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I'm Haunted.

Chapter Two.

The next day when I awoke I instantly went downstairs. I could sense something wrong in the air, like a disgusting odour. I knew what this meant, they were here. Once I reached the bottom I crouched down in a corner behind the stairs, shielding myself from anyone’s sight. This couldn't be the time, I wasn't ready for this yet! I didn't even have my wand.. I tucked my head in between my legs as I pulled them towards my chest. Not long after I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Honey? What on earth are you doing on the floor?” My mother asked with an amused smile and I rolled my eyes softly before standing up.

“I could sense something..” I said and she chuckled softly before grabbing my hand in hers.

“No darling, some of the guards are here that are joining in the fight to protect you. We’re just giving them an inspection to make sure their all loyal.” She explained and I nodded my head softly, I ran my hands through my hair, glad I had enough time before the warning to brush my hair and rid any old make up from my face. We walked into the kitchen, my mother still holding onto my hand tightly. “Boys, this is my daughter, Alexis. You are to guard her with your life during this fight, okay?” My mother said and I gave a slight smile with a shy wave of my hand.

“You have our word, Mrs Carter. Your child shall be safe in our hands.” One of the men smiled, on his head he wore some aviators that blocked the sight of his eyes, his hair was short, a hat placed on top to cover up the assumed messy look he wore.

“That you, Matthew. I trust you boys. Keep her under your protection until the war settles down. I assure you that Alexis will know more on what to do the nearer the time comes.” My mother said with a smile and they all nodded their heads. I let my eyes linger across the five boys that stood across from me. Their stance showed power, authority whereas their eyes seemed to show some hint of care. I knew these people where not of the good nature like me and my parents, almost the complete opposite in reality. But, there wasn't room to judge on the matter, their eyes showed concern. At least they didn't look like they were going to rip me apart.

“Lady doesn't talk much?” One of them asked. I tore my eyes up from the floor to examine him. His black hair was spiked, a fedora placed under his arm from when I presumed my mother told him to kindly take it off. Across his upper body he wore a white v-neck t-shirt and a roughed up leather jacket. I didn't manage to see any more as the man coughed at me, looking expectantly for an answer.

“Sorry.. I'm-.. Just trying to figure you out..” I explained quietly and they all looked at each other, instantly making me nervous.

“We’re not here to hurt you, Miss. We’re here to protect you.” The one I found was called Matthew explained as he pulled off his aviators to show me his honest looking hazel eyes. Any normal person would surely swoon at the sight.

“Well.. Thank you.” I said with an apologetic smile and they all shrugged softly, smiles of their own adorning their lips.

“Well boys, if you’d like, you are more than welcome to stay here for the rest of the period of time. There is more than enough space and it also helps with us getting to know you more.” My father said. That was the first time I’d heard him speak but I figured he was just as conflicted about the five men as I was.

“That would be lovely, Mr Carter.” The man with the fedora said and he nodded his head softly, all of use falling into a dead silence.

“Well.. I have to go get changed..” I mumbled quietly before giving them a shy wave and leaving the room. I felt eyes on my back as I left but paid it no mind as I walked to my room to get ready.

Synyster’s POV.

I looked her over once she left the room. The girl was strange, but she intrigued me. She fired up something deep inside myself that I'd never felt before, I didn't know what to think on the matter. I was brought out of my train of thought by Alexis’ father.

“Now boys, you know the drill about my daughter. Not a harm will come to hurt, do you understand me?” He said and we all nodded our heads. The mother smiled softly, clasping her hands together.

“Good! Now, make yourselves at home and feel free to explore the rest of the house. You shall be living here for a possibly long period and I don’t want you feeling out of place.” Alexis’ mother said and we all smiled softly, thanking her before she led us out of the kitchen to show us our rooms. As we walked after seeing the lower quarters, we made it to a long, winding staircase. To say I was Lucifer’s son, this place gave me the creeps. Just as we made our way to the top of the stairs Alexis walked out of her room. She looked.. Amazing. Her hair was no longer a bushy mess on top of her head, but fell freely to about mid waist. Her eyes were laced with a little eye-liner and her cheeks with blush. When her eyes met mine, she instantly blushed more at my gawking expression. I averted my gaze immediately and I knew that if my heart was beating, I’d be blushing too. She walked over to her parents and joined us on the little tour around the house.

“Synyster, you’ll be sleeping in here.” Her mother said and I nodded my head softly before looking down at my feet. In the room next to their extremely hot daughter?.. I could live with that. I nodded, telling her thank you before walking into the giant room. I walked around a couple of times taking in the space before averting my gaze to the window. I looked out and smiled as I saw the view, a beautiful beach sat not far from the house, the clear blue ocean instantly rid any bad thoughts from my mind.

“It’s beautiful, isn't it.” A soft voice said from the doorway, causing me to jump slightly.

“It sure is. Certainly don’t see anything like this from my place.” I chuckled and she smiled softly before walking over and standing next to me.

“So.. You’re meant to guard me?” She asked and I nodded my head softly. “You’re wrong. I want you guys to look out for each other. Don’t mind me, I don’t want anyone else getting hurt because of this.” She whispered, her voice angelic to my ears.

“We can’t do that, ma’am. Our duty is to protect you, no matter what it takes.” I said and she looked up at me, her eyes showing concern.

“I don’t want anyone else to die, Synyster. My parents are already going to and you will not be added to the list of casualties. I feel guilty enough as it is. And please don’t call me that, my name is Alexis. Alex for short.” She said with a deep sigh, her brows furrowed and a pained expression over took her features.

“Well Alexis, as your protectors we shall do whatever your parents say. You don’t understand your true fate do you?” I asked and she cocked her head too the side with a puzzled expression before shaking her head. “One day you will meet your familiar, a demon like myself and together you must fight the evil that so wishes to destroy your life. You must have heard it, everyone has.” I stated and her eyes widened as she took a step back.

“So you’re saying everyone’s fucking heard this story apart from me? The girl that it’s about?!” She exclaimed and I nodded my head softly as she sighed, running a hand over her face. Maybe she wasn't meant to know that..