Sequel: Loonar

Hand Me Downs.

"You know the more you two skulk about the less likely they are to invite you in?" I only received a groan and gentle push as an answer. "Morons," I sighed, pulling myself up and wincing as my knees cracked, my feet padding gently on the stairs that creaked no matter how careful I was, earning me harsher glares from the two above."Don't make me call your mother."

"You wouldn't." One head bobbed up, a frown smeared across it's features. The other shortly followed. "And if you did we would never talk to you again."

I grinned, opening my mouth slowly and beginning to call before a loud crack echoed in the narrow hallway, a body appearing beside me as if from thin air and a hand covering my mouth, the other arm holding me in place. Heavy footsteps caused him to poke my side, smirking as I squeaked and tried to move away.

"George what on Earth are you doing? Let Amelia go."

I grinned, turning to the plump middle age woman and curtsying, "Thank-you Molly." She rolled her eyes at me, and turned away, bumbling towards the kitchen but leaving the door to the meeting open.

"And this is how you spy properly," I said to George, pulling an extendable ear from my pocket and slapping his face gently, "Take note Weasleys'."


Story will base around the fifth Harry Potter book and on-wards, obviously I have claim over nothing but my character.