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The Cast Mate

Chapter 12

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" What if..." Silver started talking. Norman was sitting on the bench with his right arm across the back of it. He was reclining back while she was laying on her back with her head in his lap. He had his left leg out straight in front of him and his right leg bent. He had a cigarette in his mouth and was inhaling deeply. " we are actually teenie tiny little people. And what if our world isn't really in space." She was staring at the night sky so he tilted his head back and exhaled. He brought the smoke down so she could take a hit.

" And if we aren't in space then where are we?" He asked. He dropped his head to look at her as he put the cigarette in between her lips. She inhaled and held it a second before she turned her head to exhale.

" What if what we think is space is actually black construction paper? What if there is some giant kid who made holes in the paper and is now shining a flashlight on it." Silver said.

" Well, that would explain the stars." He said. " But I don't think so."

" Why not?" Silver asked. He stared at the sky while he took his hit.

" Well what about the sun?" Norman asked once he took the smoke out of his mouth. He felt her shoulders shift so he looked down at her again.

" I hadn't thought that far yet." She said, making him smile. She reached up and grabbed his right arm and pulled herself up. She turned around and moved closer to him. Silver took a hold of his chin and turned his face to look at the sky as she brought her face to his. " Look." She whispered. She was resting her cheek right against his. " See that, see the North Star?"

" Yeah." He nodded. She let go of him but patted his cheek as she sat back.

" What if that is the center of the flashlight?" He smiled and looked at her.

" What is with you and all the what if's?" He asked. Silver tilted her head as she looked at him. She dropped her hand to her lap. She was sitting on her knees beside him.

" TR, I'm trying to open your mind." They stared at each other for a few seconds before he dropped the smoke to the ground. " You won the challenge but we never made a bet."

" We didn't." He agreed as he nodded. " But I know what I want."

" Alright, you can have it this one time but next time, if we don't set the bet beforehand, it doesn't count." Silver said. He smiled. " What do you want?" He brought his left hand up and into her hair. He pulled her closer to him.

" I want you to kis...." Like a curse from above the cab pulled up and honked, making them both jump.

Neither one spoke on the ride to her place. She decided he would just sleep at her place. She convinced him it didn't make sense for the cab to drive back to his place, then to his truck in the morning then to work. She said he should sleep over, then get up and get his truck. He paid for the cab then they slowly made their way up to her apartment. She leaned her forehead against her door as she unlocked it. Once inside and the door was relocked, they quietly made their way to her room.

" Look, I have a huge bed so we can both fit. If you sleep on the couch I can't say you won't wake up with something written on your face. You're the same size as Nick so I'll get you some sweats, hang on." Silver said before she disappeared out of her room. He closed his eyes and sat on her bed. He laid back, too drunk and embarrassed to fight her. She came back into her room a few minutes later. " Here. You can change in here, I'll go change out there." She said when she tossed the clothes on top of his face. Then she laughed and he felt her climb across her bed. She pulled the shirt off his face and smiled down at him. "Sorry." He smiled up at her.

" Do you make it a habit of throw shit at people?" He asked.

" I said I was sorry. What more do you want from me?" She said. " Get up and get changed. I'm fucking tired." Then she disappeared out of his line of vision.


Sometime in the middle of the night Norman woke up completely warm and comfortable. He sighed and opened his eyes. He was against her back with his arm over her waist. They were holding hands with their fingers interlaced together. Silver had her legs drawn up so she was sleeping in a ball and she was clutching his arm so it was actually resting against her chest. Her head was tilted down with her chin against their fingers. He smiled and moved even closer to her before he shut his eyes again. Silver responded to his movements by moving back into him and squeezing his hand. He rubbed his face into her hair. She was a sleep cuddler and he liked it. He liked to cuddle. He cuddled with his cat all the time. He sighed and fell back to sleep.

In the morning he woke up before her. It took a moment for him to realize where he was. He was laying on his back, on her right side. Silver was laying on her side, facing him. She had one arm under her pillow and her left one resting on his chest. She was holding onto his shirt. Norman looked at her then at her ceiling. He rubbed his eyes then reached out for his phone. He had it sitting on her night stand beside him. His alarm was scheduled to go off in five minutes. He sighed and set it down. Norman let his hand come to rest on top of hers then closed his eyes. When his alarm started to go off, Silver jumped, making him open his eyes. She turned over and grabbed her alarm clock. She started slapping it as he grabbed his phone.

" Shut up!" She started repeating over and over again. She grabbed her alarm clock and flung it across the room before she buried her head under her blankets.

" It was my phone." Norman said.

" Shit." Silver said. " You mean I just broke my alarm for nothing?" He smiled as he sat up and ran his hand through his hair.

" I'm sorry. I tried to grab it before it woke you up." He said.

" Isn't my bed fucking amazing?" She asked. Her voice was muffled since her head was still under the blankets.

" Yeah, it actually is." Norman said.

