I wish you knew.

Sometime's life brings the weirdest surprises.

Marilyn dialed a number he had called oh so many times before just to hear''The number your trying to reach is no longer in use.'' He threw his phone away, he was so pissed but haven't he done the same? Changed his number, moved on? He wasn't so sure about the last thing, he kept telling himself how much he hated and didn't need this man, but of course no matter what he couldn't convince himself or others for that sake, his sadness turned to anger, and that was the evil circle that would continue itself always. He haven't even been that fair himself, as soon as Twiggy announced he was done, with the partying, the drugs, and at last done with Marilyn, he had called a guy,that he met in the 90, Tim Skold.
Tim happily said yes to be a part of the band, Manson just wanted to prove that he didn't need Twiggy.
He missed Twiggy, he missed the way he slightly smelled of whiskey when they kissed, he missed waking up to him every morning, missed calling him, missed his voice, missed the way he never knew what to say, missed HIS Twiggy. Marilyn got snapped out of his thoughts when two pale hands touched him. ''What are you thinking about?'' Marilyn looked annoyed up at Tim''Nothing that's any of your concern.'' He snapped and pushed his hands away, Tim moved grateful around him, looking like a tiger that was eyeing his prey''Oh baby, you know your my concern.'' He said as his lip moved up to a cocky smile. Marilyn shivered a bit by the way Tim always was so confident around him the opposite of Twiggy, but Tim couldn't even compare to Twiggy. Manson was getting a headache as he glared tiredly at Tim ''Tim, for fuck sake'' Tim got down on his knees and looked up at Marilyn''I'll make you forget.''
Marilyn was already a bit tipsy of the drinking, when Tim began to open his pants, he blinked and when he opened his eyes he saw Twiggy in front of him on his knees smiling, then he blinked again and it was back to Tim. Marilyn grunted ''Why do you even do this?'' Tim stopped for a second and licked his lips''Because i'll be your new kinder whore.''
Marilyn woke up with the worst headache and his clothes on the floor. ''Fuck.'' He muttered as he tried to get a hold of himself, he knew what he had done was wrong, but he didn't know why he felt so guilty it wasn't like he was cheating on Twiggy, he fell for Tim's tricks every time. Tim was in the bathroom when someone knocked on the front door.''Tim, open it!'' When Tim didn't answer, Manson started to mutter a lot of different curse words as he took a towel around his lower parts, he walked over to open the door, outside stood twiggy to greet him. ''Hey, Marilyn.'' He said awkwardly as he noticed Manson wasn't wearing anything.''Your busy?'' Marilyn didn't answer, he had no idea how to cope with this, he haven't seen or heard anything from him in ages, and suddenly he was standing outside his doorstep. ''I know, i should have called, but i don't have your number anymore, i just wanted to see you again, see how you was doing.'' Marilyn was about to answer, and invite Twiggy in when Tim came in nothing but boxers, as he leaned up against Manson and kissed him. ''Oh, your here?'' he said as he smirked. Marilyn was to chocked to do anything at all, he knew how much Twiggy actually despised Tim, he never was too fond of him. Twiggy looked a bit hurt, but forced a smile on his face.''Hello, Tim. I just came by to see how Manson was doing, but i'll keep going now.'' Neither could reply before Twiggy was gone, Manson looked after twiggy as he walked away faster and faster. When he finally got to himself he pushed Tim away.''What the fuck are you doing?!'' He yelled, Tim had ruined everything. ''Saving you for another heartbreak.'' He answered as he walked back into Manson's bedroom.
That night Manson didn't get any sleep, he stayed up thinking about how he let his chance slip out of his hands once again.''Goddamn'' He yelled at himself as he took another sip from the bottle of absinthe he had in his hands, while Tim was watching Marilyn quietly from behind. ''Why the fuck are you still here?'' Manson snapped as he turned around to face Tim. ''You know i did it for your sake, he left you once why wouldn't he do it again?'' Tim said as he moved closer to Marilyn, as a snake he came. ''You get the fuck away from me!'' Marilyn yelled, as he backed away from Tim. '' I know how you felt when Twiggy left! I was there, i was there the whole time to comfort you! Notice me, stop seeing Twiggy in me, stop grieving!'' He snapped back as he pushed Manson up against the wall.'' I won't be a second choice.'' Manson tried to fight back, but he was too weak, too weak from the lack of sleep, the lost of twiggy, and the alcohol. ''Tim, please just go away.'' Marilyn said''You don't understand anything at all.'' Tim smiled''Oh i don't understand? I understand enough to tell you his fucking a new guy, Fred Sablan.'' Marilyn looked confused as Tim whispered in his ear''How could he you think? How could he be with another man when you was broken over here? Come, we should get some sleep.'' Marilyn let a single tear slip down his cheek as he followed Tim.
