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The Cast Mate

chapter 15

The next day the boys were done with their training before she was. They both decided to go and check on her. Sean had asked how the date went and, without going into details, Norman told him they had a good time. She had to work that night so they decided to pop into the bar and see her but they were going to range first. When they walked in, she was sitting on one of the stools, staring up at her teacher, Rick. She was holding her target paper in her hands.

" How'd it go today, Sil?" Sean asked. She shook her head and smiled as she looked at him. Norman stuck his hands in his pockets as he watched her.

" I fucking suck." She said.

" Does she really suck?" Sean asked Rick.

" Well, she doesn't so much suck," Silver looked at him and tilted her head slightly. He looked at her and laughed. " Alright, you suck." She laughed and nodded.

" I know! I have no aim!" She said. " I don't really understand why it matters anyway. It's not like we are shooting real guns." She narrowed her eyes and looked at the boys. " Are we?" She asked.

" No. You really just need to look like you know what you're doing." Sean said. She shook her head and held up her target paper. There were holes all through it. " For fuck sakes, Silver. Did you hit the target at all?" He asked as he took the paper from her.

" What do you want from me? I'm just bartender." She said.

" It gets easier." Norman said, making her shake her head.

" I'm trying, I swear I am." She said quickly, making him smile.

" I think she moves her arm a second before she shots. And it doesn't help that she shuts her eyes before she pulls the trigger. I going to put a small pin light on her gun and I hope that will approve her aim." Rick said.

" You do suck." Sean said. Silver hopped off the stool and snatched her paper away from him.

" That's enough." She said as she started to roll it up.

" I'm just saying." He said with a smile.

" You don't just say anything, Sunny. You are just filing that way for the perfect time to throw it in my face." Silver said. Sean laughed and pulled her into a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around her neck.

" Oh, my silly, aimless Silver. Would I do that?" He asked as he rocked her side to side. She took a hold of his arms.

" You would." He laughed and pulled away.

" Yeah, you're right. I'm totally going to make fun of you later." He said.

" Oh great. I can't wait. It's going to be awesome." She said with a shake of her head. " Listen, I have to go. I need to get ready for work so I will catch up with you two later."

" I'll walk you out." Norman offered quickly. Sean took her seat at the stool and started talking to Rick as the couple walked out. He knew what his friend wasn't saying. He wanted some time alone with her.

" So you have to be there at 7?" Norman asked when they reached the door. He reached out and opened it for her.

" Yeah, 7 to midnight." She said. As soon as they were outside, he took her hand. " So how did you guys do today?"

" Fine. It's always fun to fake fight because Sean gets pissed if I pin him."

" I just bet he does. He doesn't like to lose, does he?" Silver asked when they reached her car.

" Hell no. He pouts like a baby."

She took her keys out then faced him. Norman smiled then bent down to kiss her. It was meant to be a fast one but he lingered. He gently let the tip of his tongue touch her bottom lip and she opened for him right away. They twisted around each other slowly as he stepped into her. He put one hand against her lower back, pulling her into him more. When her body came in contact with his, she put her hands against his chest then slipped them up to his shoulders. His own hand moved up from her lower back to her neck.

" You working alone?" He asked when he ended their kissing. Once again he rested his forehead against hers.

" No. Nick's working tonight. So we are riding together." She said softly. She was keeping her eyes shut. His hand moved into her hair were he tucked at it gently before twisting it around in his fingers.

" Why don't I pick you up and take you in?" Norman offered.

" Yeah, that will work. I need to leave my place by 6:45." She said. He pulled away and smiled.

" Alright, I'll see you later than." He said.


Norman had texted her and asked her if he could come over earlier and she said yes so he was strolling down her hallway at 5:30. He was excited to see her and spend time with her. It surprised him and gave him a good feeling. He hadn't been that excited to see a girl in a long time. He knocked on the door as soon as he reached it. He waited a few minutes but no one came to the door. Norman knocked again but when no one answered, he opened the door and walked in.

" Hello?" Norman called out.

" Sam, no!" He heard Silver yell out a second before Sam went running past him with Silver tossed over his shoulder.

" This is for your own good, Silver! You need to learn this lesson the hard way!" Sam was yelling. Winston came running next but he slowed down when he saw Norman.

" Oh hey. Hi. Sam is going to drown Silver. You want to come and watch?" He asked.

" Winston!" She screamed out.

