Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Kasey was just getting home, from being out of town for three weeks. She had been in New York with her brother and their sick mother. She was exhausted and the door being locked didn’t exactly bother her. It was three in the morning. Several hours earlier than it was in New York. She just wanted to go to bed. As she moved through the house she shared with her husband of almost a year she smiled. She draped her jacket over the post on the stairs and kicked off her sneakers before she ascended the stairs. She was half asleep as she got to the bed room door. She, however, was fully awake when she opened the door completely. Her husband was in bed, most definitely not asleep, with her best friend. Neither of them saw her because they were occupied.

She said nothing as she ran down the stairs and picked her sneakers up off the ground before running out the door. She didn’t bother slamming it. She didn’t even think about shutting it until she was a mile or so away. And by then she didn’t give a fuck. She needed somewhere to go and she didn’t care where. And it hit her almost immediately. She’d go to Justina’s house. Her husband would probably love to know where she was. It didn’t take long before she was out of her own car and walking, in socks, to the front door of her best friends house.

Considering the amount of cars, she didn’t bother to knock. She walked right in. And despite the hour, there were still a few people awake, and continuing the party that had obviously taken place earlier. She wove her way through the first floor of the house and didn’t find who she was looking for, although she got asked, by those, who didn’t have their tongues down someone’s throat, where her husband was. She ignored them. The search of the basement, proved to be just as useless. Finally she headed upstairs and rolled her eyes as she heard the obvious sounds of people fucking coming from behind closed doors. The room she was in search of though, was wide open and only occupied by one man.

He sat there with a beer in one hand on the edge of the bed, and his cell phone in the other. She leaned against the door frame and sighed. Neither of them said anything for a moment. Finally he looked up at her.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in New York.”

“I was, I’m back early. Obviously coming home at all was a mistake.”

“Why’s that Kasey?”

“Got about two bottles or more of Jack left in this house?”

“Probably not.”

“Then, you don’t want the details.”

“Ian cheat on you?” He asked.

“Only if it means Justina cheated on you.” Kasey said and he looked up at her. The shock of what she had said, registered in his eyes.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Matt, she won’t answer the phone, from the looks of it hasn’t all night. I got home and they didn’t even notice me! Let’s face it, we’re married to a couple of cheaters.”

“What the hell happened? Everything was fine. She said she had to go to Kendall’s.”

“I don’t know… so what do we do now?” Kasey asked finally moving into the room. She didn’t expect what he did next. He moved from the bed quickly and slammed the door shut, and locking it, after she was in the room. In the next moment he had her backed against the now locked door, and his lips on hers.

“This works.” He said as he lifted her so she was wrapped around him. And the fact that she didn’t fight it made him smirk. He kissed her hungrily and she pressed against him, as his hands moved over her and he used the door for leverage as he began to remove her clothes. He was undoing the button on her jeans when she gasped as his hands brushed over her skin above her jeans.

“Oh!” She pressed against him stopping all his movements and crashed her lips back to his in a bruising kiss. It wasn’t long before the rest of their clothes lay in tattered remains on the floor, and he was falling to the bed, her above him, and then rolling so he was above her. “Please!” She only had to say it once and he was inside of her.


Justina Sanders slipped into her house and looked around. There were people everywhere. That was probably a good thing. Seeing as he would just think she had crashed downstairs. She slipped out of the flats she had worn the night before and headed up the stairs. She shook her head upon seeing all the doors shut. It didn’t bother her that her room was one of the closed doors. He had probably done it to block out the sound of everyone else. When she went to open the door however she found it locked. That shocked her.

“What the fuck would he lock the door for?” Justina demanded out loud. She narrowed her eyes and realized almost immediately that she never carried the key for the bedroom. Because it was never locked. She quickly became pissed and when she went downstairs she started slamming shit and waking everyone up. She knew the one sure way to get him out of the bedroom. She moved to the living room, opening the back patio door on her way passed and turned on the stereo. And then she turned it up.


“What the fuck?” Matt said as he walked out of the bathroom. Kasey shrugged as she walked out behind him. He tossed her a shirt for her to pull on and she cocked an eyebrow at him.

“I got this.” She said and walked to Justina’s closet. She pulled out a shirt, and was almost immediately thankful that she and Justina were the same size, and that he hadn’t ripped her bra and panties like he had her shirt. Once she pulled the shirt on he wrapped his arms around her from behind and nuzzled her neck.

