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I'm Haunted.

Chapter Four.

I woke up the next morning to a loud bang, I instantly shot out of bed and rubbed my eyes before exiting the room and examining the hallway. When I saw there was nothing in sight, I moved along further. I then heard it again. It was coming from Synysters room. I walked over and placed my ear as far against the partially open door as I could without being caught.

“Dude let me explain! I didn't do anything like that!” I heard Synyster exclaim and then what sounded like one of the other guys scoffed before throwing something else.

“That’s how you get all the girls, Brian! You fuck with their heads! You use your powers to get into their head and then get into their pants. It’s how you've been ever since you learnt you had the power too.” The mysterious person argued and I heard Synyster sigh.

“I wouldn't do that to her, man. I'm here to protect her just as much as you are.” He said and that was when I walked through the door, a sudden burst of confidence hitting me. I stood there awkwardly before speaking up.

“He wouldn't do that, and he physically couldn't even if he wanted to. Your powers are useless against me, luring me into bed is impossible. If I was just a normal witch you‘d be able to block out my spells too. But for some reason I'm not a normal witch, don‘t ask why as I don‘t even know myself. The only thing you can seem to do is read my mind.” I stated with a sigh as the two boys stared at me, their eyes burning holes. This was one of the new guys that I hadn't gotten to know the name of yet, his hair spiked up in a similar fashion to Synysters, his eyes where a vivid green and he had piercing on his lips, snake bites I think they where called.

“There you go.” Synyster said and the mysterious man rolled his eyes before turning to me. I really wished I knew his name.. Would make things a lot easier.

“Well, thank you, that will help keep my mind at rest at least. My names Vengeance by the way. We never had a proper introduction. None of us did. The short one is Christ and the tall one is called Rev.” He said, reading my mind. I scowled but he ignored it and stuck out his hand. I took his hand in mine and shook it gently before letting go. He stood awkwardly before waving and exiting the room. Synyster let out a soft sigh.

“Thank you.” He said before sitting down on his bed, resting his head in his palms.

“No problem. I heard banging and thought I’d come and help you out. We’re a team remember.” I said with a soft giggle as I sat down beside him. He chuckled softly before turning his gaze up to meet mine. We held the gaze for a while, but he turned away to look at his hands.

“We do make an awesome team, we need a cool ass name though.” He said with a soft smile and I giggled.

“I’ll get back to you on that one, demon boy.” I said with a soft chuckle as I laid back on the bed.

“Demon boy?” He asked with a chuckle as he followed my action. “I like it.” He said with a soft sigh as he turned his head to meet mine. He coughed awkwardly before staring up at the ceiling again. “Do you think I’ll ever find my familiar?” He asked and I smiled softly at the ceiling before turning my head to look at him.

“Of course, it might take a long time to find her but you will in time, most people do eventually.” I stated and he smiled, the first genuine smile ever, as he turned to face me yet again.

“Thank you.. You've given me hope at least.” He mumbled softly. “But how do we actually know who our familiar is?” He asked and I sighed before answering.

“You’re just.. Different together. When your with them you feel whole. They make your heart race at a simple touch and can take your breath away with a simple look.. They make your world seem brighter, like you’re the only two people alive. Their powers work with each other, making them the most powerful beings in the world. But no one never truly knows who their familiars are, then the dreams start. Their all you can think about.” I explained and he sighed, a deep chuckle following after.

“I want that.. Bad. I want a girl that can teach me a lesson, but I’d still love her none the less.. I want a girl to stick by me, no matter what bonehead shit I do to upset her.. Anyway, wanna go and practice?” He threw in and I chuckled before standing up, holding a hand out to help him up. Our hands touched and a tingle shot up my arm. I ignored the feeling and the stares Synyster was shooting me and walked out of the room once he was up, instantly making my way to the battle ground.

“So come on then, Demon boy. Show me what you got.” I said as I flexed my fingers, yet again blue sparks flew from the tips. I took my stance, ready to take whatever blows he threw at me. Just as he picked up the earth and launched it, a shield formed around me. “What the fuck?” I asked and Synyster shrugged. “I let my guard down, that was meant to hit me!” I exclaimed and Synyster shrugged yet again.

“Well don’t look at me, I obviously didn't do it!” He exclaimed, just as much confusion running through him as there was through me. I looked to my right, my mother and father where standing outside, close to the house.

“Did you do it?” I asked them and they both shook their heads, bright smiles adorning their faces. “You know something, what is it?” I asked, my aggression seeping out in my words.

“There’s something more between you two, you’re just turning a blind eye towards it dear. Watch.” She said and moved to stand away from my father. Bright sparks shot from her hands, aiming at my father, my eyes widened dramatically as I went to run forward but my father put his hand up. I stopped dead in my tracks and just as my mothers spell was going to come into contact with my father a barrier rose around him, the spell bounced off and hit the ground, making a deep hole.

“What the fuck just happened?!” I exclaimed, my breathing ragged from the running I did towards the two.

“We’re familiars, we can’t hurt each other.” My mother explained and my eyes widened yet again.

“Are-.. Are you trying to say that Synyster is my familiar?” I asked and Synyster moved to stand beside me.

