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Wrapped Up & Intertwined

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Niall’s point of view
When we arrived at our hotel, Four Seasons, we were escorted to our villa. We were staying in a four bedroom residence villa with a private pool. It would definitely be hard for the paparazzi to find us because the hotel also had a private beach. It was the first stay for me and the guys at Koh Samui and even though it had been a long flight we all just wanted to get into the water.

“I’m gonna take the king-size bed.” Louis said and threw his suitcase on the bed in one of the rooms and jumped on the bed and started jumping.

“Alright, but Emma is having the other king-size because I don’t want her to share a room with any of you guys. Zayn and I are taking the third king bed. That would only be fair.” Tamsin, Zayn’s girlfriend, said. Tamsin and her friend Emma had joined us. We all knew both of the girls and found them very lovely and easy going. The only thing that annoyed Harry was the fact that Emma had a boyfriend. I came to the conclusion that Harry didn’t stand a chance because Emma’s boyfriend, Josh, must really love her and trust her, since he sent her away with a bounce of single superstars apart from Zayn.

“Doesn’t Niall and I have anything to say in this?” Harry said.

“Oy, I don’t want to share a room with Harry!” I complained. At least the last room contained two twin beds so we didn’t have to share a bed.

“You can sleep on the couch then.” Zayn said and went to his and Tamsin’s room. Louis was laughing at me probably thinking he won the lottery.

“What about me?” Liam said when he entered the villa. I had forgotten everything about him and the others seemed to have forgotten him too. He most have been checking out the place.

“Guess you have to share a bed with Louis.” I said and smiled vengefully at Louis. It suddenly wasn’t that bad sharing a room with Harry. I at least didn’t have to sleep in the same bed as him. I went to mine and Harry’s room to drop off my suitcase before I went out to explore the residence. It was placed on a hillside and had a perfect view, and it was huge as hell. I stood by the pool enjoying the view when someone pushed me into it. All I could hear was Louis’ laugh before he jumped in himself. The only difference was that he had changed into his swimsuit.

“Fuck you Tomlinson.” I said and got out of the pool but I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m gonna change and then I’m gonna grab some food and THEN I’m gonna get back at ye!” I told him and went to change into something dry. The place was huge. There were a big swimming pool and a smaller one with entrance from the master bedroom, Zayn and Tamsin’room. It had two sun beds, a dining area for two and a private bar. It was only fair the love birds got the master bedroom. The outdoor area was really nice and it was all ours for two weeks. At times it wasn’t bad being a superstar. The hotel also had a lot of facilities. It had its own golf court, which I was sure Harry would get to use quite a lot.

“What happened to you?” Harry asked when I entered our room. He was strain across one of the beds.

“Louis pushed me into the pool. I’m gonna go and grab some food, do you want to join me?” I asked him.

“Definitely! I kinda need to check out the birds at this place. There must be a few special once.” He smirked and we walked out of the villa. I never really got used to the service at luxury hotels. I grew up learning to do things myself, but where ever we went people always stood in line wanting to help us and I knew you had to let them help you at places like Thailand or else you were being kind of rude. We went to one of the restaurants at the hotel before heading off to the beach bar. I was way too excited to be tired.

“Look at the birds at this place. They are fit.” Harry said to me and I looked around.

“Most of them are old Harry.”

“Old and fit... Oh look there is Emma and Tamsin.” He pointed at the lounge beds. “...and Nóirín and Mollie. What are they doing here?” We made our way to the girls, both of us surprised by the fact that Nóirín and Mollie were at the same hotel. “What a surprise.” Harry said when we reached them.

“Who would have thought. I’m Mollie by the way.” Mollie said and stuck out her hand for us to shake. Harry went all the way and kissed it off course.

“A pleasure to meet you, love.” He told her and smirked flirtatiously at her. He sat down next to her on her lounge bed and the two of them talked right away.

“I forgot to give you your pencil. I was about to do it, but then ev’ryone was asleep and then I fell asleep myself and then we separated. I’m so sorry. I didn’t plan on stealin’ it.” Nóirín said to me with a smile on her face. She looked stunning. She had changed into a pair of high waist denim shorts and a cropped top with fringes.

“Don’t worry about it. I have plenty of pencils.” I said and hated the fact that we started the conversation talking about pencils. Why couldn’t I be more like Harry and just flirt with girls when I saw them? He always hit it off with girls straight away. He could skip the small talk if he wanted to. My conversations would die if I skipped the small talk. A waiter came and asked us if we needed anything and Harry was the first one to ask everyone if he could get them anything. He was always the first one when it came to women. “You can always come to me if you run out of pencils. I’m the pencil guy.” I said and hated myself for being so ridiculously awful. She laughed at me but I was sure she just did it to be nice. I succeeded in embarrassing myself.

“Well, it’s good to know ‘cause I always end up losin’ mine.” She flashed a smile at me. I had sat down on the lounge bed next to her. I really had a hard time talking to her because I was crushing on her badly. “For how long are you staying here?” She asked me and took a sip of the drink the waiter had just brought to us. I sat looking at her with my beer in my hand.

“For two weeks. How about you?”

“The same.” She smiled and I melted. Either I was crushing on her or it was the fact that her father was a legend or maybe it was because she had very nice legs and a beautiful face or maybe it was the fact that she was Irish. I couldn’t really decide. Harry and I finished our beers before we went back to the guys leaving the girls to talk some more.

“Mollie is a proper fit.” Harry told me with a wide smile on his face.” I invited her and Nóirín for a drink at our villa tonight.”

“Cool.” A part of me hated that he had invited them because I felt uncomfortable around Nóirín. I felt like a 14 year old teenager, and the other part of me really wanted to get to know her because she seemed like a nice person despite the things I had read about her in the tabloids. Every famous person knew you shouldn’t trust the tabloids and that was why I hardly every read it, but sometimes I got curious and wanted to know what they said about me and I ended up reading about other people too.

“Have you seen Tamsin and Emma?” Zayn asked when we returned to the villa.

“Yeah, they are at the beach talking to Nóirín and Mollie. You know the girls from the plane.” He nodded and grabbed a beer in the private bar. I grabbed one myself and wondered if we could actually hire a bartender to make drinks for us. It would be awesome.
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