“Last night was amazing.”

“It was more like this morning, but yeah. It most definitely was.” And she turned in his arms and he lowered his lips to hers.

“We’ll have to do it again.” He said and she grinned as they pulled apart.

“Yeah, we will. Let’s deal with the cheating spouses first though.” And with that Kasey walked to the door and unlocked it. “You know she’s the one blasting that shit right?”

“I know.”

“Think he’s here too?”

“One way to find out.” Matt said and held out his hand. She took it and they left the room together. People who were waking up and coming out of rooms, or picking themselves up off couches and chairs, let out wolf whistles, and shouts when they saw Matt with Kasey, and not his wife.

“’Bout time you hit that Matt!” Someone yelled across the room. Kasey shook her head and turned back to see who it had been.

“You’re supposed to be my brother Johnny!” Kasey yelled. Matt only shook his head. They found Justina in the kitchen leaning against the counter with a glass of whiskey in hand.

“A little early to be drinking isn’t it?” Matt asked. He had yet to remove his hand from Kasey’s.

“Isn’t she supposed to be in New York?” Justina countered.

“Got home early, found this bitch I thought was my friend letting my husband fuck her. Ended up here, having some of the best sex ever with my brother’s friend.”

“I believe that’s my shirt sweetie.” Justina said.

“Actually I believe I let you borrow it six months ago and never got it back. Johnny bought it for me for my birthday last year.”

“We miss the catfight?” Kasey turned when she saw Brian.

“Nope, it just started.” Matt said and leaned back against the counter to watch the show.

“Who said anything about fighting?” Kasey asked.

“You’re the one that fucked my husband!” Justina yelled. Everyone passing through to get keys and find purses and other stuff stopped and stared.

“Are you fucking serious right now? I'm pretty sure I'm the one that walked into my fucking house last night to find you fucking my husband!”

“Yeah, like I would cheat on Matt.” Justina said rolling her eyes.

“Really? Because I'm pretty sure you took a guy back to the hotel room the night of my bachelorette party and then begged me not to tell Matt about it!”

“You lying fucking bitch!” Justina yelled, but she looked panicked.

“I'm curious now. Weren't the guys gone that month? And didn't you get pregnant that month?"

“I flew out to see Matt…”

“No you didn't. The wedding was six weeks away and when Matt asked you to, you told him you were too busy helping me with all the last minute shit, not that you could really be found helping me do anything.” Kasey said raising an eyebrow.

“Who's Darcy's father Justina?” Matt asked crossing his arms over his chest. He looked pissed.

“My guess is Mr. No-name, because she definitely wasn't classy enough to get that, from the bachelorette party.”

“Shut the fuck up! Matt's Darcy's father and everyone knows it.”

“Yeah, that's exactly why the kid doesn't look like either one of you!” Kasey said.

“Just because you decided to be a whore and cheat on your husband doesn't mean you should go around fucking other peoples' lives up in the process! I think you've done enough just by sleeping with mine!”

“Yeah, I didn't start that. He's the one that shoved me against the door. Not the other way around. I only came over to tell him where you were.”

“There you go, fucking lying again! Do you know how to tell the truth?”

“I think that's a fucking question you should ask yourself, you stupid bitch!”

“Matt would never do something like to me!” Justina’s eyes were wide as she yelled.

“Pretty sure I did.” Matt said. Justina stared at him.

“I fucking told you, you dumb fucking cow.”

“It's about time really. He's had a thing for her for years.” Johnny said and Kasey shook her head at her brother.

“I'll say it again, you're supposed to be my brother.” Kasey said looking at Johnny.

“Yeah, but he's right. Matt's had a thing for you for years.” Brian added in.

“We only slept together that one time. That does not mean he's had a thing for since then.”

“You've slept with that slut before?!” Justina demanded glaring at Matt.

“Call me a slut one more time, you trashy, two-faced, backstabbing bitch and I'm going to kick the shit out of you.”

“When the fuck did you sleep with my sister you fucking asshole!” Johnny yelled at Matt.

“Weren't you just all for the two of us hooking up?” Matt asked.

“That was before I knew you'd been with her before! What the fuck is your problem. You don't see any of use banging your sister behind your back, without us knowing!"

