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Two Different Worlds Collide


The sun came up far too early for my liking, the sunlight coming in through the curtains and waking me up. I groaned and rolled over, starting to pull my pillow over my head before I realized it smelled different. After taking a few sniffs I sighed, pulling it over my head when I realized it smelled like Jared and alcohol.

After fruitlessly trying to get back to sleep I sat up and stretched, hearing the pops of my joints as I did so. Liza was buried under her blankets and pillows, still snoring away. Her phone was laying on the table, so being the nice friend I was I plugged it into the charger for her, and when it lit up saw Brett had texted her good morning. I shook my head, and then headed to the bathroom for a shower.

When I came out of the bathroom about a half hour later, fully dressed and ready to go for the day, Liza was just starting to wake up.

“Morning sleepy,” I shot her an over-happy grin, laughing when she flipped me the bird. Her hair was standing at all angles, her makeup gone, and yet she still managed to be pretty. Some days I just wanted to hate her for that, but I loved her far too much.

“Loverboy texted you before practice,” I informed her, and with speed akin to that of The Flash she was out of bed and at her phone. I didn’t miss the little smile as she quickly replied, before going back to her bed, knowing she’d be without a response until after their practice.

“Did Jared text you?” she asked, and I huffed as I sat down on my bed, brushing through my hair.

“Why would he text me?” I asked in response, and then Liza snatched my phone, a content smirk on her face as she waved it in front of my face.

“Because he likes you and he’s like that,” she told me, making me roll my eyes as I took my phone back. Even though I wanted to squeal like a twelve year old at a One Direction concert.

‘Morning – hope you got some sleep. Wondering if you had plans for today? – Jared’

I quickly replied that we didn’t really have any plans other than maybe checking out the Museum of Modern Art or something like that. Then I tossed my cell onto my pillow and finished taming my hair before Liza hauled herself to the shower. Before she came out of the bathroom both of our cells buzzed, and this time I allowed myself a giggle as I saw it was Jared texting me.

‘If you want someone to show you guys around, I’m free all day’

‘I’ll ask Liza, but we might take you up on that,’ I replied, feeling butterflies in my stomach from the gesture.

“What? Jared text you back?” she asked as she walked past me. I shrugged, and when she grabbed her cell she let out a squeal.

“So… do we have plans for today?” I tried not to laugh at her, and she crossed her arms at me.

“Jared asked the same thing – I told him I’d ask you, but he offered to show us around town,” I explained, and she nodded.

“Brett just said the same thing. You game?”

“Sure, that sounds good,” I agreed, and after she’d texted Brett, Jared texted me saying that they’d meet us for lunch. That set Liza into a mini fit about needing time to get ready. She wasn’t appreciative when I told her it didn’t matter, because they knew she would be hung-over anyway. I ended up with a pillow chucked at my face, and that led to a mini war, before she insisted that she needed to finish getting ready.

As soon as she walked out of the bathroom I felt a little inferior – she’d went all out, wearing a nice cardigan, dark wash bootcut jeans with little heeled boots, she’d styled her hair and done her makeup. I was in an Oilers T-shirt – it was a women’s one though, not a men’s like I tended to wear – and a pair of jeans, with my sneakers. My hair was doing its usual wavy mess, and as was normal for me, I had on just the tiniest bit of eyeliner, some mascara and lip chap.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door, and Liza jumped to answer it. Brett and Jared were standing there, looking a little uncomfortable, but both of them smiled and relaxed when they saw us. Brett met Liza with a little kiss, making her blush all shades of red before he walked in and waved hello to me. Jared followed behind the two of them, and sat down on the bed beside me, pulling me in for a quick hug.

“How you feeling?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Fine – I just woke up way too early,” I complained, chuckling as I leaned into him. “Somebody here… however…” Liza groaned and swatted at me as Brett laughed.

“Little hung over?” he asked, and she shrugged.

“I guess,” she allowed. We sat and talked for a few minutes before Brett looked over and made a face at me.

“What?” Jared turned to me, and made a very similar face before taking off his jacket and wrapping it around me.

