You Know, Two Can Play At That Game


Alex loves hotel stays more than anything on tour; the feeling of warm sun hitting his thighs in the morning, the large space to move around in and the feeling of waking up tangled in the fresh linen sheets. Yeah, hotel stays were fantastic.

There was one thing that he didn't like. Hotel stays meant rooming with Jack, rooming with Jack meant a drunk Jack and a drunk Jack meant a horny Jack. Of course Alex doesn't mind that, the two males have been there so many times they can't count on both of their hands.

It's just every time Alex would be exhausted after a show Jack would stumble into the hotel room an hour later drunk out of his mind, come over to Alex and grind against him, then eventually with much bitching he would seduce Alex. Alex would then spend the next couple of days cursing and complaining he was tired and that his hotel stay was wasted. But Alex was never one to get revengeā€¦ until now.

They'd just played a sold out show in Bristol, England, Alex ran off stage with an ecstatic grin, he peeled his shirt off and tossed it to the side. Jack ran up behind him and wrapped his slender, long arms around his waist and gently circled his hips against Alex's ass. Alex rolled his head back into Jack's chest before pulling away and whispering in his ear, "you're not getting drunk tonight because I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to remember your name. Ok? You're my slut now Jacky," Alex bit on Jack's ear lobe and rolled it between his teeth.

"Uh, b-but," Jack groans to Alex.

"No but's, I'm going to surprise you. Hear me now, come to the hotel in an hour, you better be sober other wise it'll make your experience worse. OK?" Alex's voice was hoarse, deep and Jack thought it was the sexiest thing he's heard in a long time.

Alex ran off leaving a bewildered Jack stood there in the backstage area confused out of his mind. Alex jumped into a taxi awaiting outside the venue and as soon as he arrived into the hotel room he felt content at long last, tonight was the night he took all of the control; leaving Jack helpless, horny and begging for it all.

Alex prepared everything he needed and after laid on the bed in his tight red boxers just watching tv, he let his thoughts carry themselves away and again that same smug grin grew and crawled across his face. It must have been at least an hour by now but Alex was on edge and after what seemed like an eternity the door clicked open.

"A-Alex?" Jack cleared his throat as his shaky voice gave way.

Alex leaped up from the bed unwillingly, he had only just comfy in all honesty. But who cared when he could spend his time doing better things. Better things in this case being Jack. He almost ran up to Jack before shoving his body against the barely closed door, Alex attached his pink lips to Jack and both sets seems to move systematically together; like they were made for one another. Alex placed one hand to Jack's small hip and slowly started to rut gently against him. Jack was the first to pull away and as he did he bit on his bottom lip with his eyes screaming nervousness.

"What's wrong Jacky?" Alex smirks, running his finger down Jack's clothed chest.

"What's going to happen?" Jack peers down to see Alex is already hard in his boxers, then it hits him how much they both really need it.

"I've told you," Alex licked the shell of Jack's ear and slowly began to kiss and mouth his way down the younger's neck. "I'm going to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to remember your name." Alex bit down on Jack's collarbone causing him to start making little 'uhnf' noises into the top of Alex's head.

He took a small step back and wrapped his hand into the fabric of Jack's shirt, tugging slightly before pulling Jack's body closer to his and pulling the shirt over his head and tossing it to the floor carelessly.

"Close your eyes baby," Alex whispered into his ear.

Wearily Jack obliged and soon as he had Alex pushed his body down on the bed and pulled his arms over his head. Before Jack could even protest he heard the metal of handcuffs clank and hold against his pale skin on his wrists.

"Open your eyes now," Alex smirks and the look of panic on Jack's face would be completely hilarious if he didn't find it so damned sexy.

"A-Alex, this isn't funny. Stop fucking around and let me go and I promise you can top?" Jack pleads as Alex works hastily at the button of Jack's jeans slowly tugging them down revealing Jack's hard dick practically leaking in his boxers.

