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Wrapped Up & Intertwined

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Nóirín’s point of view.
It was so good to be back at Four Seasons in Koh Samui. I had stayed there a few times with my parents. It was one of my favourite places and it was also nice to come back because the staff remembered me. Some of them had even become my friends. Mollie and I had rented a two-bedroom villa. It was ridiculous that we stayed in a place so big. We would have been alright with less but our parents insisted that we had the two-bedroom villa. Maybe they knew that we would bite each other’s heads off if we had to share a room.

When we arrived at the hotel we went straight to the beach bar. We loved cocktails and had been dreaming of them ever since we flew off from Dublin. When we had reached the beach bar we realised that we weren’t the only one who had been dreaming of a cocktail. I recognised two girls from the plane, who had arrived with the guys from One Direction, sitting in the lounge beds. I was a very open-minded person and went straight over to the girls. I wasn’t one to be shy, well only if I fancied someone. Then I could get really quiet.

“Hey girls, do you mind if we pop a squat ‘ere?” I asked them. I had no idea if they knew who we were or if they had even seen us on the plane but I loved to make new acquaintances. I did not know who they were either. I just assumed they were dating some of the guys.

“Yeah sure,” A girl with blonde hair said and smiled.

“Thanks, I’m Nóirín by the way.” I said and stuck out my hand.

“I’m Emma,” The blonde-haired said.

“I’m Tamsin.” The other one said. She had brown hair and a pretty smile on her lips. Mollie introduced herself as well. All of us ordered a drink and immediately started talking.

“So which of the blokes are you datin’?” I asked. I was always the curious one and the one who had a hard time shutting up.

“I’m here because of Tamsin. I have a boyfriend back in London.” Emma told us. I focused my look at Tamsin.

“I’m with Zayn.” She said. I only knew who Harry was because Mollie wouldn’t shut up about him. She had a celebrity crush on him. I loved his curly hair though. I didn’t tell them that I didn’t know who Zayn was. I just nodded and said it was cool. I reckon Mollie could always tell me, so I didn’t have to look dumb in front of them.

“Wow. I love your shoes. Where are they from?” Mollie asked Tamsin and looked at her feet. Mollie loved shoes and she had way too many and way too many that had never been used. I had too many shoes but it was nothing compared to Mollie's collection. We small-talked for quite some time and they were really likable. Each minute of talking to them felt like one day of knowing them. I learned that they both studied at Oxford University and that it was where they had got to know each other. Tamsin had been dating Zayn for almost a year and she thought it was cool that he was in a band, but she also thought that it was way too hard at times. They were both nineteen years old and born and raised in London. Well Tamsin was raised in Weybridge just outside of London.

“What a surprise.” I heard someone say and turned my head around to see Harry and the boy I borrowed the pencil off, which I forgot to return.

“Who would have thought? I’m Mollie by the way.” Mollie said and stuck out her hand to shake theirs, but Harry kissed her hand instead before sitting down next to her.

“A pleasure to meet you, love,” He told her. I had read that he was a womaniser so it didn’t surprise me that he had kissed Mollie’s hand.

I told the blonde bloke that I was sorry for not returning his pencil, but luckily he forgave me. We chit-chatted for a while before I realised I had never introduced myself. My dad might have been the manager of Manchester United, but I never assumed people to know who I was. It was rude.

“I’m Nóirín by the way. So rude of me to not even introduce myself,” I told him and looked right into his blue eyes. They were quite something. I had never really been into One Direction, never really gave them a change. I had always watched football instead, but I had to admit that he looked so sweet and a slightly shy.

“I’m Niall. I’m a huge fan of your da?” He told me and smiled awkwardly at his feet like he was out of place and like he regretted telling me he was a huge fan of my dad.

“Ta. I’ll remember to tell him that,” I wish I could tell him I was a huge fan of his band but I just didn’t want to lie. “Ye came all the way to Thailand to have a pint of the black stuff.” I said and laughed slightly, when I saw the Guinness mark on his glass. Irishmen sure loved Irish beer.

“I’m Irish,” He smirked. I knew exactly what he meant by that. I grew up with a father who kept saying, ‘I’m Irish’.

When Harry and Niall left we stayed and had another drink with Emma and Tamsin.

“Proper fun to listen to you and Niall talk. I just love the Irish accent,” Emma said. “And he fancies your dad. You two would be a perfect couple.”

