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We Don't Have Long

I can't stand to be without you

“485 875 8346, text me sometime ;)” I type out in a DM to Austin Gibbs, then tweet about how I DM’d him my number.

“Oh my fucking god no way” Ashleigh tweets me

“YES I can’t breathe what if he texts me” I type while screaming.

Suddenly I hear my phone’s text tone go off and run over to my bed where my phone was sitting

‘Hey sweet thing’ the text read and I looked at the number, realizing I didn’t recognize it.

‘Who is this?’ I reply, and hope its Austin.

‘Austin, duh’ he replies and I throw my phone then run to pick it up so I can reply

‘Oh hi what’s up?’ I ask casually even though inside I’m freaking out.

‘oh you know chilling’ at home, you?’ He replies and I die a little inside.

‘Trying to figure out what I’m doing for spring break you know’ I reply quickly

‘Come to Arizona and visit me! I’ll pay for you to come out!!’ he replies and I scream