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We Don't Have Long

You make me wanna scream your name at the top of my lungs

I step off the plane and into the airport and am instantly hit with excitement. I am seeing Austin Gibbs and Ashleigh today. Then spending 2 weeks with them.
I remember my promise to my mom, and pull out my phone, turning it on and calling my mom.
“GLORIA BABY YOU’RE SAFE” I hear my mom yell into the phone
“Yes mom I am calm down I’m in Phoenix and I’m going to go find Ashleigh now.” I say, and then see Austin and Ashleigh standing over by the entrance, then quickly say goodbye to my mom and ran to Austin and jumped into his arms.
“AUSTIN! “ I screech, and he just nuzzles his face into my neck and laughs.
“Alright guys, come on. We have a party to go to at John’s house tonight and Shane won’t take no for an answer.” Ashleigh says, laughing.
“Ooooh Shane. Ashleigh, take it from me, he is head over heels for you. “ Austin says, and I laugh.
“Austin you know in the past hour or so I’ve been here, you’ ve mentioned Shane and I at least 20 times.” Ashleigh says, and I laugh.
“ WHOA. You weren’t talking about me? I’m offended.” I jokingly say.
“well, he did say something about me not being home tonight..” Ashleigh says and winks.
“Oh, where are you staying? “ I ask her and try to hide that fact that I’m overly excited about tonight.
“Johns, in the spare bedroom .” Ashleigh says, and I laugh because we all know who else will be in that room with her.
“Alright girls, enough talk about this, lets head to the car.” Austin says, and we step out into the Arizona heat.
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things are going to heat up in the next chapter ;)