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I'm Haunted.

Chapter Three.

Alexis’ POV.

The next morning when I awoke, I instantly climbed out of the comforting bed and did my usual morning routine before heading out of the door and down the stairs to our kitchen. Everyone was seated including all five men from the day before. I took a seat at the table and my mother smiled.

“How was your rest, dear?” She asked as she placed plates of food in front of everybody.

“As good as you can when you know your parents are going to be sentenced to their death at any given moment.” I muttered angrily. Truth was, the night before I was lucky if I got half an hour sleep, tops.

“Don’t worry about it darling, just enjoy this time that you have.” My mother said back plainly as she dug into her food. My father coughed awkwardly before turning to the five guests at the table.

“So, boys, what do you do? Before all of this of course.” He asked awkwardly and the leader, Matthew spoke up.

“Before this we were in a band, all together, we've been friends for as long as we can remember. But, that's up until recently of course. We always knew we had abilities but didn't truly understand what our purpose was. That was until the time came and our parents eventually told us what we needed to do. We've been training on our abilities until our parents told us we were ready. We then came straight here.” He explained and my father nodded, a pleasant smile on his face from his answer.

“Thank you boys, for all you’re doing. It’s a pleasure having such nice boys as guests.” My mother added in with a smile.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Synyster said with a smile and I rolled my eyes. Synyster saw and gave me a confused glance but I simply ignored the stare and picked at my food.

“So, mother, when was you going to tell me that I’ll pretty much be battling hell my whole life?” I asked as I took a bite of the egg on my plate, pretending the conversation didn't bother me. I heard my mother splutter, choking on the big gulp of tea she took before I spoke.

“Alex- How?-” She stuttered before composing herself enough to continue. “We couldn't tell you-.. you wouldn't understand.” She said sadly and I chuckled, all of a sudden getting very angry.

“When then? The day of the fight? The day of your fucking death!” I exclaimed. I very rarely cussed at my parents, but we all knew that now was a needed time for it. “You’d have been on deaths fucking door when you’d have told me! Do you not understand how wrong that is?” I exclaimed, a giant bolt of blue lightning wrapping around my clenched fists like a serpent.

“Everyone! Down!” I heard my mother exclaim. “Alexis, calm down! Let us explain!” My mother said from her place at the foot of the table, my father was ushering the guards out of the room but they were too mesmerised by my shocking blue hands to go anywhere.

“Explain what?! That you've lied to me for the whole nineteen years I've been alive?!” I exclaimed as the lightning got brighter and brighter. My parents eyes widened with worry.

“We were worried! We didn’t want you to worry until you really had too.. We got told not to tell you, that the time would come when someone would tell you.” She explained and I instantly felt the heat in my palms die down.

“I'm sorry.. I guess I over reacted..” I explained and my mother simply smiled.

“No.. you didn’t. That was what you needed. You have your full powers now, Alexis.” My mother said and I stared at her, a dumbfounded expression on my face.

“What do you mean?” I asked and she rolled her eyes softly with a warm smile.

“You’ve earned your full powers, you’ve shown maturity by standing up for what you believe in. You’ll be doing this for a long time, it will never leave you now.” She explained and I smiled softly as I looked towards the group of demons that were still cowering from the thought of my electrifying hands.

“I’m sorry guys.. I didn’t mean for you to see that..” I apologised and one of the men spoke up that I hadn’t yet to be introduced too.

“Are you kidding? That shit was fucking awesome!” He exclaimed with a grin and Synyster hit him across the head for the use of his language.

“Excuse me.. Ma’am? Would we be able to possibly train anywhere in here? We need to keep our strength up in order to keep up with this fight.” Synyster said with an awkward cough and my mother smiled as she clicked her fingers.

“The training grounds should be ready for you, boys. Don’t make too much of a mess! I know how you demons can be!” My mother explained jokingly and they all smiled before nodding their heads and running off. “Now child, there is something I must tell you. Do not fear, it’s nothing bad.” She explained when she saw my worried expression before carrying on. “You have more duties than you thought, many secrets will be discovered. You will learn these when we feel the time is right, the oracle told us not to let the truth known too early.” She explained and I raised my brows.

“The oracle?” I questioned and she laughed wholeheartedly.

“The oracle is a person that can see the future my dear. The information was carried down by your grandmother, we know the answers and all you need to do, dear child, is to wait.” She explained and I sighed softly in aggravation but nodded my head. I wasn't arguing any more today. “But on the bright side, how about we try out those full powers of yours? With how you reacted with your anger, I think we've got a little lightning bolt on our hands.” My mother said as she ruffled my hair, her loud laughter filling the room.

“How are we going to do that? I don’t know what I'm doing yet..” I mumbled and my father walked over and placed a comforting hand on my back, a small smile forming on his lips.

“It will come naturally child, now, lets join the boys on the training ground. We shall learn more about them and yourself down there.” My father said as he smiled softly at me, I smiled softly back and nodded my head.

The training ground.