" I got to go!" Winston yelled as he took off towards the bathroom. Norman shut the door then followed after them.

When he reached the bathroom, the shower was on and Silver was standing in the center of it. Sam was holding the glass shower door closed. Winston was standing in the center of the bathroom with his hands on his hips. Silver was fighting against door and yelling. Sam had his back to her, making sure she couldn't push the door open.

" Just tell me what I want to know and it's all over!" Sam was yelling.

" It's freezing!" Silver was yelling. Norman could see her hair and clothes were completely soaked. He was smiling and rubbing his bottom lip as he watched the scene.

" Just tell me, Silver!" Sam was yelling. Norman walked into the room more and over to Winston.

" What does he want to know?" He asked.

" One of the girls at the bar likes Sam but Silver refuses to tell him who." Winston said. " Sam can't handle being teased." Silver's arm shot up and she grabbed the shower head. She brought it down and over the top of the door so the water drenched the back of Sam who yelled and jumped away. She dropped the shower head, pushed open the door and took off, running past them all. " Oh yeah, this is going to get really good." He said when Sam started towards her. " Hardwood floors out there." Winston ran to the shower and turned it off before him and Norman went after the friends.

They came out into the living room in time to see Sam catch Silver by her waist. The two friends tumbled over the couch arm and onto the couch. They rolled and fell straight to the floor. Winston crossed his arms over his chest as he came to stand behind the couch. Norman came to his left side and put his hands in his pockets. They were both smiling. Silver was flat on her back with Sam on top of her. He had pinned her arms over her head.

" Tell me!" He yelled down to her.

" No!" She yelled.

" I swear, Silver, if you don't tell me which girl likes me I will lick your face." She narrowed her eyes.

" I'm not tell you shit!" She yelled.

" Big mistake." Winston said as he shook his head. Sam grinned then leaned down.

" Get away from me!" Silver screamed as she started to fight and twist. She bucked up her hips as she tried to turn her head. " Winston, please!" She yelled out.

" No way! I am not helping because I want to know too." He said. Her face was covered from their view by Sam's head.

" He's licking me!" She screamed. Sam was laughing as he licked up the left side of her face.

" He warned you!" Winston called out. He looked at Norman. " Silver hates other people's spit. So this is like torture to her. You ever want to know something and she isn't telling you, lick her face or hand. She will spill it."

" It's Jenna!" She finally screamed out. Sam sat up and smiled down at her. He let go of her arms and she started wiping her cheek with the sleeve of her shirt even though it was wet. His hands came to rest against his hips.

" Thanks, Silver. I love you." He said as he stood up and walked away. Silver glared up at Winston and Norman who were smiling.

" Fuck the both of you." She said as she sat up.

" You were warned." Winston said. She shook her head while she stood up.

" Do not talk to me, Winston." She snapped as she walked around the couch. She turned to face them as she walked backwards. " And you!" She pointed at Norman and shook her head. He shrugged with a smile and started following her.

" And me what?" He asked.

" You just stood there and did nothing. I feel so betrayed." She said as she shook her head again.

" How was I supposed to know what he was going to do?" He asked.

" I'm not buying it." She said when she turned around. " You are supposed to be on my side, no matter what." She said. He smiled and walked into her room with her.

" You shouldn't be mad at me. I might lick you." She stopped walking and faced him with a weird look on her face. He shook his head as his smile faded and his cheeks actually flushed.

" That's a dirty, dirty thing to say when you're standing in my room." She said softly.

" I did not mean it like that." He said. She put her hands on her hips.

" You're a fucking pervert." She said.

" I'm not a pervert, Silver." He started towards her again. " Seriously, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry." She pretended to looked shocked and for a few minutes he was buying it.

" Sick bastard." She said. " One date, Reedus, we have been on one date and kissed a few times and you're trying to bring oral sex into this? What kind of girl do you take me for?"

" No, for real, I wasn't talking about that. I'm sorry." He said quickly. Silver bust into laughter, making him pause.

" Oh man, you should see your face!" She explained.

" So you aren't mad?" Norman asked slowly. Silver was still laughing when she came to him. He smiled when she took a hold of his arms.

" No but you set that up and I had to knock it down." She started pushing him backwards. " Now get out so I can change." He let her push him all the way out of her room. She shook her head as she looked at him one last time. " Fucking pervert." She said before she closed her door. Norman shook his head and started back to her living room.