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Wrapped Up & Intertwined

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Nóirín’s point of view:
It had been three weeks since we had returned back from our holiday and I hadn’t really seen Niall. It wasn’t like we had forgotten each other. We had just decided to keep a low profile. We texted each other a lot and he always called before going to bed unless he went to bed at a stupid time in the night. My feelings for him had really grown and it was really hard to pretend I didn’t have any feelings for him when I was around my friends. Mollie didn’t even know what had happened on the holiday and I felt so bad for not telling her but Niall and I had decided that it would be for the best if we kept it a secret for everyone. When we had got home the headlines in the tabloids had been:

- One Direction member Niall Horan hooks up with Nóirín Mac Craith on romantic holiday in Thailand.
- Nóirín Mac Craith moves from footballer to directioner.
- See the romantic pictures of Niall Horan and Nóirín Mac Craith.
- Fans angry with Niall Horan’s new girlfriend.

Niall Horan and Nóirín Mac Craith enjoy two weeks off in Thailand together.
Niall, 19, who went to Thailand with his band members of One Direction didn’t waste any time getting to know the girls. He quickly hooked up with Manchester United’s manager, Cillian Mac Craith’s daughter, Nóirín Mac Craith, 18, who were staying at the same hotel with her friend Mollie Donovan. The couple looked very much in love as they had a romantic dinner on the beach. A source close to Niall tells us that he didn’t know Nóirín before he went on holiday but that her father is one of his idols. “Niall has always been a major fan of Cillian and it wouldn’t surprise me if he even fancied his daughter.” The couple was spotted together while his band mates where on a two-day-trip to some of the famous beaches and jungles in Thailand. Throughout the holiday the two have also uploaded several photos of each other on their Twitter pages.
Nóirín uploaded a picture of the love birds saying: “Amazing time by the pool with @NiallOfficial”
After which Niall responded: “Best time ever with @noirinmaccraith”
Nóirín who has recently been linked with Manchester United midfielder, Tom Cleverley, has never shown any interest in One Direction. A close friend of her says: Nóirín has never showed any interest in One Direction. She has always been more of a football girl. I’m surprised if she even knew who One Direction was before she met them.”
The Irish love birds who were also spotted getting quite close in the water haven’t met up since they returned back from holiday. “They text each other all the time.” The source close to Niall says. “He calls her whenever he gets the chance.”
It hasn’t been confirmed by either Niall or Nóirín that the two are dating.

I was surprised when I read the article but I was even more surprised when I found out they had actually managed to get pictures of us. I wasn’t really aware of Niall’s fame until I read the papers. If it had just been me on holiday with Mollie the paparazzi would never have found us. They only found us because they were looking for One Direction. I realised at that time that you should never underestimate a paparazzo. I wondered if Niall had read the article and what he thought of it if he had read it.
Mollie had put me through hell with questions but I just told her that we were just friends and that nothing was going on.

“I’ve seen a lot of pictures of you and Niall from Thailand. What is really going on?” She had asked me.

“Nothing is goin’ on. We were just hangin’ out while the rest of ye had abandoned us. It would be kinda stupid if we didn’t hang out.” I had told her. “It’s not me fault everything looks romantic in Thailand.”

“But do you fancy him?”

“I don’t.” I had replied even though I did.

Mollie and Harry had been in the tabloids too but they hadn’t exactly made an effort in trying to hide their relationship. They had even made it official two weeks after we got home. Some just wanted to take it slow while others wanted to take the next step as soon as possible.

Tonight was the night of the One Direction concert Mollie’s granddad had procured tickets for. We didn’t really need the VIP tickets any longer since the boys had invited us to join them in their dressing room and watch the show from the side of the stage. I was almost shaking with excitement. I hadn’t seen Niall for almost a month and for someone that you’re crazy about it was quite a long time. I had used hours on finding something to wear and I had finally settle with black sequin hotpants and a black bodysuit, pumps and accessories. I just hoped that he wouldn’t find my clothes too daring. I wanted to look sexy but not like a prostitute. The fact that I hadn’t seen Niall since we returned back to England made me crazy. All our phone conversations had helped me get to know him even better. We had really created some kind of bond. I could hear when he was smiling and when he was trying to hide something. We joked, laughed and had comfortable silences. And sometimes he would say, “I wish I could kiss you right now.” It felt like a long distance relationship and I was dying to see him. I just wanted to take him home.

