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Wrapped Up & Intertwined

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Niall’s point of view
The snow was falling silently in London and the lads and I were shipped off to Koh Samui in Thailand for two weeks of holiday by the management. I was so excited and I knew the lads were too. We really needed two weeks off to have fun and be boys. Winter back in England was depressing and we needed some energy for our UK tour which started three weeks after we returned from Koh Samui. When we got back to England weeks of rehearsing were laying ahead of us. It was 6 pm and I was just waiting for the flight to take-off so I could get some food and go to sleep. On the plane we had first class seats which were great, because it was a lot quieter and the food was better. I was tripping my feet excitingly to the floor as I waited for the flight to take-off, but it seemed like it was delayed.

“Due to the weather in Dublin we have been delayed by 20 minutes. Right now we are waiting for the passengers from Dublin to board this plane and we will be taking off very soon. Thank you for your patient.” The airhostess said over the speakers.

“Can’t we just leave those bloody Irish?” Louis said and poked me in the side. They always joked about Irish people, because I was the only Irish in the band.

“They’ll just eat us up.” Harry joined in from the other side of Louis, also the window seat.

“There will be no bloody trip without the Irish.” I said with a very strong accent. “Without me you’d all be bored to death.” I looked up at the aisle and saw two girls entering the first class area and I recognised one of them right away. Louis poked me in the side once again to make sure I had seen the girls. In came Nóirín Mac Craith daughter of the legendary Irish football player and now manager of Manchester United F.C., Cillian Mac Craith. I was kind of star struck. Mac Craith had been my favourite player for the Irish national team back in his days and his daughter was an absolutely stunner. I had always fancied her a bit I guess.

“I guess we can’t leave the Irish. The trip will be much better with the Irish.” Louis said and kept staring at the girls, but when Nóirín’s friend looked our way she stopped walking and just stared at us.

“Come on Mollie you can’t just stop walkin’. We needa sit down so we can take off.” Nóirín said with an Irish accent and passed her friend on the aisle. She sat down right behind me, Louis and Harry.

“Do you need anything before take-off?” The airhostess asked them when the other girl had made her way passed us and seated herself.

“A bottle of water, please.” Nóirín told the airhostess and she walked off.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked her friend, but I never heard the answer. Louis, Harry and I were just looking at each other. We didn’t know what to say. Louis and Harry who were fans of Manchester United knew exactly who the girl was. Shortly after the girls had sat down the plane finally took off.

“Oh shit. Do you have a pencil?” I heard Nóirín ask her friend and yet again I did not hear what she was saying. Either she was speaking very low or she was not speaking at all. A lot of rummage was going on behind me and suddenly she was standing next to my seat.

“I’m sorry, I was just wonderin’ if ye have a pencil I can borrow?” She asked looking at the three of us. “Ay, you’re the guys from One Direction, righ’?” She suddenly burst out. “My sister’s wall’s packed with posters of ye guys. Mollie’s crazy about you too.” She said and pointed at her friend. “Aw, now she’s got a face like a well slapped backside.” I couldn’t help but laugh at her successful attempt to embarrass her friend even though I felt a bit sorry for Mollie. “Anyway did ye have a pencil?”

I dug into my back and found one. “Got one righ’ here.” I said and handed it to her. I was afraid my face looked like a well slapped backside too.

“Thanks. You’ll have it back in no time just needa write a few postcards.” She said and sat down again.

“You are seriously writing your postcards before our vacation has begun.” Mollie said to her.

“Yeah, it’s much less stressful. I won’t get it done once we’re there.”

“What are you gonna write? Had a nice plane ride from Dublin to Heathrow, a bit of turbulence though?” I couldn’t help but smile at her comment.

“No, I’m writing the usual. The weather is great, have been lying by the pool all day and partying all night. I’ve already been there I know what it’s like.”

We had only been flying for about an hour when they started serving food. I was starving and couldn’t wait to get my teeth in it.

“I’m starving.” I complained to the others. Even though the food was being served I was impatient. I really wanted it now.

“Well big surprise.” Harry said and put away the book he had been reading. “I just can’t wait to get out of this plane. I want to splash around in the pool like I don’t give a shit.” Finally they placed the food in front of me and I immediately dug into it.

“Niall” Louis said and I looked at him with my mouth stuffed with food and he took a picture of me. They seemed to be amused whenever I was eating. I was just glad that they had something to laugh about. A silence hit the plane when everyone was eating and it was actually quite nice. Then I could enjoy my food completely.

“Look at this.” Mollie said behind us. “You said nothing was going on between you and Tom Cleverley, but why are there four different pictures of you two together out eating?” I was listening closely. I couldn’t help it. I was probably doing exactly what our fans would have done, if they were sitting in front of us on a plane. I had actually seen an article about Nóirín and Tom Cleverley but I had not read it. I didn’t really read gossip because I knew how far they went to get a story.

“Nothing is going on. That picture’s from last year and in that picture his girlfriend is actually walkin’ behind us. His girlfriend who I am actually very close too. You do not need to worry. He is just a good friend o’ mine like you are and we are not datin’ are we?”

The plane ride felt like ages and when we finally got to Bangkok we had to change flights. The trip from Bangkok to Koh Samui didn’t take more than an hour and when we finally got out of the plane I was the happiest man alive.
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