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I'm Haunted.

Chapter One.

I sighed as I flexed my fingers, sparks lacing the ends before I touched them gently again into the palm of my hand, forming a fist. From the moment I was old enough to realise, I knew I didn't belong to this plant, a place filled with mortal beings all unlike myself. From a very young age I was taught witchcraft by my extremely talented parents. They were not dark spirits as everyone imagined them to be, but they where simply extraordinary with white magic, a form simply used for good. But, as I was saying, I never fitted in. If setting a bullies hair on fire when I was merely six didn't show me- and the others of my class- that, then nothing else would. I got scolded for my recklessness when my father picked me up but I was forgiven eventually. Our powers were only ever meant to be used for the greater good. My parents did not accept 'turning someone into a human torch' as being in this category. Over the years I eventually learnt my mothers and fathers ways with magic but not without great difficulty. Every once and a while I would mess up but who wouldn't, right? Sure, I messed up a great deal of the time but I knew I was coming along slowly but surely. My mother and father always got exasperated with my tardiness to the ways of witchcraft but they never complained, always showering me with compliments and praises on how well I was doing. Right now I was in the middle of one of my classes; playing idly with my fingers as though my strict teacher couldn't see.

"Alexis, are you even listening child?" My mother asked as she looked at me, the ageing skin of her hands being placed on the material over her hips. I glanced up looking into her eyes and sighing deeply.

"Sorry mother, I'll stay focused now." I said and she nodded her head softly, turning around and instantly getting back into the lecture that seemed to pour out of her mouth as soon as she parted her lips. She turned and stared at me once more as I looked up at her with exhausted eyes before she sighed, grabbing a chair and sitting down on it next to me.

"One day, Alex, you will see that I did this for your greater good. Eventually you will not have your father or myself to be here to help you and you will have to face the horrors of the world alone. We don't wish for you to be unprepared. The world is a lot darker than it seems, dear child." She explained and I furrowed my brows.

"Mama, what do you mean?" I asked, confusion seeping through my words.

"There are some bad spirits out there, Alexis. They will one day come after your father and I, and I'm afraid we will not make it through the battle. But you will darling daughter, and you must help restore the peace in this world after we're gone." She explained with tears in her eyes and my eyes widened, tears threatening to spill. I placed my hand on top of hers.

"But mama, I'm nowhere near as powerful as you.. I can't stand up against these people on my own!" I exclaimed as the tears fell down my cheeks. Droplets started to fall from her eyes as she continued speaking.

"My dear girl, you are more powerful than you think. You just need to believe in yourself." She said as she pressed her ice cold hand to my cheek. I moved my face to rest in her grasp, instantly heating up her palms. “Dear, during this period of the war, you will find someone to guard you, to work with alongside your powers and together you shall be practically invincible.” She explained as the tears continued to fall. “The darkness is closing in, I need you to concentrate as much as possible darling.” She said and I nodded my head softly as she stood. She placed her hand softly on my cheek once more before going back to the front of the room and starting the class up once again. This time I paid more attention, I followed word for word until the spells where embedded in my brain.

“Good, now, go get some rest dear. We have another early start tomorrow. Your progress is coming along beautifully.” My mother praised with a soft smile and I nodded as I climbed up and started off in the direction to my room. As soon as I walked through the door I dropped on my bed and instantly fell into a deep sleep.
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