I had just got out of bed and made myself a bowl with mixed fruit and was eating the fruit in my bed when my phone rang. Niall didn’t call me last night but it was okay because he texted me saying that it would be too late. He was like some kind of drug. I walked around all day waiting for him to call and sometimes I had to call him. It wasn’t because I was afraid he was with someone else because I knew from the way we connected that he wasn’t. I couldn’t see why he would waste his time talking to me if he really was with someone else.

“’ello sweetie” I said as I answered the phone. I imagined him smiling on the other end.

“What are ye doin’ right now?” He asked me.

“Eatin’ breakfast, what are ye up to?”

“I was wonderin’ if I could come by yer flat now?” He asked me and my face almost fell. My mind immediately started thinking something was wrong. We had kept away from each for so long and now we were finally meeting at the concert and then he wanted to come by my flat a few hours before the concert.

“Sure” I said half-hearted.

“Great I’ll just hail a cab.” He said and we both said our goodbyes. I didn’t even bother getting dressed because what was the point if he was just coming here to let me down gently. Maybe he had figured out that it would be for the best if I didn’t come to the concert. I had absolutely no idea I just knew I was crazy about him and maybe slightly afraid of losing him to someone else. I thought my worries seemed kind of odd since we weren’t even exclusive. I had gone from a person who didn’t believe in love to fall head first. I finished off my breakfast and went to brush my teeth.

When I had finished brushing my teeth my entry phone went off. I picked it up and opened the door so Niall could get into my building. I was really nervous because it scared me that he all of a sudden wanted to come by. When I heard the knock on my door I went to open it. My heart was beating ten times faster than usual and my palms were sweaty but when I saw his smiling face my whole body began to relax. His mouth formed a big smile as he went to give me a hug (I thought) but instead his hands reached my face and he placed them on one cheek each as he leant in to give me a kiss; a kiss that sent fireworks off in my stomach.

“I ‘ave been wantin’ t do that for so long” He said grinning. All I could do was to wrap my arms around him and give him another kiss and while I kissed him I helped him get out of his jacket as he kicked his shoes off. One thing led to another and we were soon lying in my bed wrapped up in each other as we tried to take each other’s clothes off. My stomach felt sick with happiness. I moaned as he kissed my neck and made his way further down. Before any of us could stop it we had had the quickest sex. Even though it was in such a rush it felt great. Something about it felt right and we wouldn’t have been able to take it slower since we had been longing for each other for a long time. It was still a bit awkward though. It was always a bit awkward the first time you have sex with someone, but it was a good-awkward.

“I really like you” He said as I snuggled into him. We were still lying in my bed.

“I like you too” I really did like him and I was comfortable with him saying he liked me. If he had said he loved me, it would have freaked me out and do to the circumstances it would have been weird and too early to say I love you. “When are ye headin’ to the venue?” I asked him wanting to know how much time we had left before he would have to leave.

“At five so we have plenty of time” He said gave me a wink.

“I’m just gonna take a shower then. If ye want one ye can have one afterwards.” I said and got up from his warm body and quickly pulled on my pyjamas before disappearing into the bathroom. When I had showered Niall took a quick one.

“I have decided to take ye out for lunch.” He said when he came out of the bathroom fully dressed and with wet hair.

“Now?” I asked and he nodded. “But what about the paps?”

“I don’t care. I want to spend time with ye.” I couldn’t help but let out a shriek. I wanted to spend time with him too. I quickly put on a bit of mascara and braided my hair and I was ready to go.
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