“We need to find you a new shirt,” he announced, catching me totally off guard. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about, before remembering I was wearing an Oilers shirt.

“Oh god you two,” I finally sighed, shaking my head as they laughed at me. Jared took his jacket back, and wrapped both arms around me, his chin on top of my head as we faced Liza and Brett. It didn’t take long for his stomach to growl, and while I was sure I was the only one who heard it I felt him tense up a little, and when I turned my head saw he was looking a little sheepish.
“I think it’s time for some food,” I announced, and Brett let out a whoop.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he grinned, making Liza laugh as he jumped up. Liza grabbed her jacket, and after I gave Jared a pointed look he let go of me.

“I was nice and warm,” he defended himself as he shrugged into his jacket. I couldn’t argue his point, and pulled my bomber jacket on before taking Jared’s extended hand as we followed our friends out of the hotel room. My wallet and phone were in my pocket, and my room key in the pocket of my jeans. Watching Brett and Liza walk ahead of us looked like an add for a magazine – they were both ridiculously good looking and even better looking together. It made me wonder how silly, small, and insignificant I looked next to Jared.

“You okay?” Jared’s quiet voice broke through my thoughts. I collected myself, pushing a smile to my lips for him.

“Yeah, sorry. Just zoned out,” I apologized. He nodded, but he didn’t look totally convinced. We went out to Brett’s SUV in the parking lot, Jared opening the door for me and gesturing for me to get in.

“Thanks,” I felt myself get a little flustered as he gently shut the door and went around to his side. Brett wiggled his eyebrows at me, and I resisted the urge to flip him off for his teasing. Liza was no better and when Jared hopped into his seat looked confused as to why I appeared to be pouting.


“They’re picking on me,” I complained, and he relaxed before laughing, doing up his seatbelt.

“Brett, Jesus man can’t you behave for two minutes?” he scolded his friend, who just shrugged.

“If you’re gonna complain about me you could’ve brought Zach with you,” he shot back, to which Jared shrugged. Zach was a great guy, but he was very loud and outgoing, and sometimes filter-less about what he said.

“Touché. So, where are we going?” Jared asked.

“McDonalds!” Brett and Liza both eagerly suggested, making me groan. McDonalds was really not my favorite – every time I ate there I seemed to get sick.

“You don’t like McDonalds?” Jared asked, and I shook my head.

“Not really,”

“How do you not like McDonalds?” Brett gasped, making Liza laugh at him. She explained my ridiculous habit of getting really sick afterward, and he grimaced.

“Well damn, that sucks,” he agreed, making me chuckle.

“If you guys all want to go there I can suck it up,” I offered, but Jared shook his head.

“No, not if you’re gonna get sick,” he argued, and finally Liza suggested that if we couldn’t decide we could always eat at two different places and then meet up. Jared looked to me for my input, but I merely shrugged. I wasn’t usually too picky, but McDonalds I just couldn’t really handle. And after suggesting it both Brett and Liza were craving it.

“There’s Subway and DQ really close, right?” Jared asked. Brett nodded, pulling into a parking space on the street before turning so he could face all three of us.

“McDonalds is right there… there’s DQ, Subway… I think that’s a pizza place…” he started listing stuff off, before his stomach growled incredibly loud.

“Easy there tiger,” he spoke down to it before continuing, making all of us laugh at him. He joined in a second later, before we got out of the car.

“Text when you’re ready to meet up?” I nodded, and Liza waved before Brett took her hand and they went into McDonalds. Jared looked to me, and I realized he expected me to pick where we were going. Now I was feeling dumb, because I could’ve sucked it up and went to McDonalds… I just would’ve spent all night barfing, but I wouldn’t feel so dumb.

“Where do you wanna go?” I asked, and he shrugged.

“Wherever you want is fine,” he insisted. We stood arguing for a few moments before his cell phone went off. He showed me the text from Brett, who told us to hurry up and pick something or he would pick for us. Jared put his arm around me and we started walking down the street, out of sight from the McDonalds.

“Pizza?” He suggested.

“Sounds great,” I agreed.
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