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Two Different Worlds Collide


My phone started ringing, the call ID saying it was Brett, which told us who was at the door. After a few long breaths to try and even out my breathing we actually pulled apart and stood up. Cheyenne stretched before walking over to me, accepting the invitation as I held my arm out, and she wrapped hers around me.

“About time you opened the damn door,” Brett grumbled as I did so, letting Liza in first. She looked like he’d given her a present - her eyes were bright, her smile was wide, and they were nearly glued to each other. Even worse than they were before.

“Finally woke up?” Liza asked Cheyenne, who nodded before a yawn escaped. Brett chuckled and raised an eyebrow at me, but I shook my head, knowing what he was wondering. He probably thought we’d hooked up in the time they’d been gone.

“Yeah, I had a good sleep though,” she told her friend as we made our way back to the living room. Brett wanted to play Xbox, and while I wasn’t in the mood and Liza admitted to not being big on video games, Cheyenne piped up that she’d be up for a game or two. I sat on the couch and watched as the first match up of Call of Duty Brett had no mercy for her – even though she was trying to get her bearings. She admitted to having a PlayStation at home, which explained why she was having trouble with the buttons. By the end of the first match, she got the hang of it, and by the third she was dominating. Brett was pulling every trick he had to try and beat her, but she always seemed to get the best of him.

“I’m done,” he announced, setting his controller on the coffee table and leaning back against the loveseat. Liza was trying not to laugh, and Cheyenne had a smug smile on her face.

“Guess what Brett? You just got POWNED!” she told him, laughing as he pouted and pretended to wipe away a tear before she leaned back against me and let me wrap my arms around her. I wished she was staying here, both of them. Brett needed a girl like Liza, and it would be awesome to spend an off-day like this – snoozing with Cheyenne before spending the afternoon with friends, I missed that kind of aspect in my life. Nash, Alice, Tasha and I would do that on an off-day that the girls were down, and it was always fun. I had to try and get a hold on my imagination though, because I knew the girls were just here for the week. This was my problem – the guys teased me about being a romantic, but in all honesty I was one. I wasn’t like Jordan, who’d always been so nonchalant about girls. When I fell I fell fast, even though it wasn’t always good for me.

“Shut up,” he grumbled, before deciding to change games and try his luck again. He did destroy her at the NASCAR game, which he spent the rest of the afternoon rubbing in her face, until she challenged him to another round of Call of Duty. Liza then spotted Dance Central and wanted to play it. She talked Cheyenne into it, and we spent another half-hour laughing at the two girls trying to out-do each other. Cheyenne was clumsy, but somehow as soon as you played music it disappeared and she became incredibly graceful.

Nonetheless, she spent a good deal of her time goofing around and making a fool of herself, not appearing to care. When there was a knock at the door I left the living room to answer it, surprised to see Nash, Alice, Michal and Justin there.

“Oh, hey guys,” I really hadn’t expected anybody else, and Michael looked around me as he heard a burst of laughter from the living room. I turned to see Cheyenne and Liza in a pile on the floor, still trying to move their arms and get points while they laughed.

“Going to let us in?” Alice teased, and I immediately moved out of the way. Michal elbowed me before gesturing toward Cheyenne, and I knew my cheeks turned a little pink.

“Nice girl,” he approved, before walking in and sitting down beside Brett. The song ended and the girls noticed the group of people now in the house, both blushing before scrambling to stand up and make themselves presentable. Alice and Riley waved them off, sitting in my easy chair together as the rest of the guys made themselves comfortable on the remaining furniture.

“Um, guys, this is Cheyenne, and this is Liza. Girls, this is Alice, and you know the guys,” I awkwardly introduced them, and Alice pulled both of them in for a hug.

“Hi! It’s so nice to meet you!” she gushed, and the girls both relaxed a little bit. I managed to squish myself onto the couch next to Michal, and soon the three of them were playing Dance Central, while we chatted. Cheyenne and Liza melted into the group effortlessly, and I sighed, wishing that she wasn’t leaving in a week.
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