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Two Different Worlds Collide


I found his linen closet and quickly got a towel before going into the bathroom and shutting the door behind me. I got the temperature of the water adjusted before I stripped out of Jared’s clothes and got in. I tried to keep the shower as quick as I could; the hot water and the smell of Jared’s body wash definitely tempting me to take longer. I hopped out and turned the water off before wrapping myself in the towel and starting to dry off. Putting on my jeans from last night and finding a clean tank top of Jared’s I felt much better.

I looked through the drawers in the bathroom, hoping on the off chance that I would find an unused brush or comb for my hair. Jared only had stuff in one drawer, and all of them were empty until I got to the bottom one on the other side. In it was a brand new comb, a hair dryer, and an assortment of ponytail holders and bobby pins. I knew it had to have been Tasha’s stuff, but at this point I didn’t care. Jared and his brothers would be back and I wanted to look at least half-assed presentable.

So I combed and blow-dried my hair before putting it up into a ponytail. I knew Jared would probably be hungry after his pre-game skate, but I had no idea if he would eat with the team or here; and he had next to nothing for groceries to make anything if he was going to eat here.

I made a quick list of things to make my chicken fettuccini alfredo, not that it took much, and then realized I had nothing to do or was able to do until either Jared or Jordan and Eric got back. I sent off a text to Liza to see what she was up to, not surprised to not get a reply. I plugged my phone into Jared’s charger, and then curled up on the couch, content to wait.

Jared was the first to return, freshly showered from the arena, the tips of his hair starting to freeze.

“How was it?” I asked, standing up and meeting him halfway with a kiss. He rested his chin on top of my head, taking a moment to just enjoy it.

“Good – we’re ready,” he replied, before bending down to kiss me again.

“Good. I can’t wait to watch the game,” he smiled at my comment, before he caught sight of my list sitting on the island.

“Grocery list?”

“Yeah, I um, wasn’t sure if you’d eat with the team or here…” suddenly my idea felt ridiculous and assuming, but he just grinned.

“Well, we better head to the grocery store if we want to beat my brothers back,” he grinned, easing back into his coat. After a moment of me standing and gaping at him he rolled his eyes. He grabbed my list from the island, before a hand at the small of my back guided me toward the door. I slipped into my shoes and Jared held my coat out for me before we went out to his truck and back to the grocery store we visited yesterday. Again it was fun and almost relaxing going through the store with him. We got him some necessities – milk, a new loaf of bread, simple stuff like that, before he decided to start looking for the stuff for the dish I’d thought he’d like.

“This is incredible - pasta, lean meat… perfect pre-game meal Cheyenne,” he kissed my temple as we filled the basket with items. He’d told me that his brothers would more than likely want to stick around for lunch, so we doubled my recipe plus I allowed for a little extra chicken, not sure how much three professional hockey players could eat.

We were laughing walking back into his apartment – Jared had relayed some stupid joke that Zach had told during practice, and we were both startled when we found Jordan and Eric already waiting inside the apartment for us.

“Aww, look at this – all domestic and shit, buying groceries,” Jordan cooed, before Eric gave him a shove to shut him up.

“Well, Jared didn’t have enough food to feed the two of you so…” I shrugged, walking past them and setting my bag of groceries and the milk carton on the counter before taking off my coat and hanging it beside the door. Surprisingly Jordan and Eric helped to put away the groceries, before I decided to start on making dinner.

“How about you just come home to Raleigh with me so you can make me delicious pre-game meals?” Jordan asked as he came up behind me to see what exactly I had cooking.

“Haha, sorry but I have a degree to go back and finish,” I answered, doing my best to ignore the blonde’s pout. He towered over me just like Jared did, but he ducked his head to make himself a little shorter while he was trying to convince me.


“Sorry Jordan,” I repeated.

“If she was staying in North Carolina she wouldn’t be staying with you,” Jared stepped in, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and making a point of glaring at his older brother. Eric wandered into the kitchen behind him, content to watch his two younger brothers bickering.
“Come on, you wouldn’t pick Jared over me, would you?”

“Jordan, seriously?” Jared demanded, but his brother’s pout stayed in place. Obviously from years of practice with his brothers and possibly even his mother.

“Come on Cheye,” he raised an eyebrow, making Jared groan and start beating on him.

“You’re married! Lay off!” Jared told him, and soon the two had moved their wrestling to the living room, leaving Eric and I in the kitchen grinning like mad at the two of them.

“Are they always like this?” I asked, and Eric laughed, walking over to stir the pasta for me.

“Pretty much. That’s the beauty of the two youngest in a big family. They’ve always fought like this. Jordan and Marc are even worse, if you can believe it. Middle children,” he shook his head as if he found it all petty.

“Must be nice being the oldest then,” I smirked, and he chuckled.

“Until Marc starts picking fights, then things get interesting,”

Eric continued to help me with dinner – straining the pasta while I got the chicken and sauce ready, before Jared left Jordan and their argument to set the table.

“This looks fantastic,” Jordan grinned as he walked over, and Jared nodded, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.

“Amazing,” he seconded, before sitting down beside me. Eric took the seat on my right, leaving Jordan and Jared to sit next to each other. I was sure that was a dangerous combination, but I didn’t say anything as the boys started dishing up their plates.

“This is so good,” Jordan complimented me, and Jared nodded.

“She made perogies last night; they were awesome too,” he told his brother whose eyes widened at me.

“You made perogies without me?” Jordan demanded. I didn’t know what to say, so I just looked to Jared, who merely started to laugh.

“They’re his favorite,” he explained. It would take a while to get used to Jordan, I was pretty sure.

“Oh, well there might be some left in the fridge, but I think the guys cleaned them up last night,” I told him, and after we’d finished eating and put our dishes and everything away I found Jordan looking through the fridge for leftovers from our perogie supper.

“Score!” he announced, standing up with a container holding a couple of perogies and the mushroom sauce I’d made. He didn’t even bother to warm them up, simply grabbed a fork and started digging in. Jared made a face at him before yawning and stretching.

“Nap time?” Eric asked, and Jared nodded.

“Yup,” he laced his fingers through mine before heading toward his bedroom. I felt my face heat up, not having realized that I’d be joining him.

“We’ll just watch some TV or something,” Eric told us, and Jared nodded. Once he’d closed his bedroom door he stripped off his jeans and crawled into bed, looking more tired than he had last night when we’d went to sleep.

“Do you want to crawl in?” he asked, and after a moment I did. I didn’t want to be awkward with his brothers again, and I’d take all the cuddling with Jared I could get before I had to leave.

As soon as I was under the covers his arms were around me and I relaxed, resting my head on his chest. It didn’t take long for Jared’s breathing to even out, force of habit taking over and putting him to sleep.

I laid there for a few minutes, listening to his soft, even breaths, letting my mind wander. It was dangerous to do, because inevitably thoughts of Jared and my impending departure from Charlotte started. Once I started wondering about being back in Edmonton and not talking to Jared or leaving whatever we had going right now behind I nearly felt sick to my stomach. I was stupid doing this; being here, actually meeting his brothers, pretending like this could turn into something. Especially when Jared was doing the exact same thing that I was.

I closed my eyes then, trying to banish all thoughts from my brain. I didn’t want to dwell on it, I wanted to at least try and just live in the moment, try to do what Jared wanted and just go with it for while we were here.
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