A week later or so Tim invited Manson down to eat and he accepted it. As they were walking, Tim was being clingy as always and Marilyn was being distant. ''We're here.'' Tim smiled as he kissed Manson's neck softly''Oh i got a little surprise for you when we get home.'' Tim winked as they got over to their table. Marilyn scanned the room as Tim was ordering for them both, when his heart sunk. On the table a little away from them Fred and Twiggy was enjoying a dinner, laughing and smiling. Tim kept talking to him, even thought he didn't even listen, when he saw Twiggy was on the way to the bathroom Manson quickly stood up. ''I have to go the bathroom.'' He said quietly to Tim, as he left him sitting there confused. As he opened the door he saw Twiggy was washing his hands quietly, he looked up to meet Manson's gaze. ''Marilyn, what are yo-'' Marilyn didn't let Twiggy finish the sentence as his pushed up against a wall, meeting his mouth with his.
Twiggy kept kissing Manson, it was as when they started they couldn't stop again, all the anger, sadness, love and lust that had been built up over the years. Twiggy finally stopped and pushed Marilyn gently back as he looked down. ''I'm sorry Marilyn, i got Fred now. This shouldn't have happened. '' Marilyn once again watched Twiggy leave, he slammed his fist into the wall as he walked back to Tim. ''What the fuck.'' Tim claimed as he pointed at manson's mouth. ''Who the fuck did you make out with?'' Marilyn felt beyond annoyed, he had no energy left to deal with Tim. ''My dick.'' Tim looked around and saw twiggy. ''That bitch!'' He snarled as he stood up. ''Tim, don't fucking make a scene.'' Marilyn snarled under his breath. Tim completely ignored Marilyn as he marched over to Twiggy and Fred's table.'' What did you do?'' Tim asked as he looked down on Twiggy. ''What?'' Twiggy asked confused, as Fred tried to make Tim back off but failed. ''Stay out of it!'' Tim snapped at Fred as he moved closer to Twiggy.''Did you fucking kiss Marilyn?'' Twiggy tried to avoid everyone's gaze. ''Go away.'' Tim looked pissed at Twiggy'' No, now you fucking tell me, did you and Manson kiss?'' Twiggy looked away ''Yes but it was a mista-'' He couldn't finish before Tim had Twiggy by his collar shoving him down on the floor. ''He is mine now! You had him once, you left why couldn't you just stay the fuck away?'' Tim screamed as he used his fist to give Twiggy a blow to the face. Twiggy started to bleed from his mouth as he tried to get Tim off him''Get the fuck off!'' As he gave Tim a blow to the head with his fist not as hard as Tim had did thought. When Tim was lifting his arm to hit him one more time, a strong hand had taken a firm grip on his arm holding it back.
''Stop it.'' a furious voice said behind him. Twiggy smiled with his bloodied lip''Marilyn.'' Marilyn pulled Tim away, and helped Twiggy up. '' The only thing, between our love is a bloody nose, busted lip, and a blackened eye.'' He said smiling as he tried to remove some of the blood from twiggy's lips.
''Oh fuck it'' He said as he pulled Twiggy closer to him, just to kiss him. Tim was about to say something, when Fred pulled him outside. ''No, leave them alone. I always knew they belonged together.''
Twiggy held Marilyn close''I'm sorry i left.'' Manson smiled''I'm sorry i was a asshole.''
They both laughed as they looked each other in the eyes. '' I love you'' Twiggy said softly. ''And i love you.'' Marilyn replied.
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Sorry i made Tim sound like a bitch, i love him. But the fic had to be written this way.
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