"Slut," Alex clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

Jack rolled his eyes and Alex stumbled onto the bed so he could straddle the raven-haired boy's hips, Alex placed the palms of his hands against Jack's chest and slowly started making small patterns with his fingers.

"You do know why I've done this right?" Alex leaned down and kissed Jack's chest, slowly starting to suck and let little hickeys form.

"No, I have to no clue!" Jack whined as Alex darted his tongue across each of Jack's nipples.

"Well," Alex sits up and slowly rolls his hips into Jack's, just doing anything to drive the younger crazy. "I've done this because, I'm sick of you thinking you can use me when you get drunk. I figured it's my turn to get revenge." Alex slammed his hips down harsher than before and as he did Jack's bucked upwards into the contact.

"What? You could just tell me you don't want to." Jack flung his head back causing his messy hair to splay all over the white pillows.

"You don't think I've tried that? Stupid slut," Alex tutted and pulled Jack's face up gently so he could tug and lick along his bottom lip; just teasing enough to leave him hungering for more. "Oh and don't think I'm going to just fuck you and let you enjoy this that much... because I'm not... you're going to be left begging for release." Alex grinned down to Jack as he climbed off him and re-situated himself in between Jack's legs.

He bit on the waistband of his boxers before tugging them down completely with his teeth. Jack immediately let out a sigh of relief as his dick sprang free. Alex looked up to Jack who was trying to peer down on the older but failing dismally. Without any warning what so ever Alex took the whole of Jack into his mouth leaving him squirming, trying to grip onto something, anything.

"F-fuck Alex," Jack screamed and let his hips fly up and further into Alex's mouth causing him to choke out around Jack's dick.

Alex clamped his hands onto Jack's hips and held them down as he dragged his tightened lips up his length and his tongue curve to the shape. He pulled off entirely and dragged his pointed tongue across the slit before let his head bob sloppily up and down the length of Jack.

"S-s-stop, fuck, sh-shit, I'm g-going to come!" Jack groaned his throat dry and burning from letting out all kinds of curses.

That's all Alex needed to hear, he pulled his mouth off of Jack and let some saliva and pre-come drip from his chin. Never had Jack hungered a kiss from Alex more than he had right at that moment.

"Kiss me god dammit," Jack whined at the lack of control he held, Alex crawled onto the bed letting his hips sway as he shimmied his body up Jack's until they were face to face.

Alex leaned down further until he could feel Jack's shaky, hot breath on his lips. He firmly pressed their lips together and sloppily let them work as they so wished. Whilst they were making out Alex thought it would be a good time to surprise Jack further, he lazily grabbed for something beside him and let his lips curve into a smile once he felt it in his hand. He grabbed the item and slid it onto the length of Jack's dick until it reached the base and he tightened it correctly causing the younger to choke almost into Alex's mouth.

Then it hit Jack like a ten tonne truck, Alex had just put a fucking cock ring on him.

"I did say you'd be begging for release," Alex shrugged as Jack looked completely panicked once more.

"B-but, please Lex, c'mon, you've had your fun. Just fuck me normally and let that be it?" Jack was pleading again but Alex simply ignored all requests and grabbed the bottle of lube that he had hid previously under the pillow.

"Nope," Alex exaggerated the 'p' noise in the same irritating way as usual.

"Fuck you Lex," Jack spat through his teeth.

Alex shrugged again as he poured the transparent liquid onto three digits, he smothered them before pressing one gently into Jack, Jack groaned and flung his head back once more causing Alex to laugh a little.

"You know, your words say you want nothing more to do with me, yet your actions speak otherwise," Alex's voice was licked with lust and want as he pushed in another finger and slowly began to scissor Jack open.

Jack wasn't fairing so well, he was twisting under Alex's glare and touch, it was almost too much, almost, yet no where near it at all.

