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Two Different Worlds Collide


The remaining two shows went off just as well, and the girls returned to Edmonton tired, but content. Cheyenne lived to perform, and Liza loved being part of it all, seeing a show go off without a hitch because of her planning and organization. Cheyenne could hardly keep track of herself, let alone anything that big, so they were invaluable to each other.

Two weeks later found the girls sprawled out in their messy living room. It had long since been taken over by songwriting books, papers, notepads, usually a guitar or two – it basically became Cheyenne’s workspace. She’d once tried to keep it contained to her bedroom and the laundry room, but it didn’t take long to realize that it wasn’t working. So it didn’t take long for the living room to get cluttered and stay that way. Cheyenne was trying to make headway on the slough of essays that her profs had assigned, and Liza was studying for an exam that was scheduled for right before the break.

“So, I was thinking… remember when we were talking about actually going somewhere for spring break?” Liza asked. Cheyenne’s head popped up over the screen of her laptop.

“Uh… yeah. I just don’t think I can afford to do anything,” she raised an eyebrow, and Liza shrugged.

“Well, we’ll just go somewhere that’s not a typical Spring Break place – as long as it’s still warmer, you know, it’ll be good. It’ll be doing something,” she said, and Cheyenne shrugged.

“Sure, sounds good to me,” she agreed, and knew Liza would take care of it. Something was messed up in that girl’s head, because she loved nothing more than to organize and schedule things, but considering Cheyenne could hardly keep a doctor’s appointment she wasn’t going to complain. She was working on her organizational skills – she’d started organizing her book shelf, and she was trying to get into using a day planner, but it was hard. Her parents had been so incredibly strict when she was a child that she’d rebelled in every way she could, and she’d never had to take care of appointments and dates and stuff by herself, which had really hurt her when she moved out on her own. She knew it, but she struggled with it. She felt suffocated trying to schedule and remember and worry about missing things.

“This will be so much fun! And I’m finally twenty-one, so we can go to bars!” she squealed excitedly. Cheyenne rolled her eyes.

“You can go to bars here,” she reminded her friend, sure the blonde in her hair was getting to her. Liza let out a snort and rolled her eyes before putting her book down.

“That’s not the point. You only have to be eighteen to go to the bar here, in the states it’s twenty-one. And that’s probably where we’re going to be going, so it’s exciting!” she explained, making Cheyenne chuckle at her friend’s rationale. The two didn’t usually see one hundred percent eye to eye, but they’d always been able to understand each other. They were basically sisters, even though they hadn’t actually met until their first year of university.

With an excruciating week of studying and assignments under their belts, Liza brought up the spring break idea again, one that Cheyenne had completely forgotten about. She’d been busy with school and trying to finish up a few songs – hoping to start doing some recording during the summer and put out another EP late in the year. She figured it was time – three years since the first one. Cheyenne been through a lot since then; she’d learned what it was like to fall in love, and she learned that people changed. She also learned to not take everything at face value, because Chad definitely hadn’t been the guy she’d thought he was, even though they’d dated for a little over a year. The month or two after their breakup had been rough – she’d had to do a lot of thinking about who she was and what she wanted in her life, things she had never thought she would have to do as a twenty-one year-old.

“Hello? Earth to Cheyenne, you in there?” Liza gave her a shake, snapping her out of her thoughts. Looking down, her computer had gone to sleep, and she wondered just how long she’d been zoned out for.

“Sorry, just thinking,” she apologized, before deciding to start making dinner. Next Friday signaled the start of Spring Break, and while she was curious that Liza had yet to bring up the plans she’d made for their trip. Not that Cheyenne was too worried – it was Liza making the plans and all, but it would be nice to have half a clue what was going on.

Instead, she placed her iPod in the dock and turned up some Little Big Town, before opening the fridge and trying to get inspired for something to make. Finally she settled on a chicken fettucini alfredo dish, with spinach, and started humming along as she started prepping the food. It only took about a song for her to be full on singing along, and she only got a little embarrassed when she saw that Liza had seen her ridiculous dancing as she worked through the kitchen. It didn’t stop her from continuing, she just didn’t do quite as much dancing. Once the food was done and they had sat down to start eating, Cheyenne noticed Liza was a little off – she looked like she’d drank two pots of coffee and was now having a caffeine rush.

“You all right?” she asked, and finally Liza burst out with her news.

“So… I got all of our stuff booked for Spring Break!”

“So where are we going?” Cheyenne asked, and Liza bit her lip. That was usually a sign of her not being sure if her idea was that good, and Cheyenne hoped she was wrong. She was too broke for this to be a bust.

“Umm… can it be a secret until we leave? It’s just not your typical Spring Break place, but it’ll be fun! I found lots of stuff for us to do and it’ll be awesome, I promise,” she insisted. Cheyenne tried for the rest of the evening to get it out of her, but Liza didn’t so much as budge a single tidbit of information about where they were going. Cracking the password on her laptop and finding out for herself did cross Cheyenne’s mind, but she refrained, knowing that it would just result in an argument. She’d never actually done such a thing, but on more than one occasion they had joked about it when the other wouldn’t spill what they were doing.

The remaining time before the break seemed to fly by – the profs were getting last minute exams and assignments done – Cheyenne was so swamped she hadn’t even been able to work more than two nights a week at the restaurant – but the looming excitement of spring break more than made up for it.

“All packed?” Liza burst into her bedroom, her expression falling slightly when she saw the mountain of clothes strewn across the bed and a half-packed suitcase. Cheyenne was sitting in the middle of the floor, looking like she was about to jump a bridge or something.

“I don’t know what to do…” she drew out the last word, sounding like a little kid. Liza laughed before examining the clothes that her best friend had haphazardly put in the suitcase. Typical Cheyenne – some jeans, T-shirt, tank top, pajamas, and no clue past that – her best friend was so low maintenance it was sometimes painful.

“Well, some nice-ish clothes, bar clothes, and maybe a swim suit?” she suggested, and immediately Cheyenne flung a few cute tops at her from her space on the floor. She could reach most of the pile of clothes from where she was, so she didn’t bother with moving. Packing frustrated the hell out of her.

“Not this one – find something cuter,” Liza flung the last top back at her. Cheyenne let out a groan and flopped onto her back, making Liza laugh.

“Can you just hurry up and make me famous so somebody can pack for me?” she asked, turning her puppy-dog eyes on her best friend. Liz rummaged through the pile of clothes, pulling a few tops and some jeans and a pair of shorts and dropping them on top of her friend’s suitcase. With help from Cheyenne she soon had a pile sitting on top of the suitcase.

“There you go – now you just have to pack it all in,” Liza smiled brightly before leaving the room. Cheyenne eyed the pile of clothes before clearing off her bed and promptly dumping the suitcase. Then she started folding and arranging everything, jumping when Liza came back nearly an hour later and she still hadn’t completely packed the bag up. After some light-hearted teasing Liza returned to her room, leaving Cheyenne to try and get ready to get some sleep. She knew it would be nearly impossible to get any sleep, but she curled up in bed anyway, her iPod playing quietly from its dock.

Instead she spent the night tossing and turning wondering where the hell they were going to end up tomorrow night.
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:) So... it's probably more than obvious where they're going to end up, but I hope that this intro to the two original characters isn't too boring!