“And are you trying to say that she’s mine?” He asked, his mouth open wide, a smile trying not to break out on his face.

“We are not saying anything dear, you have to find that out for yourself.” My mother smiled before walking back over to my father. My father took her hand and led her back into the house, both giggling.

“Their lying.. We can’t be.. I mean.. we don‘t like each other like that..” I trailed off and Synyster just shrugged softly before walking towards the house.

“There’s no point in me training against you if it just bounces off. I'm gonna go and get one of the guys or something..” He murmured before walking into the house. I sat down on the grass and looked up at the crystal blue sky, no clouds where out today. Just the hot rays from the sun shone down over the grounds and the house. Around five minutes later Synyster came back, a scowl on his face, Vengeance and Shadows walking behind him.

“Syn, I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean it in a bad way-..” I started but he cut me off sharply.

“Save it. I know exactly how you meant it.” He stated angrily before walking away. Vengeance and Shadows stood there, mouths ajar at what just happened.

“What’s up with him?” Vengeance asked, clearly confused and I sighed.

“Nothing, you guys just need to let him train with you.” I said. I tried to walk away but Shadows stopped me.

“I thought you said we all had to train on you?” He asked with a smug smile and I narrowed my eyes.

“He can’t practice on me, I can’t practice on him either.” I stated before trying to walk away for the second time but he stopped me again. I was starting to loose my patience now.

“Why can’t you do that? Love each other too much to hurt each other?” Shadows asked with a smirk and a small chuckle.

“He’s my fucking familiar, we can’t use our powers on each other. We were destined to protect each other, not hurt each other.” I stated and with that said, Shadows finally let me go. I stormed up the steps to the house and walked inside without looking back.

Synyster’s POV.

“Hey, congrats man, we've just heard you've found your familiar.” Matt said as he slapped my back and I simply scowled at him.

“She’s not my familiar.” I argued and both men looked at me, their eyebrows raised in confusion.

“You've just found your familiar, and you’re pissed about it?” Zacky asked for confirmation and I groaned.

“You didn't hear the way she reacted when her parents told us. If you were in my position, you’d be feeling the same as I do.” I stated before walking to the middle of the field. "Try and make this a fight to the fucking death, I don't want to be here in the morning." I mumbled as the others joined me and the fight started.

Alexis’ POV.

I waited five hours for the boys to finish practising, should boys honestly take this long? I paced the hallway a couple more times before I heard commotion coming from downstairs. I heard frantic talking but only heard pieces.

“He- he wouldn't stop! We asked him constantly to take breaks but he wouldn't listen so it carried on and.. I'm so sorry about this.. He isn't usually like this.. Can we place him in his room?” I heard Vengeance mumble and I clasped a hand to my mouth. Soon enough I saw the two figures coming up the stairs with a lifeless looking Synyster in their arms.

“What the fuck did you do?!” I exclaimed, tears brimming in the corners of my eyes and the two boys sighed, hanging their heads as they walked into his room.

“It wasn't our fault, okay? He wouldn't stop. He kept shooting blow after blow and we had to defend ourselves.. He should be okay in a week.. He just has to sleep until then.” They said once he was laid down. I shook my head before rubbing my eyes with my hands. I felt the liquid form of tears and knew my eyes would be swollen by now.

“Can-.. Can I have some alone time guys? I wanna see if I can help.” I stated and they nodded softly before leaving. I grabbed Synysters hand in mine before choking out a sob. “Do you always have to be this stubborn?” I laughed as the tears fell freely down my face. I stood up and kept hold of his hand. I placed my other had over the wounds on his stomach. I watched the skin knit back together and groaned as I repaired internal damage. The pain was searing, hot and unbelievably agonising. Once I felt my time was done I pulled away and collapsed back into the chair behind me. I kept hold of Syn’s hand, the hand so destined to be in mine, hoping to feel or see some kind of movement in the darkness of the room. I felt nothing.. I instantly started to sob, my emotions got the better of me and gentle tears started rolling down my cheeks. I felt myself shaking softly before I was pulled into an open pair of arms. I instantly got confused. I looked up during the embrace and saw the outline of Synysters face. I started sobbing more.

“Hey, don’t cry.” Synyster whispered in my ear and I sighed softly as I wrapped my arms around him tighter.

“I thought you where dead, asshole!” I exclaimed with a soft giggle as I wiped away any tears left on my face.

“I'm not going anywhere.” He mumbled as he placed a gentle kiss on the top of my head. “How long have I been out?” He asked with a grunt as he let me go to lay back down.

“Couple of hours.. I healed you so you’d wake up faster.” I stated quietly and he sighed as he ran a hand over his face.

“You need to stop doing that, I’ll heal. You’d know if anything truly life threatening happened to me. You are my familiar after all.” He said with a sighed and I smiled softly as I stood up, I moved around the bed until I was on the other side and laid down beside him.

“I am your familiar. I'm sorry I denied it earlier.” I mumbled and Synyster chuckled as he pulled me into his arms yet again. I smiled as I laid my head on his chest. I listened to his steady heartbeat and sighed contently.

“Don’t worry about it, just sleep.” He said and with that said, I fell asleep instantly.
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