" You can change, I'm not coming out of the blankets for a while." Silver said.

" You sure you don't want me to wash these?" He offered.

" No. I'll wash them, it's fine." She said. " I feel like I hate myself right now." He chuckled as he grabbed his jeans. He sighed and stood up, resting his clothes on her bed.

" Yeah, I'm feeling the same way." Norman said. He yanked Nick's shirt off then slipped on his own.

" I should have made us drink some water but I was so tired." She said.

" It's going to be a long day." He said.

" So, Winston and Sam should be gone. Nick stayed the night at a girl's house so you won't run into any of them. You don't have to worry about them thinking you're taking a walk of shame." Silver said. Norman laughed as he changed into his jeans.

" It's cool." He sat down on her bed and slipped into his shoes. " I'll see you in a few hours." He said.

" Do me a favor, call me in like an hour. Just to make sure I'm up." Silver said. He stood up and turned around to see her figure snuggling more into her bed. He smiled.

" Okay." Silver heard him walk around her bed and was in shock that she had slept the entire night with him beside her. She sighed under the covers. A few seconds went by before she felt him touch her shoulder. " I won last night. You owe me something." She laughed with her eyes shut.

" Yeah, you did. Did we ever decide on what you wanted?" She asked.

" You don't remember what I said I wanted?" He asked. He was stroking her arm through the blankets.

" No." She admitted.

" I'll collect it when I'm ready." Norman said a second before his touch left her. She listened as he walked through her room. She stayed under the blankets until her door opened then closed. She continued to wait a few more minutes then she pushed the blankets down and moved over to the side he had slept in. Silver snuggled into the pillow he had used and inhaled his scent.

" Oh my Gosh! He smells so good!" She explained to herself.

Silver stayed right in his spot, half sleeping, half enjoying his left-over warmth and scent. Her head was hurting from the shots and she needed to get some water and Motrin but she didn't dare move. She was scared that if she got up and came back, everything would be gone. Then it would be like he hadn't been there with her at all. She didn't even want to move when her phone went off. After a few rings, she groaned and moved to her side of the bed. She grabbed the phone and clicked it on without looking.

" Hello?"

" Hey Sil, I left my keys at home. Can you unlock the door for me?" Nick asked.

" Door's unlocked." She said.

" Alright, so listen, this girl last night...ah...yeah. She knows how to suck a dick. I thought she was going to suck my...." He started.

" Goodbye." Silver said, shutting her phone off. The second time it rang she answered it with a snap and an angry tone. " Look!" She snapped into the phone. " I do not want to hear about how you got your dick sucked! I don't care about it! I don't know why you feel the need to tell me about your blow jobs! Good for you! You got off last night! I'll make you a fucking banner! But right now, all I want to do is lay in his warm spot and breath in his scent so fuck off!" She ended in a yell.

" Ah," Norman's voice made her eyes snap open and her face flush. The embarrassment flush spread through her entire body at once. " so you're still awake than."

" Ah, yeah." Was all she could get out. She shut her eyes and shook her head. She wanted to die right than. ' Kill me, kill me, kill me right now.' she begged silently.

" I'm guessing Nick got lucky last night." Norman said.

" Yeah, something like that. He, ah, just called me, like two seconds ago to tell me about some girl. I hung up on him. I kind of thought this was him calling me back so sorry I yelled at you." Silver said quietly. He laughed and it made her smile.

" They really do treat you like you're a guy, don't they?" He asked.

" Yeah, they do. I have to hear about all their blow jobs, sex, and sometimes I get lucky enough to even hear about their jerk off fantasies." She said.

" Well that's got to be weird." Norman said.

" It is because Sam usually using me as his muse." She made a gag sound that made him laugh again. " If it was any other guy, it would be cool."

" Wait, what?" He asked as he walked into his bathroom. Silver laughed.

" Well, if you like a guy and you find out that he's jerking off to you, it's kind of hot."

Norman stopped walking by his shower as he stared at his wall. He was too stunned to talk. Most guys won't admit to jerking off about a certain girl to that girl. He sure as hell won't it. He'd never tell Silver what he really thought about when he was alone. Seeing her on stage had opened a whole new door for him during his private time.

" What?" He finally asked again, making Silver laughed.

" I better get up and get in the shower. I'll see you later." She said before she hung up.

" What the hell was that?" Norman wondered out loud as he stared at his phone.

So she was kind of a freak than he was guessing. She liked knowing a guy she was into was losing his shit to her when he was alone. That was different. He shook his head and walked over to his sink to lay his phone down. That was kind of turn on for him. That was a different side of her that he hadn't know about. He looked up at himself in the mirror.

" Wait a minute." He said to no one. " Did she say she just wanted to lay in his warm spot and breath in his scent?" He asked out loud. She had, so that meant she was laying in her bed where he had been sleeping. She must have realized her mistake and changed the subject, distracting him. He started to laugh and smile. Yeah, she was into him.