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The Cast Mate

chapter 17

' Just come in when you get here.' Her message to Norman read. ' Sam started the music and if you knock, we won't hear you.'

' I'm in the elevator.' He sent back.

' Okay good, cuz dinner is almost done. Is Sunny coming?'

' Yeah, later. Him and Lauren will be here in an hour.' He sent her.

' She is stunning. Like stunning beautiful, holy shit. My boys are going to freak.' She sent him. He smiled and walked off the elevator towards her place.

' Yeah, she's beautiful.' He sent back. He wanted to tell her he thought she was prettier but every time he typed it out, he deleted it. It just sounded stupid in a text message. ' She wears a lot of make-up though. She's not a natural beauty. She's not really natural anywhere.' He shook his head and frowned at himself.

Silver set her phone on the island then turned back to the stove. She was bobbing her head to Billy Jean. The apartment was a blur of activity. Winston was helping her get dinner ready, Sam was going through his DVDs to find the right one for that night. Nick was pacing through the apartment, trying to decide if he should call the girl he had been seeing or not. When Norman walked in, only Nick saw him.

" Hey, man." He said as he flipped his phone from one hand to the other.

" Hey." Norman said.

" She's in the kitchen with Winston." Nick said as he resumed his pacing.

" Thanks." He waved to Sam who was sitting on the floor in the living room. Sam nodded his head then went back to his DVDs. Norman walked to the island and sat down at one of the stools at the same time Silver turned around. She jumped at the sight of him, making him smile.

" How long have you been sitting there?" She asked.

" Two seconds." He answered.

" You scared me." She said.

" I noticed." Norman said, still smiling at her.

They all sat around their big dining room table, passing the plates of food and eating the pasta Silver had made. He listened to their stories and their laughter. The four had been friends and living together for so long that they had a lot of stories. He liked hearing them because he was learning more about Silver and her more wild side. She was a practical joker and he liked that.

" So, have you heard about the story of Silver peeing in Nick's car?" Winston asked. He was sitting across of Norman who was sitting beside Silver. He laughed and looked at her.

" You peed in his car?" He asked.

" In my defense...." She started to explain.

" No!" Nick called out. " There is no defense for you on this one!" He was sitting across from her. Silver shook her head and threw a piece of bread at him before turned towards Norman.

" Okay, here's the story. The four of us decided to go to this party. Nick was going to drive. He had to be some where the next day so he wasn't going to drink. So I got pretty drunk, I'm not going to lie. Sam got a hold of some shrooms and we decided to try them together. We had never did them before and, you know, we just wanted to know what the big deal was." Silver said.

" Yeah, I found the two of them sitting outside, leaning against my car, giggling like a bunch of school bitches." Nick filled in. " Silver was so fucked up, she couldn't even move. I had to pick her up and drop her in my car." She sighed with a smile.

" There was a time when I may or may not have had a drinking problem. I just didn't know my limit so I would just drink and drink and drink." She said.

" She knew her limit. She just choose to ignore it." Winston filled in, making Norman look up at him a second before he turned his attention back to Silver.

" So, Sam was in the back of the car and I was in the front. Nick went into the house to get Winston. I passed out for I don't know how long. When I woke up, I was laying in the seat with my head on Nick's lap while he drove. So I sat up and realized that I had to pee." Silver said.

" So she did." Nick said.

" I warned him first!" She said, making Norman laugh again. " I said, Nick, I'm going to pee and then....." She shrugged her shoulders. " I did."

" Meanwhile, Sam was passed out and Winston bitched the entire way home because Sam kept falling on him. She ended up falling back to sleep. I had to carry her all the way back up here. I took her to her room and dropped her on her bed. Then went back downstairs and Winston and I had to drag Sam all the way up here." Nick said.

" Yeah and they let me sleep right by the front door. They didn't take me to bed." Sam said.

" Do you remember what we did the whole next day?" Silver asked with a smile. Norman was looking from Sam to Silver.

" Oh yeah, we laid on the couch together the entire day passing a bottle of Pepto Bismol back and forth. We were so fucking sick." Sam said with a smile.

Their stories went on and on with one of them always defending their actions while the others slammed them. Norman looked from one to another to another to another. They made him laugh and pulled him into their lives so easily. They made him feel comfortable and treated him like he was just apart of their gang. He didn't get that much from people and he liked it. People wanted him around because he was an actor or the girls thought they were in love with him but Silver and her group made him feel like he was just a regular person.

After dinner, everyone helped with the clean up then drinks were either handed out or made. They filled into the living room, one right after the other. Nick sat on the couch with it's back to the door. Winston, Silver, and Norman sat on the other couch so they were facing the TV. Sam was putting in the concert DVD. Norman reached down in between them so his right hand could take a hold of her left one. He interlaced their fingers as Nick started to talk.

" Okay, every time Michael pumps his hips in that weird, nasty way he does, we drink." He said.

" You know, I don't like this game." Sam said. He settled into the floor with his back against the coffee table. Silver leaned to Norman as Nick and Sam began to fight. He leaned down to listen to her.

" And here we go." She whispered.

" He's the king of pop and he's dead. You should have some respect." Sam was saying.

" He gets so upset when we play this game." She whispered.

" You make us do this every week, it gets boring." Nick whined.

" And now Sam." Silver whispered.

" It's unAmerican to not like Michael Jackson." Sam protested.

" And now Winston." She whispered. Norman was smiling as she predicted which roommate was going to speak next. They looked at each other for a few seconds before she shook her head. " We should just start drinking now." She whispered, making him laugh. Silver smiled and pulled away.

" Silver," Sam said as he looked at her. " You love the king too, please, please, talk some sense into these two." She shrugged.

" All I'm going to say is you two should be glad we are just watching Michael. Sam wanted us all to take a stain glass class but I said hell no." She said.

" Stain glass?" Nick said as he frowned and a shake of his head.

" Are you shitting me?" Winston asked. Silver shrugged again.

" All three of you wanted us to have one night a week were we did something as friends, something that was different from practice and preforming but you two dicks," She dropped Norman's hand to point to Nick and Winston as she looked back and forth with her voice growing louder and louder. " wanted nothing to do with picking what we did. You two said, ' oh yeah, let Sam pick it.' well he did so shut the hell up and deal with! You guys are acting like whiny bitches, shut up!" She sat down into the couch and, to his surprise, took his hand again. " Start the concert and everyone pay attention." She looked at Norman then. " You miss a drink, you have to take two. Got it?" He smiled and nodded.

" Got it." He said.