Sequel: Tied Together

This Wasn't Suppose to Happen

Part 4

The sexual tension between the two of us was heavy in the SUV while Sid drove towards downtown Pittsburgh. I didn’t know where we were going and I could have cared less. Hell, I would have taken him right then and there in the Rover if I had to. We pulled up to a building and he hit a black button on a garage opener that was on his visor. The heavy steel door slowly opened and we pulled into a parking space.

Sid grabbed my hand and hauled me towards the elevators, as we waited for one to arrive; Sid pushed me against the cold concrete wall and pushed his body onto mine. I could feel his excitement as he kissed my neck, the ping of the elevator announced its arrival and I pushed Sid backwards into the elevator while keeping our bodies pressed together.

He pushed a button and we quickly arrived to the Penthouse floor. As soon as we stepped off the elevator Sid started unzipping my hoodie, kissing me passionately and dragging me to one of the 4 doors that were visible out of the corner of my eye. While he fumbled with the key, I started pulling on his jacket and we both half fell into his condo. Clothes started flying and his jeans were down around his ankles when he grabbed me and hoisted me up. I linked my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist as he stumbled towards a bedroom.

Entering what must be his room; he walked backwards towards the bed and fell backwards onto it taking me with him. I was sitting on top of him and even though something was telling me that I shouldn’t be doing this, my body was telling me that I wanted it more than anything.

“Do you have anything?” I asked as I hauled off his jeans and threw them onto the floor. Sid reached into the top drawer of his night stand and pulled out a condom. I was in the process of pulling off his boxers when I looked up and saw him opening the foil packet. Once he was gloriously naked and lying on the bed, he reached up and grabbed me by the waist. He rolled over so my back was pressed against the mattress. Pulling my panties down, he was quick to toss them aside.

Wasting no time with foreplay, I rolled the condom on his hard cock and he slammed into me taking only enough time to place gentle kisses on my collarbone. “Shit, you’re so ready”, he muttered as he kept a steady rhythm. My body responded quickly and I met him thrust for thrust. We were in complete sync, muttering few words as we both started to reach our peak.
Keeping our bodies joined together, we rolled over and I continued to ride him as his hands roamed my body. I could feel my release coming, waves of pleasure started flowing through my body. Sid let out a groan, “come on baby”, he said as he thrust his hips trying to go deeper into my body. Leaning over so my breasts rested on his chest, my lips met his and our tongues started battling with each other. Letting out an animalistic moan, I knew he was ready to come. “Fuck”, he mumbled into my mouth as I felt him pulsating inside me. My release followed as ripples of pleasure overtook my body and I feel limp next to him on the mattress.

“Fuck, that was good”, Sid said as he glanced over at me. I couldn’t do anything but nod. This was exactly what I needed; booze, sex and a sweet release. Exhausted, we both fell into a deep sleep, our legs wrapped up in each other.

When I opened my eyes, I struggled to remember where I was. I had a headache and was trying to remember why I was naked. Glancing to my right, I glanced over and looked into the face of Sidney Crosby. “Holy shit”, I muttered as I took in my surroundings. Slowly, the flood of memories came back to me and I tried to figure out what I was going to do. I’ve never had a one night stand before, I didn’t know how this worked.

I slowly slipped out from under the sheet and tip toed into the adjoining bathroom. Once I had closed the door behind me, I glanced in the mirror and saw my flushed complexion. Wow, no holds sex really agreed with me. Quickly using the washroom, I washed my hands and slowly opened the door. Sid was still in the same position he was when I left. I groped around in the darkened room and tried to find my panties. A groan from Sid stopped me in my tracks and I glanced at the bed to see him rubbing his eyes.

“Whatcha doing?” he asked as he sat up against the headboard.

“Getting my clothes”, I told him as I spotted my panties on the edge of the foot board.


I wasn’t really good at doing two things at once and barely heard what he was saying since I was so concerned with looking for my clothes. I noticed him staring at me. “What?” I asked as I glanced around for my bra.

“Why are you getting your clothes?” he repeated.

“I don’t know, I figured this was how it went. I’ve never done this before “, I explained as I turned around in a circle. “Did you see where my bra landed?” I asked as I turned towards Sid. He was still sitting up in bed, dangling my black bra from his hand.

“Thanks”, I said as I grabbed it from him and put it on. “You’re more than welcome to spend the night”, he said.

I stopped for a moment and thought about it. “No, I have to get back home”, I explained as I found my jeans and pulled them on as well.

“I’ll drive you”. Sid slid out from under the sheet and stood there in all his glory. I had to admit, he had a fantastic body. Mesmerized by the figure standing in front of me, I finally clicked back to reality. “No, I’ll grab a cab, it’s okay”, I explained.

“I’m not letting you loose in downtown Pittsburgh in the dark by yourself. I’m bringing you to your car”, his tone let me know that he was not going to back down.

Nodding, I stepped aside so he could enter the bathroom. Turning on the light, I squinted a few times to adjust to the brightness. I was trying to remember where I lost my hoodie when Sid re-entered the bedroom. “I think you lost that as soon as we entered the condo”, he said as he picked up his jeans and pulled them on.

‘He’s going commando’, I thought as I watched the muscles in his back ripple as he picked up his shirt and pulled it on over his head. Tugging the shirt down over his abdomen, he lead me out of the bedroom, flicking on lights as he went. The warm glow of the lights illuminated the living room and kitchen, showing off the open concept and the floor to ceiling windows that offered a wonderful view of Pittsburgh.

“Nice place”, I told him as I saw my discarded hoodie next to the door. Sid got there first and bent down to pick it up. “I like it”, he said as he tossed the hoodie to me. “I needed somewhere to come after games instead of driving back to Sewickley”, he added as he picked up his jacket and zipped it up. Following suit, I shrugged on my hoodie and zipped it to my chin.

Casting one last look at the beautiful condo, I moved to where Sid was standing and he opened the door. Our descent down to the parking garage was a different than our ascent was only hours before. Walking into the deserted parking garage, we made our way to his Rover and I climbed into the passenger seat.

Our drive to the Southside was quiet, we didn’t bother to make small talk. Reaching the parking lot where I had parked, he pulled up next to my car. “Well, thanks”, I muttered as I put my hand on the door handle. I had just opened the door when I felt his hand on arm.

“Here, take this, go see your family”, he said as he tried to push a handful of 100 dollar bills into my hand.

“What? No. I’m not some hooker”, I said as I felt my temperature rising.

“I don’t mean it that way, I just know that we both had shitty days and I’m in a position to help make yours a little better”, he gave me a genuine smile and I couldn’t help but relax. “Thank you”, I said as I took the money and shoved it in my jeans pocket. Climbing out of the SUV, I turned back to look at him. “Good luck with everything”, I said as I put my hand on the edge of the door frame. “You too”, I gave him one last glance and closed the door.

Walking to the driver’s side of my car, I unlocked the vehicle and climbed in, watching Sid drive off in my rear view mirror. It seemed almost as if it was a dream, I couldn’t even get my head around the events that had occurred in the past hours. This was all too crazy, even for me, but at least it was just a onetime thing. He might have changed my opinion of him, but I was certain that I would never run into Sidney Crosby again.
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