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Two Different Worlds Collide


Liza did some Googling then, and found a restaurant that looked good. I called the cab, and learned we were going to a place called Alexander Michaels Restaurant and Tavern; a restaurant that looked like it was made-over from a house. It looked good though, and going through the menu had my mouth watering. Minus the catfish. Something about catfish and the idea of catfish grossed me right out.

“Oh my God… fried pickles? I have to try that,” Liza laughed at me while she continued to peruse through the menu. She ended up ordering the London Broil sandwich while I went with their half-pound burger with cheese and pickles on top.

The wait wasn’t too bad either – the staff was friendly, and when my fried pickles and Liza’s potato wedges arrived with our beer we couldn’t help but start trying to figure out what we were going to do to spend out week here. I wanted to go to a hockey game – once I realized we were coming here I had my heart set on going to a Checkers game. I usually couldn’t afford to go to an Oilers game, but AAA just wasn’t the same, so an AHL game should be good.

“So, Checkers game – there was actually one today,” Liza’s face fell slightly, and I let out a grumble as I took a swig of my beer. “But there’s another one in three days here, so we’ll be good to go on that. Um… we can spend a day and drive out to the ocean, Museum of Modern Art?” I nodded, so she continued. “North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, there’s a zoo, there’s an opera, something called Streetside Classic Cars… see we’ll find tons to do!” I nodded, and took another bite out of a fried pickle. We continued going through different ideas until our food arrived, then she finally put her smartphone away and we dug into our meal.

“Wow, I think I just died and went to heaven,” I announced after a few huge bites of my burger. Liza nodded, opting not to talk with her mouth full. The food was absolutely incredible, and by the time we’d finished eating and talking it was nearly eight o’clock. I suggested heading back to the hotel, and after putting some money down on the table for our meal and a tip we caught a cab back. Liza was bound and determined we were going to a bar tonight, and while at first I was against it, that was kind of the point of spring break. So a half an hour later I was sitting on the floor between the beds reading while Liza was straightening my hair. That took nearly a half an hour, and I then returned the favor for her while we listened to music.

Another hour or so of trying on some different shirts and after Liza all but held me down to actually put some makeup on she decided we were ready to go. I hardly recognized myself – the thick smokey eye makeup and nude lip, my hair straight and down to the middle of my back – but even I couldn’t deny that I looked pretty good. Liza always looked gorgeous, her blonde hair hanging just past her shoulder blades, her makeup done in a cat eye to make her brown eyes pop, and a bright red lipstick. Her shirt had a kind of Forties style, and her high-waisted skinny jeans and black pumps made her look like she’d walked off of an old, Forties Pin-Up calendar or something. My tank was sparkly and a little flowy with a sweetheart neckline, and I kept my skinny jeans from earlier on. Liza had talked me into some high heels, although they were platform so they had nothing on the five and a half inches of height for her shoes. I was taller than she was anyway – where I was five foot seven; she was a petite five foot two.

The bar was just starting to get busy when we arrived, and while I got myself a beer and Liza a vodka and orange juice a huge group of people came into the bar. It only took minutes later for the place to get packed, much to our surprise. The music was good, and it only took a couple of drinks for me to be in the mood to dance. As soon as we were on the dance floor there were at least two or three guys with their eyes on Liza. It was nothing new – my best friend was gorgeous – it just usually made going out with her frustrating. Once in a while, even half the time it wouldn’t bother me, but when we couldn’t go out at all without her being hounded by guys wanting to take her home, I tended to start snapping at people.

“Hey there – haven’t seen you girls around before,” one particularly tall guy came up to us. He didn’t seem weird or anything, and I didn’t miss the way Liza eyed him up. He was cute – probably around six feet tall, and definitely kept himself in good shape. Dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes in addition to an open and friendly smile definitely made him attractive.

“No – we’re from Canada,” she replied, and his eyebrows raised up.

“No way! I’m from Canada too – Viking, Alberta,” Liza let out a laugh then, turning to face him. He gave me an encouraging smile as well, and I couldn’t help but return it. He wasn’t one of those douches trying to nab my best friend and leave me by myself.

“Where are you guys from? I’m Brett, by the way,” he offered me his hand to shake, before Liza’s. I didn’t miss the fact he held onto her hand just a moment longer than necessary either, even after Liza told him our names.

“Well, we’re living in Edmonton right now – going to University,” I answered, noticing Liza was a little beyond words right now.

“Ah, jeez. Not Oilers fans though… right?” he asked, and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Guilty,” I admitted, and he rolled his eyes before laughing. Liza had joined in, but I knew she felt a little embarrassed because hockey wasn’t her favorite thing. She enjoyed watching games, but she didn’t follow any teams or keep up with any players. Basically if I was watching it she would just come and check it out.

“Well, it could be worse I guess – you could like the Canucks,” he allowed, and all three of us laughed. We stood chatting for a bit before Brett offered to buy us each another drink. He made his way toward the bar, and as soon as he was out of earshot Liza let out an excited squeal, turning to me.

“Looks like somebody found themself a cutie in Charlotte,” I teased with a wink, and while she rolled her eyes the huge smile didn’t leave her face.

“He’s so cute! And he’s nice too,” she agreed, before Brett seemed to magically reappear between us.

“Here you go ladies,”

“Thanks,” he chuckled as we replied in unison. We continued to stand and talk for a few songs, until the DJ announced that they would be having a karaoke contest. Liza turned to me and elbowed my ribs.