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Two Different Worlds Collide

twenty three.

Our kisses were quickly gaining momentum, and Jared let out a grunt as he tried to roll the two of us over on the couch without anybody hitting the ground. I giggled, making him blush and get all flustered before he picked me up and carried me to his bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him. Things moved quickly; Jared’s shirt coming off and moments later mine joining it on the floor. His lips were so soft, his touches gentle, and my wonderful conscience never kicked in to tell me that this wasn’t the smartest idea. It stayed nice and quiet, for the first time in my life.


“It’s okay, I want to,” I breathed against his lips, and Jared kissed me with newfound enthusiasm, his hips pressing down and against mine, all breath leaving my lungs and leaving me gasping for air.

“I’m not squishing you, am I?” he asked, sounding worried. I shook my head before burying my hands in his hair and pulling him in for another kiss.

Once our clothing was gone Jared seemed to become nervous. I was in the same boat, seeing as every time we’d made out we’d both made it clear that we didn’t want to have sex. But now we did, and badly, knowing that tomorrow morning I was leaving Charlotte and might not see him again.

“You’re really, really sure?” he asked, and I nodded, caressing his cheek.

“Yes. Are you?” I asked, and he managed a bark of a laugh before licking his lips.

“Yeah, I just… I just don’t want to be your big regret, you know?” he asked, his green eyes soft and edged with concern.

“You aren’t, I promise,” I whispered, kissing him. His tongue traced my lip as his hands moved down my hips and he then pulled me against him. I gasped against his neck, my nails digging into the skin of his back a little in anticipation. Fumbling a little bit he reached to his nightstand and dug around before coming up with a foil packet. He leaned back on his haunches as he tore it open and readied himself before he was supporting himself on his elbows overtop of me, covering my face in kisses.

“Please let me know if I hurt you, tell me to stop,” he whispered, and in one gentle motion entered me. I gasped, my back arching and nails trying to find purchase in his back at the size of him. Once he was in he paused, looking to me to see if I was okay.

“I’m all right… just give me a second…” I assured him, gently pulling on his skin with my teeth and dragging a moan out of him. As soon as I didn’t feel like any movement he made was going to tear me in half I gently rolled my hips against his, getting a gasp from him before he slowly pulled out almost completely, and then pushed back in again.

He kept this slow pace going until I was completely comfortable with him, and then with a rough kiss he picked up his pace a little bit. It was perfect, never losing the softness that everything he seemed to do had, and when I was swept over the edge he came with me, collapsing on top of me. We were both breathing hard, our bodies completely in sync with one another down to our inhale and exhale of breath.

“That was incredible,” he whispered in my ear, unable to do much more than that. I nodded, still having no words available for my use, and kissed his cheek. He smiled, kissing me before he rolled us over, wrapping his arms tight around me when I was laying across his chest. He closed his eyes, taking in a few long, deep breaths, his thumb gently stroking my back between my shoulder blades.

“So, was it worth the wait?” he asked quietly, and I nodded, bouncing slightly with his chest as he chuckled.

“Definitely worth it,” I confirmed before we pulled apart and he quickly went to the bathroom before rejoining me in his bed. Without any hesitation I curled up to him, glad to be wrapped up in his arms and against his warm body. We laid there until lunch, when both of our stomach’s began to make noises and indicate that we were hungry. Jared groaned, and I couldn’t help but laugh at him – he was obviously hungry but didn’t want to move.

“Quite the predicament?” I teased, and he rolled his eyes.

“You have no idea,” I slowly sat up, stretching my arms and sighing when my back let out a few little pops. Jared’s hands soon wrapped around my waist as he sat up beside me, pulling me against his warm chest and nuzzling my neck before pressing a few soft kisses below my ear.

“Do we have to get out of bed?”

“We do if you want something to eat,” I told him, and he sighed once more before getting up. He found his boxers and pulled them on, before tossing a T-shirt in my direction. I slipped it over my head and found my underwear, Jared’s shirt nearly long enough to be a dress, hitting me mid-thigh. He smiled and took my hand, both of us going to the kitchen to start finding something to eat.

“Bacon and eggs?” I suggested, noticing yet again that he didn’t keep much in his fridge at all. Jared peeked over my shoulder, and then kissed my cheek.

“Sure. We could make pancakes too,” so he dug out a cookbook and started looking for a recipe while I gathered up the ingredients we would need. Jared turned on his TV to the radio, and we made our dinner while dancing and singing along and goofing around. More than once Jared pinned me against the counter and kissed me, making my knees weak before he grinned mischievously and then continued with what he was doing.

“This is delicious,” Jared told me through a mouthful of food once we’d sat down to eat. I was curled up against his side on the couch, a jean blanket his mother had made around us as we watched the hockey highlights.

