Status: You think you know it all but you really don't have the slightest clue.

Lust To It's Finest

Aspen Tomlinson has always been an on edge kind of girl.

She's a rebel.

She doesn't follow most rules, but what happens when her parents get sick of her attitude and her actions?

They ship her off to England to spend summer with her cousin Louis Tomlinson 1/5 of One Direction.

Will he clean up her act or will one of his band mates do it for him?

If you knew the kind of stuff she went through I think you'd understand why she acts like she does.

Her father died 2 years ago, Her step dad abuses her mother & sometimes her, he's an alcoholic tosser with a messed up attitude.

Her ex boyfriend Jimmy got in a car wreck that ended his life at the age of 16 he was with his best friend and his friend was driving drunk.

Will living in her cousin's flat for 3 months change her ways or make her more rebellious?

Will she fall for someone else or keep depressing over her lost love?

Find out in the first chapter.