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Wrapped Up & Intertwined

a cúig


Nóirín’s point of view
I have always told myself to do every possible thing I could do to make myself proud and confident, so I didn’t have any problems wearing a bikini. I was confident! I had done several photo shoots only wearing underwear and even some in my birthday suit. The naked pictures just weren’t out in the public. It was a reminder to me. It was a reminder about how I hadn’t just woken up one day looking like I did. It had been hard work, less tasty food and not so many cocktails. It had been about getting up at 5am and going to bed late. The truth was that when I was a child I used to be chubby and people always made fun of me. When I started to take my life into my own matters things began to change.

I was lying on the sun beds in our villa all by myself because Mollie had gone to the fitness centre. I had gone earlier that day. I felt happier if I worked out in the mornings. It was a good feeling to know that you had already done something good even before the day had begun. I slowly drifted off into my own world of perfectly fit men. I liked to daydream about people I had crushes on. Celeb or non-celeb it didn’t matter. My recent celeb crush was Ben Barnes. I had just seen Narnia – Prince Caspian and whenever I saw that film I always fell in love with Ben Barnes.

I was taken out of my daydreaming when there was a knock on the door. I thought Mollie had forgotten her keys and I complained all the way to the door.

“Ye’re killin’ me. I was just havin’ the nicest daydream ‘bout meself and Be...” My face dropped when I realised that it wasn’t Mollie on the other side of the door. It was definitely not Mollie. “NIALL!” I cried out quite embarrassed. “I thought it was Mollie”

“Where ye daydreamin’ o’ me?” He said with a cheeky smirk and sparkles in his blue eyes. I immediately thought that maybe I should start daydreaming of him instead. He was attractive, slightly charming and sweet. It was a week since we had met and everyone was having a grand time together. Some a bit more than others. Hence: Mollie and Harry. Niall eyed me up and down quickly before locking his eyes with mine. I was only wearing a bikini and it seemed to distract him a bit.

“C’mon in. I was just enjoyin’ the sun.” I said and made my way out on the sundeck. “Can I do anything for ye?”

“I was just checkin’ on ye. Ye know Mollie’s with Harry and the others are on a two-day-trip to see different beaches and jungles. Harry begged me to stay ‘ome and play golf with ‘im and now he seems to have forgotten all ‘bout me, and since Mollie’s with Harry I figured ye must be alone.”

“Thought Mollie went to work out,” I said and found a bottle of Coca Cola for him and some snacks from the minibar.

“Don’t think she made it that far.” He replied with a grin. Everyone knew that Harry and Mollie were already loved up. No one knew if it was strictly sexually though. We sat and talked, drank and ate snacks.

The previous week had been amazing. I’d had such and grand time and it was amazing to get seven new friends. I had spoken to Niall the most since he had seemed to be the one who was less occupied with someone else. I really felt like I had something in common with him. I also felt like it didn’t matter what I was talking about when I spoke to him. He seemed to be listening always. Maybe I was even beginning to develop feelings for him. I was ripped out of my own thoughts when I felt a pair of hands grab me and throw me into the small pool. I was trying to get over the shock Niall gave me when he jumped into the pool himself and laughed hysterically. He was still wearing his shorts and t-shirt.

“Ye think that is funny, eh?” I said and splashed water into his face. He replied with a wave of water coming straight into my face. We splashed around in the water until we got so close that our bodies were almost touching each other. I was looking directly into his eyes as I felt my body being drawn to his like two magnets being drawn together. I suddenly felt the need to touch his lips and so I did. My fingers ran gently over his lips. They were warm and soft. His eyes were locked to mine and it felt like the time was standing still. I felt his hands being placed on my hips as he drew me even closer to him. I was lost for a moment my thoughts wandering off into the ocean of his eyes, but that was until he kissed me. Until I felt his lips on mine. Until our lips were locked together. Until we shared that moment of intimacy. I was floating off into another world that felt so great. I had this hot feeling striking through my body and the butterflies flying around in my stomach making it almost impossible to bear. My hands were messing up his hair while his hands were holding my hips into his body making sure I was not drifting away. All of this while our tongues were gently massaging each others. For that very small amount of time I felt great. I felt the best I had felt in a long time and when we pulled away from each other again I was wearing a smile on my lips. We both looked at each other speechless and unsure of what to say. I always knew what to say but this time my mind was desperately searching for the right words and the longer we stayed silence the mere awkward it would be. Say something, say something I thought but I never got the chance because we were interrupted by laugher from the inside of the villa. Niall who was still standing close to me moved further away.

“What’s happening ‘ere?” I could hear Harry say. I wasn’t paying much attention to his words since my mind had wandered off to somewhere else. E.g. what the hell had happened and why? “Why are you swimming in your clothes?”