“Matt doesn't have a sister…” Brian said trialing off.

“That's besides the fucking point!” Johnny exclaimed.

“Wow, now everyone knows what a dirty whore you really are, how does that feel?” Justina said glaring at Kasey.

“I fucking told you if you called me a whore one more time I was beating the ever-living shit out of you and you went and did it!” Kasey said launching herself at Justina and slamming her fists into her repeatedly.

“That’s what I was waiting for!” Zack exclaimed laughing.

“Typical male!” Mandy one of their female friends said smacking him.

“Get off of me you psychotic bitch!” Justina said shoving at Kasey and grabbing at her shirt and ripping it in the process.

“There is a god!” Brian said smirking. Johnny and Matt hit him. “OW! What the fuck? Like you weren't thinking it!” Johnny raised an eyebrow at him. “Okay, so you probably weren't.”

“And there goes, Justina's shirt…” Zack said.

“This is like Girls Gone Wild. Only more violent, and way hotter.” One of their male friends said.

“Oh fuck this... “ And Kasey slammed the heel of her hand into the middle of Justina’s face.

“That’s gonna leave a mark…” Zack said.

“I think she broke her nose…” Matt said tilting his head to the side.

“If the blood is any indication.” Brian started.

“I’d say the answer is yes.” Zack finished.

“Are one of you assholes going to stop this before she fucking kills her?” One of the other females said.

“I suppose…” Matt said and grabbed Kasey. “C'mon before you commit murder and I have to bail your ass out.”

“Fuck that! She's had this coming for god only knows how long! She was supposed to be my fucking friend!” Kasey yelled trying to get at Justina again. Justina slammed her fist into Kasey’s face, making Matt growl.

“One of you want to help here? I'm not holding Kasey back just for my soon to be ex-wife to beat the fuck out of her!”

“So let her go?” Brian said.

“Your what?” Justina exclaimed.

“I'm pretty sure you heard him you nasty, gonorrhea dripping, cum-guzzling slut! Can't say I fucking blame him, you're like a walking fucking billboard for what not to fucking get involved with! I'm shocked the fucking CDC and EPA haven't labeled you a goddamn bio-hazard!”

“I didn't know Kasey knew how to swear like that…” Zack said looking impressed.

“I'm pretty sure she just made the entire fucking Navy blush.” Brian said.

“Better not let Mom and Dad hear you talk like that. Wait where the fuck did you learn to talk like that?”

“Does it fucking matter right now? What matters is me getting back to beating that dumb fucking waste of space and oxygen into a coma!” Kasey demanded, struggling against the hold Matt had on her.

“Baby if you do that then we can't get divorced and you and I can't be together…”

“Bitch fucking broke my nose…” Justina whined, as blood poured and she grabbed at the paper towels hoping that would stop it.

“Don't fucking worry, you'll be fine. It's not like I broke your vagina so you'll still be open for business, you should know by now most of the men you deal with could give two shits less about your face, you're just another hole to stick their dick in.”

“I wanna know where the fuck she learned to fuckin' be such a bitch…” Johnny said blinking. This was not the sister he knew.

“Would someone take me to the fucking hospital! This fucking hurts! And so you know you fuckin' whore, when I'm better I'm beating the fucking hell out of you!” Justina growled.

“Go ahead and fucking try. These guys can't be around all the time, and believe me the next time I see you alone the ass-kicking you get will be ten times worse!” Kasey said eyes narrowing once more.

“It's not my fault Ian would rather fuck me than you! Do you seriously fucking think that he got that emergency call from a client on your wedding night?” Justina growled through the pain.

“You stupid fucking cunt! Somebody better call her a fucking ambulance because she's gonna be fucking lucky to make it to the hospital breathing by the time I'm done with her!” Kasey struggled harder trying once more to get away from Matt, this time he let her go.

“Kill her!”

“Matt!” Johnny yelled. People were backing up as Kasey tackled Justina to the ground and began to pound her face in.

“Best girl fight ever.” JB said and grinned at Matt B.

“Ripped clothes, blood…” the other man said.

“I don't think Kasey's going to have a problem finding another husband. I can already see them lining up with proposals.” Brian said.

