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Perfectly Entwined

Completely falling

I’m lying in the bed next to the girl of my dreams. She lays there sound asleep with her bare back facing me. I stared at the bumps that lined her back of where her spine was protruding against her fair skin. It took everything in me not to reach over and outline them. She looked just as beautiful asleep as she does awake.

I was trying to figure out if this moment was real or if I was dreaming. If I was dreaming, I didn't want to wake up; I want to live in this moment forever. I could wake up next to her for the rest of my days and I would never complain.

I closed my eyes, reliving the moments from last night when we were perfectly fit together and she was breathlessly moaning my name. I never heard anything more perfect than when my name passed her full, pink lips. I never thought that we would fit together so perfectly, or that she would make me feel so alive.

I thought back from the moment I met her and I tried repeatedly to get her to see me as someone other than just one of her mates. All of those moments we shared after drunken nights at the pub when we would go back to my flat and lie on my couch and watch random shows on the telly, just giggling the whole because of how pissed we were. Every time I would try to muster up the courage to lean over and steal a kiss from her and, every time, I would chicken out just before I got close to her lips. I thought of all those sleepless nights she caused me. She consumed too many of my thoughts and dreams. I thought of her all the time and I could never seem to get her out of my mind.
There were so many things about Lucy that I found perfect. I loved her personality and how she was always messing with me. Lucy was one of the only girls that I became friends with after the X Factor. I had a fear of a girl using me for my job. I put up walls protecting me from getting hurt and, for some reason, I let Lucy get right past those walls. I don't think a girl would ever be able to make me fall in love with her like Lucy did.

I snapped out of my thoughts and I wondered if I should make her some coffee or a cup of tea. I wondered what I was going to say to her when she woke up. Last night, I bared my soul to her, telling her how completely mad I was about her and how I had never been in love, but I knew I loved her. I hoped when she woke up it wouldn't be awkward between us. I hoped I would be able to tell her that I loved her once again.

I looked over at the clock to see that it was already ten past eight. I returned my gaze over to her, only to find her big brown eyes staring back at me. I watched as she bit her lip and adjusted herself slightly, trying to get comfortable.

"Morning," I whispered, breaking the silence.

"Morning," she smiled. I felt my heart flutter just at her soft words and her smile.

I wish at that moment I could just pause the world around us and stay where we were. I reached out slowly and rested my hand on top of Lucy's. I lifted her hand up to my lips and pressed them to the top of her soft hand. I wasn't sure if I should make a big deal about the night before or if I should act like it was normal, like it was bound to happen.

"You sure are quiet," she said as she sat up. She adjusted the pillows behind her and leaned against the headboard.

"I'm at a loss for words."

"You sure weren't last night," she smiled.

"I'm trying to figure out what's going on in your head," I spoke as I lightly pushed her hair behind her ear.

"My head is a messed up place; you don't want to know what's going on up there," she let out a dry laugh. It was at that moment I was terrified. I had a feeling deep down in my gut that she didn't feel the same way I did about her.

"Lucy, I love you," I spoke once again, putting my heart on the line.

"I know you do." I realized then that she didn't really love me. She might have cared for me deeply, but she didn't love me.

I saw her stand up and reach to the ground to pick up her underwear and my shirt. I watched as she slid her underwear on and pulled my shirt over her head. I was petrified that I was just going to be another guy she slept with and she was just going to get up to leave. If last night didn't mean anything to her, my heart might crumble into a million pieces.

"Was I just another guy?" I ran my fingers through my blond hair. "The thought of you saying another guy's name like you said mine last night makes my skin crawl." I looked over at her to see she had a strange look on her face. "I'm madly in love with you and I have no clue how you feel. I told you I love you last and you didn't say anything. You just kissed me, then we made love." I took a deep breath trying to gather myself a little. "Do you love me?" I felt like a fool for asking, but I knew I needed to ask.

I thought she might run away after everything I had just said to her. I watched as she walked over to the edge of the bed and crawled over and sat down next to me. "Of course, I love you, Niall," she said before pressing her lips to mine.

In that moment, I knew I was madly in love and crazy about Lucy. Hearing her say "I love you," back to me would never get old. I didn't understand how I wasn't dreaming.

I'm madly in love with her and she loved me in return.
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