All five of the boys where situated in the middle of the grounds, various equipment placed all over the stretch of grass. I watched Synyster as he pulled up some of the earth beneath his feet and launch it with mind blowing force at Matthew, he merely made a whirlwind around him and caught all earth in what seemed to be a tornado before throwing it back at Synyster. I stood, awestruck as they continuously threw blow after blow. That was until Matthew threw a bolt of ice, knocking Synyster to the ground as a blood curdling sound filled the air. My eyes widened in shock as I instantly started running towards the fallen demon. He looked lifeless. I instantly pulled the heavy piece of ice from his crumpled body, the weight not even bothering me as I threw it to the side. I knelt beside him and instantly placed my hand over the wound the sharp ice made. The skin instantly started to knit back together and I heard spluttering as I pulled my hand away.

“You do know I would have healed in time, right?” He asked breathlessly as he tried sitting up and I shrugged softly.

“That wouldn't be fast enough, soldier.” I said with a smirk and he simply rolled his eyes as I helped him back onto his feet. “What the fuck was that?!” I exclaimed to Matthew when Synyster was well enough to stand on his own.

“That’s how we practice! I can’t help him being weak.” Matthew said with a smirk before shaking his head. “It’s not Matthew to you, kid, call me Shadows, sounds cooler.” He said with yet another smirk and I gave him an evil glare, one which instantly made him take a step back. I hated mind reading, I felt naked in the presence of it.

“You think you’re so good? Fight me, big man.” I challenged and he shrugged softly as he got into his stance. I flexed my fingers, tiny sparks sprang from the ends and Shadows grinned as he admitted a deep darkness around me. Hence why he was called Shadows.. I instantly threw the bursts of lightning into the darkness, it easily gave me a chance to see Shadows lunging towards me and my lips turned up in a sadistic grin as I flashed a zap of lightning towards his form, he flew backwards at great speed, his concentration faltering, meaning the darkness faded away and I saw him scrambling up in the distance. I instantly started running, an impossible speed that no mortal could see me. I used the training my dad gave me to flip over him, confusing him for a moment. Enough time to grab him with my grip and send him down to his knees.

“I could kill you with one spell,” I said, my breathing heavy from all the exercise. “Think about that the next time you call me a kid, big man. I'm more powerful than you, I can reject your blows. You won’t practice against each other from now on. If anything, practice on me. I'm more of a challenge.” I said with a laugh before throwing him to the floor forcefully. I liked my full powers. I walked back towards my parents who were smiling proudly at me before they started clapping.

“Well done, dear. See, the training you had before was building you up to this moment. You now know all the things we can teach you. Although, we’ll still try. You no long have to say the spells out loud but you still need to get the concentration down. We’ll start tomorrow.” My mother said before walking away with my father, leaving me on the field with the five demons.

“What was that?!” Synyster asked in amazement and I smiled softly before turning to face him fully.

“I'm built for this, we here are the only people that can defeat all evil and restore the peace in this world. I'm basically a built machine to kill you guys. But I won’t, I happen to like you.” I said with a soft smile and Shadows groaned as he climbed up from the floor.

“Yeah, fucking seems like you like me a hell of a lot.” He said as he dusted the mud from his shirt.

“You thought you where big enough to defeat me, I simply put you in your place. If you’d have done that this morning, I’d have had a panic attack from being in the dark. My full powers are through now, I can defend myself properly.” I explained and he shrugged as he started pacing.

“I think I just fell in love with you.” Synyster exclaimed with a laugh and I simply smiled softly before laughing along with him.

“Wanna beat the shit out of one of the guys?” I asked with a small chuckle and he looked at me, admiration in his eyes.

“If you were my familiar, I’d be in heaven.” He chuckled and I simply smiled as we walked into the middle of the field, the other four circling around us. Then the match began.

A couple of hours later.

I heaved heavy breaths as I joined Synyster back in the middle of the field, all the others where laid across the floor, grunting or breathing heavily from the blows they took. I held my hand up and Synyster high fived me as we sat down on the grass.

“Shit, I need to work out!” I breathed as I leaned my back against his. He chuckled softly.

“Yeah, you do.” He laughed and I smacked his arm gently. “We make a great team, Alex.” He sighed softly and I smiled. I looked towards the large house to see my mother and father looking through the kitchen window, they smiled brightly, my dads arm around my mothers shoulder.

“..Do you think a love like that could last an eternity? Even through death?” I asked, it sounded more like I was saying it to myself but Synyster knew I was talking to him.

“I think it can, they love each other enough. Their souls will pass on together.” He said with a sad sigh and I let out a heavy breath I didn't know I was holding as I tried to keep back the tears.

“And when am I going to find my familiar? I could really use someone to be here right now.” I sighed sadly as a few tears rolled down my cheek. Synyster turned around and pulled me into his arms.

“Until that day comes, I'm here.” He said and I simply sat there, sobbing into his chest.
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Okay, This is my own version of a witch and demon story. They have some of the usual powers of said witch and demon as I have researched but other than that I like to be creative. If you don't like it then I'm really sorry but please don't read.