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The Cast Mate

chapter 16

" You want something to drink, man?" Winston asked as Norman wandered into their open space.

" Ah, sure." He said. Winston opened their fridge and pulled out two beers. " Does that happen a lot?"

" Yep. If you're planning on sticking around then you better get used to it." Winston said. He handed Norman a beer. Norman said thanks and sat down on one of the bar stools by their island. Winston leaned against the sink so he was directly across from the actor. " Let me help you out. Nick, by the far, is the most level headed of all of us. He's the calmest of all of us. Sam is the baby. He needs attention and help with everything. I'm the man whore, or I was. I'm sort of getting serious with someone now. Silver is the glue that holds us together. She can talk to us all when we want to kill each other which is weird because the girl has a temper and she reacts quick with it. We fight like siblings but we would fuck up anyone who touched one of us." Norman nodded as he took a drink. The apartment door opened then closed a second before Nick walked over to them.

" Oh hey, so is Silver here? She must be here if you're here." He said to Norman.

" She's in her room." Winston said.

" Good, I need her advice." He said before he turned and started towards her room. " Why is there water on the floor?" He called out.

" Ask Sam and Silver." Winston called out. " Anyway, like I was saying, pretty much it runs like this, Sam and Silver go at it like brother and sister. They are always trying to piss each other off. Silver needs advice on clothes and make-up, she comes to me. I have the best style out of all of them...."

" What the hell!" They heard Silver call out. Norman looked in the direction towards her room. He could see Nick standing in her doorway but couldn't see her. " What is the point of closed doors if no one knocks?" She yelled.

" Hurry up and get your shirt on, I need help." Nick said as he closed her door. He faced Norman and shrugged with a smile. " I don't know what she's freaking for. It's not the first time I have seen her naked."

" And not because they ever slept together." Winston said quickly, making Norman look at him. " It's just, we have all seen each other naked. Sam showers with the door open."

" You guys are like your own little family unit." Norman said. He could actually say he had never met people like the four of them. Something was always happening when they were all together. Her place was flurry of activity.

" Yeah, that's right." Winston said. Sam's bedroom opened and he came out of his room with a frown. He stalked past Norman and Winston. " Where are you going?" Winston called out.

" To tell Silver I'm sorry." He said. Winston nodded like he had expected that to happen. Norman looked towards her room again. Nick was coming towards them. As soon as Sam reached her door, he threw open her door. " Oh, nice. Are those the panties you just bought?"

" Shut the fucking door!" She yelled. Sam ducked down as a pillow sailed through the air.

" We'll talk later." He said before he closed the door. He turned and walked to the couch where Nick was sitting. " For fuck sakes, what's her problem? Everyone in this room has either seen her naked already or will see her naked." He looked up at Norman before he sat down. " And yeah, I'm talking about you." He said.

" You want to clean up the water you two tracked everywhere?" Nick asked as his friend sat down beside him. Norman shook his head and looked back at Winston.

" Yeah, it gets crazy around here so you better get used to it." Winston said. " Don't say I didn't warn you. We are loud and we are crazy."

" Hey, ah Norman, you coming over tomorrow night?" Sam asked.

" What's tomorrow night?" He asked as he looked at him.

" Michael Jackson night. We danced last week so this week we are going to be watching highlights from some of his concerts." Both Nick and Winston groaned.

" Say yes." Winston said. " We will make it fun. We make a game out of the concerts." Nick turned and looked at him.

" We drink every time he does something like grab himself, or he moonwalks or something like that." He said, making Norman smile.

" Alright," Silver said when she opened her door. " The doctor is in." All four guys looked up at her.
" What do you want, Nick?" He jumped up and hurried towards her.


" So, do you think we are crazy or annoying?" Silver asked as they drove to the bar later that night. Norman smiled and shook his head.

" No. I have seen worst." He said. " The guys don't really understand what a closed door means, do they?" Silver laughed as she looked out of the window.

" No, they don't. They just walk in my room whenever they want. They also have no problem pissing in front of me or coming in to talk when I'm in the shower. That's why our shower has the glass shower door and a curtain." Silver said.