“Wise yer bap,” I told her and even blushed a little. I didn’t know Niall and I didn’t feel comfortable when people told me who would be a great match. Not that it annoyed me but so many thoughts always began to run through my head.

“What on earth does that mean?” Tamsin said and smiled at me. Both Tamsin and Emma seemed like a great laugh and like happy people.

“It means don’t be silly.” Mollie said. She had learnt a bit of Irish slang from me. “Anyways we should be getting back to the villa. Harry invited us for a drink tonight and I wanna go for a swim.” We said goodbye to the girls knowing that we would see them later.

“I’m gonna hit the four post inn.” I told Mollie. After a few drinks I had got totally shattered and really needed a nap. I wasn’t really good at functioning if I didn’t get my sleep.
When I woke up the clock had hit seven and a sudden panic attacked me. I had to get up and shower, eat and get ready to have a drink with the boys. I usually took a long time getting ready. I walked past Mollie’s room and saw that she was spread across the king bed. I woke her up and quickly ran a shower for myself.

I always had a hard time figuring out what to wear. I wanted to look good. I wanted people to think that I had actually made an effort. No matter where I went I always made sure to be clean and look clean and look like I actually cared.

In the end I ended up wearing a chic summer outfit.

We made our way to the boys’ villa when we had got something to eat. I was a bit nervous. I only “knew” two of the boys and the girls of course, but I didn’t want to feel like I was intruding.

“Hello Nóirín my very own hero. I’m Louis a big fan of Manchester United. Come on in,” The guy called Louis, who had opened the door, said. “And you must be Mollie.” He added and looked at Mollie. Mollie and I giggled and followed him into their villa. It was huge. “The guys are outside.”

“Wow, yer pool’s huge,” I exclaimed when I saw it. Loads of hotels didn’t even have a pool of that size and they had it all to themselves.

“You’re welcome to join us if yours is too small.” Harry said flirtatiously and looked at Mollie. She just giggled like a school girl. She definitely had a crush on him. We sat drinking at their outdoor place. They had even got a waiter to make cocktails for us. Everything was very cool. As I got a bit more to drink I began to get a bit tipsy. Due to my size I wasn’t a heavy drinker. I didn’t need much to get tipsy. I got myself into a conversation with Niall, Louis and Liam who all though I was secretly a Directioner even though I told them, that I didn’t know many of their songs.

“Mollie!” I yelled at Mollie who was sitting on a sun bed talking to Harry. She looked at me. “Tell ‘em, I’m not a Directioner!”

“She’s the biggest fan I’ve ever met. You should hear her thoughts. They are quite nasty,” She yelled back.

“Yer ‘bout as useful as a Kerry man with a Hurley,” I yelled back at her and focused my attention on the boys again.

“I knew it!” Niall burst out. “Yer secretly in love with all of us.”

“Don’t listen to Mollie she has a face like a bulldog lickin’ piss off a nettle,” I said and made sure to say it loud enough for Mollie to hear it. She just stuck her tongue out. We made all kinds of rude jokes about each other.

“Seriously, you need to hear one of our songs.” Liam said. “We’ll give a number tomorrow, alright?”

“Very cool. I’m gettin’ me own private concert. Gotta tweet that.” I told them and found my cell. When I got a bit to drink I normally treated people like I had known them my whole life.

@noirinmaccraith: @onedirection givin’ me a private show tomorrow. So excited!

I was looking at my twitter when I realised that Louis and Niall was already following me.

“Ey, ye guys already followin’ me?” I said and smirked.

“I’ve been following you for a while. Like I said, you’re my hero.” Louis said. I looked at Niall to see his respond.

“ Yer dad’s me hero.” He said and blushed. He seemed quite detained in comparison to the other guys. Louis was definitely the joker in the band and Harry really was the womaniser. When I looked at him he was flirting with both Emma and Mollie and they were taking in every word he said. Zayn was just loved up with Tamsin and Liam seemed like the guy to have everything in control.

“Try again. You guys are deeply in love with me.” I said and gave them some of their own medicine. They just laughed and Liam dragged me into a conversation about London.

@NiallOfficial: @noirinmaccraith not if you don’t behave.

@noirinmaccraith: @NiallOfficial I always behave nicely. (:

“Wow. So many freakin’ people just began to follow me.” I exclaimed surprised.

“You’ve caught the One Direction infection.” Louis said. “Now your life will be a hell.” I stayed there for a bit longer, before I had to drag Mollie with me back to our villa. She was a bit drunk and she didn’t want to leave either. She was so ready to hit the sack with Harry.
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