“Can someone please help me break that shit up? I don't want to have to explain to my parents why my sister is in fucking prison.” Johnny said sighing and shaking his head.

“Fine... Matt get Kasey, and I'll throw this trash on the lawn to wait for an ambulance.” Zack muttered rolling his eyes. Brian sighed.

“Please tell me someone recorded that…”

“I don't have this thing all but surgically attached for nothing.” JB said gesturing towards his video camera.

“Fuck yes!” Brian said, sounding like a two year old.

“And Brian, Kasey won't be needing to look for another husband once she gets divorced.” Matt said.

“No shit... every dude in this room, save for Johnny, has their fucking proposal ready.” Brian replied.

“Brian, do you have a death wish?” Matt asked raising his eyebrow.

“What? You know its true. Whether or not they're fucking stupid enough to try it is another story.”

“Matt…” Kasey asked raising an eyebrow at him as she turned in his arms.

“Yeah?” He asked looking down at her.

“Sweet baby Jesus, break it the fuck up already!” Johnny almost yelled.

“Shut up Johnny. Besides, isn't your duty, as my brother, to go and kick the shit out of the lying bastard I have the misfortune of calling my husband?”


“That’s what I thought.” Kasey said and turned back to Matt. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her gently, as she slipped her arms around his neck and sighed into the kiss.


Kasey sighed as she walked into the house that she had run out of earlier that morning, completely pissed off and damned near tears. She had given Ian five years of her life. She had thought she loved him, and wondered when she had stopped even thinking that she did, and was just with him because they were married. She sighed and glanced around the living room as she walked into it. She saw his clothes still scattered around the room. She picked them up and tossed them out the front door. When they saw that she was tossing his clothes out the front door the guys shook their heads.

“Are you assholes going to help me or just watch?” Kasey asked. Matt knowing it would give him some satisfaction moved foreword. The others rolled their eyes. And JB stood there, camera at the ready. Matt and Brian walked into the living room and watched wide eyed as she ripped the game consoles out of the entertainment stand and tossed them out the window that she had opened. They shrugged and knowing what was not Kasey’s began to help, but when she moved to the Television they groaned.

“Kase…not the TV…” Brian said.

“Either help, or get the fuck out of the way!” Brian moved foreword to help, so did Matt. She walked to the door and kicked it open. “Toss it out the door boys!” She said grinning. And turned to the stairs. Everything downstairs was outside. She tilted her head to the side and walked back into the laundry room. She grabbed the bleach and smirked. She handed it to Brian.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with this?” He asked.

“Pour it on his clothes when they come raining out the window?” And she headed up the stairs, Matt following her. She turned and shook her head no. He shrugged and went back downstairs. A moment later JB was filming as the window flew open, and she kicked the screen out of it.

Inside Kasey was grabbing clothes out of Ian’s closet and walking to the window. She never made a small trip either. Every time her arms were loaded down with clothes. Once the closet was empty of clothes she moved to his dresser. Once that was empty she began collecting his things. She grinned at the picture from their wedding day and tossed it frame and all out the window. She leaned out the window and tugged a lighter from her jeans pocket and tossed it down too. Matt caught the lighter and cocked an eyebrow at her. She pointed to where the picture lay and he nodded.

Twenty minutes later she leaned out the window.

“That’s everything, literally, and this son of a bitch is still asleep!” And she ducked back inside and put her hands on her hips and stared at him. “Pathetic excuse of a man!” She growled and found her favorite pair of Black Louboutin heels and threw one at him. He shot up in bed and looked around. He saw the chaos first and then he saw his wife.

“Kasey, baby you’re home!”

“Baby? I know you did not just call me baby, you mother fucking, lying, backstabbing, idiotic, cheating bastard!” She yelled at him. “How much longer did you think that you could get away with fucking my best friend? Well ex-best friend! I Can’t fucking believe you, I gave you five years of my life, and you tossed them away! How long were you fucking her? And so help me god, if you lie to me, I’m going to castrate you, and leave you here to die, a long, slow, and painful death!”

“Kasey, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She walked to the window.

“JB, bring me that fucking camera!” He shrugged and went inside and met her in the hall. He glanced into the room and noticed that all Ian had to cover himself was the sheet from the bed, because that was all that was left in the room, that wasn’t Kasey’s.

“Here.” He said.