“Why thank you,” I replied, meeting him for a quick kiss before turning my attention back to my food and the TV. The highlights from the Rangers and Islanders game came on, and we both watched intently, Jared relaxing when we saw the Rangers had won and that nothing had happened to his brother. The same thing happened when the Hurricanes and Predators highlights came up, except Jordan and Eric didn’t win their game. Jared shook his head, a smirk on his face.

“I’ll have to call them up and ask what happened,” I laughed when I saw just how pleased he seemed to be with the idea. He wasn’t happy that they lost, but I’m sure he’d endured more than his fair share of brotherly teasing being the youngest and enjoyed giving them a taste of their own medicine once in a while.

We sat and dozed for a while, too comfortable on the couch to move and do anything else. Jared was ridiculously warm, his skin radiating heat in a way I didn’t know people could. It was mid-afternoon before we actually got up, and even then it was only because the phone rang and Jared couldn’t reach it from where he was.

“Yeah… uh-huh… um,” he looked to me for a second, and I shrugged, not having a clue what he was talking about. “I don’t think so… yeah, just going to stay home for the day. Thanks anyway though – have fun, all right? Bye.”

“Who was that?” I asked as he made himself comfortable on the couch again and pulled me close again.

“It was Justin – he’s having a bunch of the guys over for drinks and a barbecue and was wondering if I wanted to come,” he shrugged.

“You still could’ve went Jared,”

“No, I’d rather be here with you,” he insisted, and our lips crashed together again. His hands slipped beneath the T-shirt I had on, moving along my stomach and up to my chest, moaning when I pushed myself closer to him, my hands trailing along his abs. He maneuvered us over so he was on top, fiddling with the hem of my underwear while he kissed his way down my neck to the hem of the T-shirt, giving it a tug down with his teeth to expose a little more skin. I ran my hands over his back, giving his ass a squeeze that made another moan come from his throat before he picked me up, keeping me tight against him as he carried me back to his bedroom.

Just as before it was perfect, as if Jared and I had been together for years and knew each other effortlessly. When he curled up beside me he slung his leg over my hips, his arm around my waist. I looked up, seeing the lazy smile on his face, his lips swollen, and his hair a complete mess. He was absolutely perfect.

Brett and Liza called sometime after that, while I was somewhere between sleeping and being awake, and heard Jared answer. He talked for a few minutes, confirming that I was here with him, before he asked me in a whisper if we wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon with them. I was torn, because I didn’t want to ditch my best friend, but I really didn’t want to have to spend my last day here with anybody but Jared. My pause was enough of an answer for him, and he quietly explained that we were working out some things, which quickly ended the conversation. He pulled me in close again, and I didn’t miss the quiet tension he had.

“Cheyenne… I know you don’t think this could work, but—”

“Jared,” I shook my head, sitting up and pulling the blankets with me. I heard him sigh behind me, before he pulled himself up to sit and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to his chest.

“Please Cheyenne, lots of guys on the team have girlfriends who still live at home or go to school somewhere else and it works…”

“Jared you don’t deserve that – you deserve somebody who can be here for you, and who’s a lot more stable than I am,” I choked out, feeling him tighten his grip around my middle.

“You are stable Cheyenne,”

“I’m really not all that stable Jared. Sure, I’m good at pretending to be, but I’m a mess,” I bit my lip to keep myself from breaking down in front of him, letting myself get distracted by his thumb stroking my arm. “I don’t want to drag you down with my problems and the mess I am.”

“Maybe I want to be. I’m not exactly well put-together either Cheyenne, but when I’m with you it doesn’t matter,” he told me, gently pushing hair off of my face and playing with it while he spoke. “With you it doesn’t matter, and I feel like… I don’t know… like I did before. I don’t want to lose you.”

The tears started to stream down my face then, albeit silently. I didn’t want to lose him either, but there was no way we could make it work. It wasn’t like we lived anywhere close to each other when I wasn’t at school and he wasn’t playing hockey, there was just no way it could happen.

“Jared please… I don’t want to lose you either, but it just wouldn’t work,” I whispered, but he refused to let go.

“How would you know if we don’t give it a try?” his voice was soft and hoarse, making things even worse.

“Because then you’ll mean even more to me than you already do and if I have to lose you then it’ll be even worse,” I explained, and felt Jared exhale slowly.

“Okay,” I almost missed the small word that passed from his lips, but when I realized what he had said I felt my heart break. I leaned back against him, feeling weak and awful, but glad that Jared didn’t push me away. Instead he buried his face against my neck, continuing to gently stroke my arm with his thumb.

“I’m so sorry Jared,”