Sequel: Breathe
Status: Active and will try to update every few days


Lolita Rosaline Hill is currently a twenty two year old girl who lives in Melbourne, Australia.
She will do anything for the people she loves and she gives everything for the people who need things the most, that's why she is in the mess that she will be in.
She loves the band Motionless In White and dreams that one day she could meet them!

Chris 'Motionless' Cerulli is front man of the band Motionless In White and tours the world.
He would do anything just to find the one he is mated with, he is in fact a vampire along with the rest of Motionless In White and their girlfriends.

*This story is fan fiction so of course it is not real, I am writing this in the enjoyment of my free time and I am not some crazy obsessed fan of theirs. Nothing belongs to me except for the story line, Lolita and the other made up characters.
All copy write goes to me and if I find out that someone has copied this, they will get their eyes taken out by a spoon!
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  1. Chapter One ~ Doomed From The Start.
    Chapter song; Lolita by The Veronicas.
  2. Chapter Two
  3. Chapter Three.
  4. Chapter Four ~ Would lay with me and just forget the world?
    Chapter song; Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.
  5. Chapter Five ~ I was living in hell until you casted your spell
    Chapter song; Lovestruck by BOTDF
  6. Chapter Six ~ Say All That You Have To Say.
    Chapter song; Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens.
  7. Chapter Seven ~ When you're begging me to stay.
    Chapter song; Return The Favour by All Time Low.
  8. Chapter Eight ~ lips like licorice tongue like candy.
    Chapter song; My First Kill by 3oh!3
  9. Chapter Nine ~ With the little piece of you that's left in me
    Chapter song; Where The City Meets The Sea by The Getaway Plan.
  10. Chapter Ten ~ falling for a screaming that I'm right
    Chapter song; We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift.
  11. Chapter Eleven ~ Follow my voice, let me carry you away.
    Chapter song; Follow My Voice by For All Those Sleeping.
  12. Chapter Twelve ~ I never thought that you would be the one.
    Chapter song; Kiss N' Tell by Ke$ha.
  13. Chapter Thirteen, Part One ~ Where did I go wrong?
    Chapter song; How To Save A Life by The Fray.
  14. Chapter Thirteen, Part Two ~ Never hurts me to say goodbye
    Chapter song; Cry by Rihanna.
  15. Chapter Fourteen ~ You got me caught in all this mess.
    Chapter song; Blame It On The Rain by He Is We.
  16. Chapter Fifteen ~ I kissed the scars on her skin.
    Chapter song; A Match Into Water by Pierce The Veil.
  17. Chapter Sixteen ~ To be hugged, to be kissed.
    Chapter song; Prove You Wrong by He Is We.
  18. Chapter Seventeen ~ You'd love to know, the things I do.
    Chapter song; Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus.
  19. Chapter Eighteen ~ We are the damned, the cursed and the broken.
    Chapter song; Creatures by Motionless In White.
  20. Chapter Nineteen ~ Why do you hurt me so bad?
    Chapter song; Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar.
  21. Chapter Twenty ~ Let's go to the movies, I will pick you up at 8.
    Chapter song; She's So Fine by Nine Sons of Dan.
  22. Chapter Twenty One ~ To pick you up on our very first date.
    Chapter song; First Date by Blink 182.
  23. Chapter Twenty Two ~ Hello there, the angel from my nightmare.
    Chapter song; I Miss You by Blink 182.
  24. Chapter Twenty Three ~ Don't go my shooting star.
    Chapter song; Sleeping Beauty by Snow Whites Poison Bite.
  25. Chapter Twenty Four ~ I'll love you today and kill you tomorrow.
    Chapter song; Sleeping Beauty by Snow Whites Poison Bite.
  26. Chapter Twenty Five ~ If you can wait till I get home.
    Chapter song; If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember.
  27. Chapter Twenty Six
  28. Chapter Twenty Seven ~ Thanks for making me a fighter.
    Chapter song; Fighter by Aguilera.
  29. Chapter Twenty Eight ~ Who we are, isn't how we live.
    Chapter song; In The End by Black Veil Brides.
  30. Chapter Twenty Nine ~ How much longer before I get myself free.
    Chapter Song; Hurricane Streets by Hey Monday
  31. Chapter Thirty ~ And my diamond ring's thrown out to sea.
    Chapter song; Oh Well Oh Well by Mayday Parade.