"You'll have to beg for it Jack, you know that..." Alex smirked and Jack thought if he wasn't handcuffed to the bed he would fucking smack that grin right off his face.

"A-alex for fuck, AH!" Jack moaned as Alex twisted his wrist to graze against that magical spot inside of him, it was so gentle it almost hurt him. "Please, please, just, ah, p-please fuck me now." Jack squeezed his eyes shut and let out a pitiful moan as Alex removed the digits.

"Since you asked so nicely," Alex winked and stood to remove his boxers which by now were soaked with pre-come, he rubbed lube down his length and probably spent too much time doing that. He squeezed at the head, just teasing himself causing his back to spasm and send his torso forward. Jack let out a groan, he craved to touch himself more than ever.

Alex spread Jack's legs further and aligned himself with his entrance and cupped his hand to Jack's face when he felt the younger shake with anticipation. He leaned down and kissed at his neck and chest as he pushed himself into Jack fully. Jack twitched as a bolt of pleasure rippled through his entire body leaving his legs tensing themselves without warning.

Alex built up a steady rhythm that seemed to please both males, Jack was letting incoherent words fall from his not-so-innocent lips as Alex snapped his hips at a lightening fast pace. He could tell he was close to being pushed over the cliff and into the decent of pure ecstasy and pleasure.

"F-fuck Jack, you're so tight. So, so g-good," Alex mumbled into Jack's sweaty chest as he slowed his thrusts to make the feeling last.

"Alex, I-I need to come," Jack whined as Alex sped his thrusts back up, with every thrust hitting his prostate dead on. Jack had felt the white hot burn ages ago but now it was too much to handle, he couldn't take it. He needed his release now.

"What's your name though?" Alex groaned.

"J-Jack?" He whimpered.

"Not good enough, I said I'd fuck you until you don't remember your own name." Alex smirked and thrusted into Jack once more before he spilled himself deep into him with a strangled moan of the younger's name.

He continued to thrust into Jack, still managing to hit that spot again and again and again. Jack was shaking now, his whole body just quivering from the need and want.

"Come on Alex, it h-hurts now," Jack moaned and tried to bring his arms down before they got caught by the small metal chain of the handcuffs.

"What's your name?" Alex whispered into Jack's ear, his voice coming out in deep groans.

"Its, ah, Jack," Alex shrugged as soon as the words fell from his mouth, Jack continued to moan, slowly the noises grew louder and louder.

"Name?" He thrust twice as hard now and used all his force to keep Jack's hips anchored to the bed.

"Ah, shit. C-come on, Alex, pl-please." Jack had his eyes shut as tight as he could and that's all Alex needed.

"Very good," Alex smiled content at last.

He pulled out of Jack and loosened the cock ring, before he even had the chance to jerk Jack off he let the white strings spill across his stomach and chest as he moaned out Alex's name with his head buried into the pillows.

"Slut," Alex said again as he freed Jack's wrists once more and kissed his cheek softly.

Jack still had his eyes squeezed shut, too afraid to open them and for it to all be over. He felt something warm and damp swipe across his chest and he opened his eyes to see Alex wipe off his stomach and chest before disappearing into the bathroom. Alex returned and reached for Jack's hands, he pulled his body up and closer to his; just holding him by the waist. He looked into the dark chocolate eyes and smiled before he kissed Jack, this kiss was different from any other one they had ever shared, it was meaningful and sweet.

"Love you Jacky," Alex whispered as they settled down in the bed beside the one they had just used. Alex rested his head on Jack's chest so it sat just under his chin.

"I promise I won't get drunk and try and bang you again." He laughed and played with the red-ish locks of his bestfriend.

"I don't mind really, I just wanted a bit of fun." Alex giggled and placed an innocent kiss to his neck.

"Night Lexy, I honestly love you, you know..." Jack whispered and kissed the top of the elders head.

"I know, I love you too Jack-o. Night," Alex yawned and closed his eyes, letting his mind drift into a deep sleep.
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