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We Don't Have Long

So come take my hand

“Are you sure you have everything honey?” my mom asks, and I laugh.
“Yes, mom. I love you and I’ll call you as soon as I land in Phoenix.” I reply, and she sighs pulling me into a hug.
“My little girl is growing up so fast.” She said, and I scoff.
“ Come on mom, I’m 16, calm down its two weeks I’ll be back in no time ok my flight is boarding now I have to go I love you goodbye.” I hurry and say, and pull away from the hug.
“Alright have fun but not too much fun call me!” she yells as I’m walking away and I laugh while nodding my head.
As I pass through security, I realize that I am 4 short hours away from being in Arizona, and in Austin’s arms again.
The next 4 hours consist of me trying to not freak out and listening to my iPod, when the pilot finally announced we would be landing in Phoenix and that we need to put on our seatbelts.