Number One Target

Chapter 2

“Good morning Mr. Crosby”, I said as I stepped back to allow Sidney Crosby access to the Penguins practice facility. The Captain of the Penguins gave me a smile as he entered the building.

It was so hard to keep my cool when it came to Sid the Kid, as his fans liked to call him. He was the dark, handsome and mysterious guy that I had always dreamed about settling down with. The fact that he was one of the very few NHL players that kept their private life private, only added to the mystery behind those hazel eyes that I was able to stare into for those few precious seconds.

As usual, Sid was the first to arrive and as a rule, he was the last one to leave. I knew I had about 15 minutes before the reminder of the Penguins began to arrive so I stood inside to keep warm. There was something about the sounds that the arena made, it was soothing to me. The minutes passed quickly and I heard voices approaching, opening the door, I was greeted by James Neal and Tyler Kennedy. Giving them a good morning greeting, I allowed them inside and took my perch outside the door to await the remainder of the team.

As soon as everyone had arrived and they were all on the ice, I was able to close and lock the door and stand next to the boards to watch the practice. This was my favorite part of the job, I was next to the door that they used to enter and exit the ice and it was during that time that I felt like a fan instead of an employee.

Today, however, was nothing but ordinary. As usual everyone had left the ice and Sid was doing a few more laps and stick handling while the Zamboni’s waited to clear the ice surface. As he stepped off the ice, he gave me a grin. “Whatcha think?” he asked as he closed the door behind him. This wasn’t usual at all, he normally didn’t speak when he got off the ice.

“Not bad”, I said as I gave him a wink and silently cursed. How unprofessional could you get?

“Not bad? Ever been to a game?” he asked as he leaned on his hockey stick.

“Actually, no, the only hockey I’ve seen is your practices”, I told him and he gave me a smile.

“We have a game tomorrow at 7, I can leave you some tickets if you wanted to come”, Sid said and I contemplated his offer. “I’d like that”, I told him and he grinned. “Great, I’ll leave 2 tickets at will call. It’s Diana, right?”

“Yes, I’m Diana”, I told him. It was the first time we were properly introduced. Sid held out a hand, “Nice to meet you Diana” he said as I shook his hand. “You too”, I added. He started to head towards the locker room, but at the last minute, turned back around to me, “Oh, by the way, you can call me Sid. Mr. Crosby is too formal”.

I nodded and couldn’t help the grin that spread across my face; I was going to a hockey game. Now the only thing I had to do was figure out what to wear.

The next evening, I picked up my tickets and headed to the seats I had been given. I hadn’t made friends since I arrived in Pittsburgh, so I was flying solo but rocking new skinny jeans, high heeled boots and a Crosby jersey.

I was seated in the lower bowl, behind the net and about 10 rows up giving me a great vantage point to watch the game. The energy in the building was contagious and I spent the entire time jumping up and down and screaming, having the time of my life. I was having so much fun that I didn’t even realize that I was shown on the jumbrotron.


It was hockey night in Canada and I was sitting back with a beer for my usual Saturday night activity. Tonight the Pens were playing against the Canadiens and I was prepared for 3 hours of uninterrupted television.

About halfway through the game, I was opening another beer when I glanced up and saw her. There she was, rocking a Crosby jersey and cheering among the other people in Pittsburgh. Of all the places in the world, they had chosen Pittsburgh for her to disappear. Pausing the TV, I focused on that face and vowed that I would hunt her down even if it meant that I would have to knock on every house in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. The rest of the game was lost as I kept staring at her face, knowing that I was close to finishing my assignment.

There was no way my boss would remain in jail if the only witness were to disappear; I was bound to earn respect and be rewarded greatly for my efforts and I couldn’t wait to collect.

Grabbing my laptop, I started searching for flights to Pittsburgh, the quicker I got to the City, the quicker I would find Diana. “Sleep well tonight Diana”, I said out loud as my confirmation email printed off, “I’m coming for you”.