I had come out of my trance and gave him the best answer I could make up, “I pushed ‘im in.” I said.

“Poor Niall always the one to be pushed into the pool.” Harry said and laughed. “Anyway we were wondering if you’d want to grab some lunch?”

“That sounds great.” I told him. I was glad that I didn’t have to be alone with Niall because I was still unsure of what to say. Where would this lead us? We had only known each other for a week. Would we just ignore it and carry on as nothing ever happened or would we start seeing each other a bit more? What would happen in a week? Would this be so awkward that we would stop talking to each other?

Niall went to change into something else and we all walked down to one of the restaurants at the hotel.

“I am from Holmes Chapel.” I heard Harry tell Mollie. She was listening to him interestingly and I then realised how happy she looked. Even though it might only be sexually I was really happy Mollie had got the chance to talk to Harry. She clearly liked him for the person she had got to know and not the one she had read about. Niall and I still didn’t say anything to each other we even tried to ignore one another and I guess everything seemed a bit weird to Harry and Mollie because they both began to think something was wrong.

“What happened to you guys?” Mollie asked and looked at both of us. Niall and I both looked at her with an expression saying, what are you talking about?

“You normally chat very loudly and tweet photos of each other every five minutes. You haven’t said a word to each other or taken one photo.” Harry said and looked at us like he was trying to read our minds. His eyes narrowed a bit.

“I’m just shattered that’s all.” Niall said and looked at me and I nodded.

“Nothing’s wrong.” I added.

“Good cause if something was up two days with the two of you would be way too long. Anyways we’re going to play golf after lunch so we won’t be home until late.” Harry said and looked at Mollie with a smile on his face. Mollie loved to play golf and she had played since she was about five years old. “You’re off the hook.” He said and looked at Niall who just smiled half-hearted back at him.

“Seriously, what is wrong with the two of you?” Mollie said not giving up. My brain quickly went through a lot of excuses but none of them seemed to be the right excuse. Mollie also knew me too well and would be able to make out the difference of the truth or a lie.

“Maybe we just need a break from all the talkin’ and foolin’ around and the heat is also takin’ its toll on me. It’s makin’ me really languid and kinda unwell.” I said and hoped they would believe me.

“It is kinda hot today.” Mollie said and seemed to be buying my excuse. “Maybe you’ll feel better when you’ve got something to eat and if not you should go for a lie down. Do ya want me to stay home?”

“Nah you go play golf I’ll be fine.” I told her and turned my attention to the menu. We ordered something to eat and drink and almost had lunch in silence except from Harry and Mollie’s talking. They were really getting to know each other and I quite just enjoyed sitting there listening to them. After lunch I went back to the villa for a lie down. I thought it was a good excuse to avoid Niall. I really needed to get my head straight and figure out how he might be feeling and what his intentions were. I felt like such an eejit and normally didn’t get myself caught in situations like these. First off all I needed to figure out what my intentions were. What did the kiss mean to me? Did it mean anything at all? It clearly wasn’t love because you couldn’t fall in love with someone you had only known for a week. Maybe it was his sweetness, and kindness, and foolishness. He was a very nice and attractive boy.
It felt like me head was spinning around when I heard a soft knock on the door. This time I knew it wasn’t Mollie and I feared it was Niall and I also hoped it to be him because we needed to talk. How could one kiss become such a big deal? I all of a sudden wished we had been drunk because then everything would have been forgotten and never to be spoken off again but it also felt so great and I imagined how I would tell people about our first kiss if we ever became an item. It was so romantic he threw me into the water and jumped in himself and then we kissed under the open sky and with the beach in the background. I was a bit of a hopeless romantic.

When I opened the door I was face to face with Niall who managed to form a tiny smile on his lips. I let him into the villa and we sat down on a couch in the kitchen/living room area.

“I’m sorry ‘bout earlier I didn’t mean to force meself upon ye.” He said. I could tell that he wanted this conversation as much as I did. “I’m attracted to ye and I just saw an opportunity and took it. I am so sorry if I have offended ye in anyway.” He was looking at his feet as he spoke and I suddenly felt quite guilty. He was talking about the incident as if it was his fault. I had wanted to kiss him too. “I like you I do but I donno if ye like me and I don’t want this to come between us.”

I realised I was the one to make the decision about Niall and I. I was the one to make the decision about what it was or wasn’t. I was the one to decide to pretend it never happened or to give it a fair chance? The decision was all mine to make. He was telling me that he liked me and to me it was like saying that he didn’t want to pretend it never happened because if he wanted to pretend nothing happened he would just have said so.
I was sitting staring at him opening my mouth to say something and then closing it again while I swallowed my words. I wanted to say the right thing but it was difficult and I was afraid I would mess it all up.
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