“Where’s that part… where…”

“Hang on“, and a moment later he had it where he had a feeling she wanted it. Taking the camera she walked over to Ian and turned it so that he could see what she wanted.

“Let’s just see what Justina has to say about that.” Kasey growled.

“I don’t…” But his eyes went wide when he looked at the tiny screen.

“It's not my fault Ian would rather fuck me than you! Do you seriously fucking think that he got that emergency call from a client on your wedding night?”

“She’s lyi--”

“No she’s not, I got home early Ian. You didn’t notice because you were too busy banging this blonde whore.” And with that she smirked. “Get out.”

“Excuse me?”

“Get the fuck out of my house.”

“Your house? This is…”

“Ian, if you want to keep what you pass for a dick off, in one piece, I’d get the fuck out now.”

“Where are my clothes?”

“On the front lawn.” She said grinning.

“Soaked in Bleach.” JB added.

“You bitch!”

“Oh and so you know, I’ll be filing for divorce on Monday.” And she watched him pale before struggling with the sheet as he left. She and JB ran to the window and leaned out. He had the camera trained on Matt. The minute Ian was out the door, Matt moved and plowed his fist into the man’s face. Ian stumbled back only for Johnny to slam his fist into his gut. It was Brian, that had them all laughing, as Ian stumbled, he moved out of his way, and accidentally stepped on the sheet, causing it to rip out of Ian’s grasp.


Matt lay in bed a month later trying to think about anything other than the woman he wanted beside him. But they had agreed, that until both of their divorces were final, they would stay away from one another. It was killing him, because he wanted her in his arms. He rolled over and stood getting out of bed, and glanced around the room. Justina hadn't come back for any of her clothes. And he had already packed her things in boxes. He just needed to carry them downstairs. He walked down the hall and glanced into Darcy's room. Her things had been packed as well. A paternity test had been done, and he had done everything in his power to refrain from slamming his fist into Justina's face. She had lied to him for so long. The child wasn't even that old, and he felt nothing for her. It wasn't her fault that the woman that gave birth to her was a whore. He glanced down the hall when the door bell rang. He moved downstairs and to his front door. He raised an eyebrow at Johnny, Zack, and Brian.

“And just what the hell are the three of you doing here?” He asked.

“Thought you would want a little help moving all that shit upstairs, down, now that it's packed.” Johnny said.

“I could use a hand.” He said before turning and leading the way back upstairs. It took the four of them less three hours to get everything outside and stored in the garage. Johnny turned when a vehicle pulled in. He raised an eyebrow as his sister jumped down out of the SUV she was driving. She looked pretty happy, and that scared the hell out of him.

“Matt.” Brian said and he turned to look at him, then the direction that he was looking. A grin spread across his face when he saw her. She walked to him and bit her lip.


“Hey.” He replied back. She looked at her feet.

“I've something for you.” She said quietly. The others were quiet as she handed Matt the envelope that was in her hand. He took it and his grin spread when he pulled the papers out. None of them noticed the delivery guy pull up.

“I'm looking for Matthew Sanders...” He said walking to the entrance of the garage. Matt glanced over.

“That'd be me.” He said and walked over. He was handed a board to sign for the envelope and when he ripped it open as the guy walked away, and pulled out the papers, the happiness he felt escalated. He turned to Kasey and handed the papers to her. Her eyes widened and she shoved both her divorce papers and his at her brother and a moment later he yanked her against him and crashed his lips to hers.

“I love you Kasey.” He murmured when he pulled back.

“I love you too Matt.” She replied.


Matt stood nervously at the front of the crowd, of seated people. He hadn't been this nervous the day he married Justina. Brian stood with him as his best man and Johnny and Zack were there with them. Matt watched as Jenna, Macy, and Chloe started down the aisle. A moment later he watched as Alexander Seward walked Kasey down the aisle. He could do nothing but stare at the woman that he was about to marry. She looked beautiful and she would be all his. When he took her hand in his she smiled at him and the light in her eyes had him lost.

It took less than an hour, but when they turned to face the people watching them, they were husband and wife. Matt kept his hand in Kasey's as she bit her lip and watched her brother move towards them. Johnny hugged his sister and nodded to Matt. And Matt turned pulling Kasey to him, once more making her laugh, before he lowered his lips to hers once more.
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