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The Cast Mate

Chapter 11

The next night the three of them were at the bar again with Silver sitting in between the boys and Nick serving them. After a while, Sean went outside to take a call and Silver got up to pee. Nick took the change to talk to Norman privately. He checked to make sure Silver had disappeared into the bathroom then leaned forward.

" Can I say something to you?" Nick asked.

" Sure." Norman said.

" So Silver isn't good at picking things up. You really have to just say what you're thinking to her or she just doesn't get it." He said, echoing his friend's words from the night before. " She's very straight forward and she wants people to be that way with her. So if that lunch thing or you guys hanging out last night were supposed to be dates, you need to tell her that."

" Did she say something to you?" Norman asked.

" No but I know how she thinks. She thinks you guys are friends and you're just hanging out with her. And if that's the case, then hang out, she's wicked funny and fun to be with. But....if you like her for more then that...." Nick let his words trail off and shrugged. Norman nodded.

" I get it." Norman said. Nick smiled and pushed way from the bar a second before she rejoined them.

They only stayed out for a few more hours before the three decided to head home. Norman hung back while Sean and Silver went outside together. He signaled to Nick who came over to him. The two guys leaned against the bar to talk quietly. He trusted what Nick said. Nick knew her better than Norman. He had always known Silver for years.

" If I were to ask her out on a date, what are my chances what she will say yes? She's kind of a hard person to get a reading on, you know?" He asked. Nick smiled.

" I can't betray her confidence. I love her but she has a temper and scares me. If she find out we have been talking she might punch me." Nick said. Norman nodded.

" Thanks, man." He said.

When Norman walked outside he found Sean and Silver sitting on the bench together, sharing a smoke and talking. She was staring at the ground, listening intently to whatever he was saying. Norman stuck his hands into his pockets and walked casually over to them. Silver was nodding at Sean. He had his arm around her small shoulders.

" See, once you learn the basic self defense moves, everything else just falls into place." Sean was saying when he reached them. Norman sat down at her right. Silver took the smoke out of her mouth and handed it to him without looking at him.

" No, I get it, I understand what you're saying." Silver said as Norman took the smoke. " It's just I have no desire to learn how to fight. I'm a very gentle person most of the time, unless you piss me off." Norman took a hit then passed the smoke back to her.

" It's not about being gentle to not." Sean said. Silver put the smoke into her mouth and inhaled. " It's about building up self confidence." Silver took the smoke from her mouth and handed it to Sean. She shook her head as she exhaled.

" I'll think about it." She said. " I promise, I will think about taking those classes."

" That's all I can ask." Sean took his arm from her shoulders and patted her leg. " Well, I will see you two tomorrow." Goodbyes were thrown out before he headed to his car. Silver turned around and looked at Norman.

" Why is he pushing for me to do self defense classes?" She asked him. Norman smiled and shook his head.

" Because he loves that shit. Listen," He cleared his throat and sat up quickly. " I want a rematch."

" In what?" Silver asked.

" In the hour of power." Silver laughed and nodded as she looked away.

" I see." She laughed again and looked back at him. " Can't take it that you got beat by a girl, huh?" She asked. He smiled.

" I guess not." He said.

" When?" Silver asked.

" Tomorrow night. I'm going to have my son from Wednesday to Sunday so I can't do it any other time for a while." Norman said.

" Alright. Just get ready to have your ass handed to you....again." He laughed and looked away.

" I have a few tricks up my sleeve." He said, making her laugh.


Norman picked her up the next night around nine. They talked about the movie as they drove. They had finished the read through and the next day she was going to spend in hair and make-up. They were going to be doing test shots with her in different clothes, make-up, and hair styles while the boys brushed up on their weapons training. Norman still hadn't said anything to her about the dates or that he liked her. He just wasn't sure how to bring it up.

Silver was holding her breath and twisting in her bar stool as they waited for their first shots. Before they came to bar, he had made himself eat as much as he could, hoping the food would soak up the shots they were going to do. After the first set of shots were set down, the same began. Shot glasses clicked to together and drinks were slipping down their throats, each taking turns ordering the shots. When they reached the thirteenth shot, Silver had to throw in the towel. She had both arms resting on the counter and shook her head without looking at him.

" I fucked up." She said. He turned towards the bar and matched her stance.

" Why?" She shook her head and whined as she looked at him.

" I kind of got busy after we left the studio and I forgot to eat." Silver said, making him smile.

" Are you giving up?" Norman asked. " Did I just kick your ass?" He hoped so. He was not going to be driving home, he knew that much. He was going to have to call them a cab because his world was titled. She grabbed his wrist.

" Not yet. Let's go have a smoke." She said as she stood up. He let her pull him up and but she didn't start walking.

" What's wrong?" He asked. She reached behind her and grabbed his other arm.

" I'm gonna need you to help push me along. Standing up maybe wasn't the best thing." He smiled and placed his hands on her hips.

" Walk." He said as he nudged her forward.

" No." Silver turned around and placed her hands on his forearms with her eyes closed. She shook her head then brought her right hand up and patted his chest, his hands were still on her hips. " I'm done. I'm tapping out." He laughed and took her hands. Norman gently turned her around.

" Come on, let's go outside." He said. He pulled her against his chest and started pushing them to walk. His right arm was around her chest and he was holding on to her left hand. His other hand was resting against her hip. His legs were hitting hers as he pushed her to walk. He leaned down so his head was against the right side of her head. " We'll have a smoke, let the air clear our heads and I'll call us a cab."

" I don't have any cash." They had been going back and forth in paying for the shots even though he had offered to pay for it all.

" I got it." He said.

" I don't have any smokes." She said when they reached the door. He laughed.

" I got it." He said. She reached out and opened the door. " There's a bench out there so we will just go out there and sit down. I'll call the cab and we will smoke while we wait."