sid’s number was unlisted and when he called Consol, all he got was laughter on the other end of the line and a dial tone in his ear. Dropping his cell phone on the table, he sank back down onto the couch and looked at me.

“Okay, this is okay. We just have to move to plan B”.

Shooting him a sideways glance, I couldn’t help but ask, “We have a plan B? What is it?”

“Ummm, give me a while and we’ll have it”, Nate said as he hopped up from the couch and grabbed his phone. “I will be back later and I will have a plan B”, he told me as he headed towards the door. “I’ll be back”, throwing me some kisses, he exited through the door and left me alone with my thoughts.

Okay, so maybe leaving me alone with my thoughts wasn’t the best thing Nate ever did for me because the second the door clicked behind him; I became delusional and started thinking that the pregnancy test was wrong. I mean, that could be a possibility couldn’t it? I jumped up and grabbed my beloved Coach bag and left the apartment in such a hurry that I didn’t even bother to lock the door behind me. Probably not the best decision, but since I didn’t remember not locking the door until I was pulling out of my parking space, I wasn’t bothered to go back up and take care of it. Besides it would only take a moment or two.

I pulled out onto the busy street and headed in the direction of the closest drug store. Thankfully there was a Rite Aid minutes down the street and before long, I was pulling into the parking lot. I headed straight to the back to the store where the family planning section was. Thinking it was funny that condoms and pregnancy tests were considered family planning; I stifled a little laugh and grabbed one of every brand that was available. I mean come on; it’s known that they aren’t 100 percent accurate… right?

Throwing the boxes on the counter, the cashier gave me a strange look as she scanned the bar codes. Avoiding her eyes, I took my credit card out of my purse and waited for her to give me the total. “That will be 87.87”, she said as she reached for my credit card. I made no move to hand it to her as I looked at the cash register. Come on, what are the odds? What did I ever do to deserve this sick sense of humor? Finally snapping out of it, I let go of my card and allowed the girl to swipe it. Hastily scribbling my name on the receipt, I grabbed the bag and walked out of the store as fast as I could.

Walking through my apartment door, I scanned the living room just to make sure that everything was still in its place, which it was thank god. I avoided a robbery, maybe it was a good sign. I ran to the bathroom and peed on 3 sticks before realizing that in order to do the rest of the tests; I would need more liquid in me. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Sunny D out of the fridge and started downing it. Ironic, I had just seen Juno a few weeks before and she downed a gallon of Sunny D just to take a pregnancy test. Hmmmm, we all know how that ended. I poured the rest of the Sunny D down the sink and turned to a bottle of water instead. I gulped that down as I headed back towards my room and into the bathroom. Deciding not to sneak a peek at the sticks sitting on the side of the sink, I grabbed the remainder of the tests and did my thing.

I paced the floor of my bedroom, hoping that there would be some good news when I walked back into the bathroom. Creeping into the bathroom, I slowly turned my gaze towards the line of sticks cluttering my sink. One by one, they confirmed the results of the first test. Great, just great. Picking up the phone, I dialed the number for my doctors office. “Yes, this is Janelle Jones; I’d like to make an appointment please”.

Less than an hour later, I found myself driving down the familiar roads towards Dr. Marshall’s office. Thankfully he had a cancellation; don’t think I would be able to wait for days for another opening. I slid my old battered ford in between a black Mercedes and a white Escalade, being careful not to let my door bang the Mercedes as I opened it. Ensuring the doors were locked, I turned and headed into the medical offices. Not bothering to wait for the elevator, I ran up the stairs two at a time and pushed open the clinic door. The receptionist smiled as she glanced up from her computer. “Can I help you?” she asked as I approached the desk.

“Janelle Jones”, I sad as the receptionist nodded and motioned for me to take a seat. Taking the seat closest to the door, I glanced around the full waiting room.

“Miss Jones?” I looked around and saw a nurse standing in the hallway holding a folder. I stood and followed her down the hall and into the examination room. She laid my folder on the desk and pointed to a chair. “Please have a seat and Dr. Marshall will be in with you in a moment”. I nodded and sat down.

Okay, this will all be fine; maybe there is a logical explanation for this. Maybe I’m dreaming… wait, no, that hurt. Where the hell is the doctor? Doesn’t he know that I’m not so patiently waiting here? If he don’t come through that door in the next two seconds…

“Janelle? How are we doing today?” Doctor Marshall passes me on his way behind his desk.

“Do you want the honest answer? Cause I’m freaking out right about how”, I said as he gave me a small smile. “I think I’m pregnant, well, I took a crap load of pregnancy tests and they all said I was pregnant, but you know I think I drank a bit too much the other night and it messed everything up”.

Dr. Marshall laughed. “I’m going to assume that this wasn’t planned. How late are you?” he asked as he opened my folder and started writing.

“Oh… that. Well, it’s a little late. Just by eleven days though, so that’s not too bad”.

“Janelle, take this cup and go fill it up for me. We can do a pregnancy test here and you can have the results in a few minutes”. He took a plastic cup out of his desk drawer and held it out towards me. Gingerly I took the cup and headed down the hall towards the restroom, only to return a few minutes later and ready for the last and final pregnancy test.

The doctor took the cup from me, unscrewed the top and dipped a test stick into it. Laying the test stick on a napkin, he turned to me. “Just a few minutes Janelle and we’ll have the answer you need. While we wait, is there anything else that you are concerned or worried about?”

Shaking my head, I continued to pray that the little test stick wouldn’t let me down. I was just trying to cross my toes when Dr. Marshall cleared his throat. “Well, Janelle, I don’t know if I should congratulate you, but you are indeed pregnant”.

I twisted in my chair to face him; he was still standing next to the sink and holding the strip in his hand. “I’m sorry, I think I hallucinated there for a minute. I’m what?”

He threw the test stick into the garbage and walked over to the vacant chair next to me and took a seat. “Janelle, you’re pregnant”.

The tears came as if a damn burst and I started shaking with sobs. The type of crying that leaves you breathless, red eyes and runny nosed. “Janelle, you’re hyperventilating, deep breaths, come on”, Dr. Marshall said as I tried to catch my breath. I stood up and grabbed my purse. “Thank you very much Dr. Marshall, I will be in touch with you later”, I said as I made a quick getaway leaving the doctor sitting with a surprised look on his face.

Sitting in my car, I closed my eyes and thought back to that night. It was about six weeks ago, but in my mind it was as clear as if it was yesterday.