" Sam and Winston invited me over to Michael Jackson night." She started to laugh as she looked at him.

" Oh yeah? You gonna come?" She asked. He glanced at her then back at the road.

" Do you want me too?" Norman asked. Silver tilted her head and smiled.

" Yeah." She said. He smiled and brought his left hand up to hold his steering wheel. He reached across his truck and took her hand.

" Than I'll be there. You know Sean's going to want to come." He said as he tugged on her. Silver slid across the seat so she was closer to him.

" It's okay because we aren't dancing. We will be watching videos. Winston, Nick and I will turn it into a drinking game. Sam gets so pissed." He smiled when he turned into the parking lot.

After he parked the truck and they got out, Norman quickly walked around his truck and took her hand again. Silver was surprised. He pulled her closer to him while they walked. She had always thought he was more of a shy guy, he seemed that way in the interviews she had watched. Once she got to know him, she saw that Norman was quiet and not as out there as Sean but since he had picked her up for their date, he had been making sure to touch her. He had been reaching for her hand and pulling her to him every chance he got. Silver was surprised to see that he was the aggressor of the two of them and she liked it. Silver knew she'd never have it in her to reach for him or to kiss him.

Through the night she talked to him whenever she could. Norman talked to Nick when she was waiting on people. Sean was going to meet them there later. He was taking his girlfriend out to dinner first. Norman studied and watched her as she worked. He liked how real she was. It didn't matter where she was or who she was with, Silver acted the same. She never put on a show for anyone and he dug that. She didn't put on a show or try to be someone she wasn't.

" The fun is here!" Sean announced when he came into the bar. Norman was leaning on the counter with his arms resting on it. He sat up straight then stood up to greet his friend. He hugged and kissed Sean's girlfriend, Lauren, on the cheek. " Where's Silver at?"

" She's in the back, I think." Norman said as they all sat down.

" Lauren, you're going to like Norman's little girlfriend, Silver. And by little, I mean she's fucking tiny. Like maybe standing a little over 5 foot 1 inch or something, tiny. And she's wicked funny. Norman's got it bad for her." Sean said.

" Shut up, dude." Norman said quickly as he looked around. " We only went out once, she isn't my girlfriend or anything."

" Haven't you asked her yet?" Lauren asked. She slipped into the bar stool so she was sitting in between both boys.

" We just haven't had that talk. We have been hanging out but we only went on one offical date." He explained.

" They went on more then one date. Normy just forgot to tell Silver about the other dates." Sean said.

" Shut up." Norman snapped.

" Well do you like her? I mean, do you want her to be your girlfriend?" Lauren asked. Norman took a hold of his beer and nodded with a smile.

" Yeah but we just haven't reached that point yet, you know?" He explained a second before Silver appeared around the corner.

" Oh hey, Sunny." She said with a smile. " When did you get here?"

" Just now." He said. She walked over to the counter so she was standing in front of them. " Silver, meet my girlfriend, Lauren." Silver smiled shyly.

" Hello." Silver said softly. Lauren smiled bright.

By ten that night Sean, Lauren, and Norman decided to leave. Silver was ringing in an order at the computer so Sean called out his goodbye while Lauren waved. She hugged Norman, the boys nodded to each other then the couple walked out. Norman put his hands in his pockets and walked over to Silver. He wanted to make sure she was going home with Nick and wanted to tell her goodbye.

" Hey, I'm going to head out." He said when he reached her.

" Alright." She said as she continued with check in her order.

" Nick's taking you home, right? Or should I come back and get you?" He asked.

" He is bring me home." She said. He nodded and waited until she finished up and faced him.

" So what time should I come over tomorrow?" Silver shifted so she could lean against the counter with her right side. She crossed her arms over her chest.

" It doesn't matter. I'm getting done with the firing range around five. I'm going to have dinner ready by six if you want to eat with us. The music will start at seven." She said.

" We are getting done at five too. I'll just go home, shower and change then come over." He said. Silver nodded with a smile.

" Yeah, alright." He smiled and moved forward. He placed one hand on her left hip then leaned down and kissed her lightly.

" I'll see you tomorrow then." Norman said.