Status: Completed

Tears in Vegas

| Dad | Zhenya | Kate | Vic | Mike | Tony | Jaime |

Zhenya Crystin`s life felt completely perfect. She had loving parents and good friends. But all of that came crashing down the day her mother died. Now, two years later Zhenya`s father is making her move from Las Vegas, Nevada to San Diego, California for his girlfriend, Kate. Zhenya hasn`t liked Kate from the very start. She saw through her the minute she walked through the door. Unfortunately her dad has no clue how Kate really is and probably never will. During a shopping trip with Kate, Zhenya meets four men that will change her life forever. But there`s one problem. These men are in their twenties while Zhenya is in her teens. And her father does not approve. Can Zhenya convince her father that the men that are keeping her sane are good for her? Or will she lose them and her mind?

Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure /Fiction/ there is /Nothing/ true unless stated otherwise. I do not own any famous people/bands that appear or are mention in this story. And I do not own the title of this story. However, I do own the plot and all original characters. Please do not steal what I own. I`m not afraid to report you if you do.
  1. It May Not Be This Move, But It Will Be Soon
  2. Die In Beautiful Stars Tonight
    - Chapter title belongs to Pierce The Veil
  3. "You`ll Have To Wait And See."
  4. My Head Is A Mess And its Going To Explode
    - Chapter title belongs to Motionless In White
  5. I Never Wanted To See
  6. "Reich Mir Die Hand"
    - Chapter title belongs to Blutengel
  7. "I Need To Get My Mind Off My Home Life For A While."
  8. "Natchtbringer"
    Chapter title belongs to Blutengel
  9. "Is That A Problem?"
  10. "She Brings Down The Moon."
    - Chapter title belongs to Acey Slade and the Dark Party
  11. "Unfortunately it is."
  12. She`s Gone To The Other Side
    - The 69 Eyes
  13. "Such Great Friends?"
  14. "Die For Me. Living Dead Girl."
    - Rob Zombie
  15. "In Two Months."
  16. "Crooked Horns. K.I.N.G."
    - Chapter title belongs to Satyricon
  17. "What? Why?"
  18. "Everything Changes. Everything Ends."
    - Chapter title belongs to Ashestoangels
  19. Even for us
  20. "Come And Take My Hand."
    - Chapter title belongs to Deathstars
  21. Carousel
  22. "Do You Always Trust Your First Initial Feeling?"
    - Chapter title belongs to Stevie Nicks and the Practical Magic soundtrack/movie
  23. "Hey, Zee?"
  24. Authors Note!
  25. "Taken By, Taken By The Sky."
    - Chapter title belongs to Fleetwood Mac
  26. "Don`t girlfriends normally meet the parents?"
  27. "I Don`t Ever Wanna Lose My Best Friend."
    - Chapter title belongs to Pierce The Veil