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The Cast Mate

chapter 18

They were only twenty minutes into the DVD when Sean and Lauren arrived. They sat on the couch with Nick. Everyone was getting along, taking the drinks when they were supposed too. No one was getting away with skipping drinks because everyone was paying attention. But then Nick was sure Norman skipped a drink and the play fight started.

" I took the drink!" Norman said quickly.

" No, you didn't! You're lying!" Nick said with a smile.

" I did it! I swear!" He said.

" TR, you're not skipping the drinks, are you?" Silver asked. He looked at her and smiled.

" I took it." He said. She tilted her head slightly.

" TR." She said.

" Silver, I did it." He said. She turned towards him fully. She took his face in her hands and looked straight into his eyes. After a few minutes she shook her head.

" You are lying. I can see it." She said, dropping her hands to her lap.

" I knew it!" Nick yelled.

" Two drinks, Reedus." Silver said quickly.

" I'm not lying!" Norman explained.

" Silver, you are his girlfriend, you are supposed to have his back." Lauren said with a nudge to Sean. Silver shook her head and leaned over to the coffee table. Norman shot Lauren a look but she just smiled. Silver grabbed his beer then sat back, handing it to him.

" All bets are off in our drinking game. Everyone is on their own." Silver said. Lauren grinned at Norman when Silver glazed over her girlfriend comment. He shook his head quickly before taking the beer from Silver.

" For fuck sakes, Reedus, just drink it." Sean said. Silver smiled at him.

" I'll drink with you." She said, making him smile. They clicked glasses and each took two drinks.

" I need a smoke." Sean said as he stood up.

" You can smoke out on the balcony." Nick said, pointing to the double doors Silver had thrown Sam's blanket out of.

" I'll go out with you." Norman said as he stood up. Sam sighed and paused the DVD.

" Make it quick, guys, okay? The king is waiting." He said.

They walked through the living room and over to the doors, both slipping outside. Norman closed the door behind him then both he and Sean leaned against the railing so they could see inside the apartment. Lauren got up and sat down right beside Silver who was talking to Winston. Norman shook his head as he pulled out his cigarettes.

" That was fucking smooth of her." He said, popping the smoke into his mouth. Sean laughed and nodded, getting his own smoke out.

" Yeah it was." He said. They both lit up at the same time. " What's going with you two? The second you dropped your boy off, you went right to her. If we aren't working, you're with her." Norman crossed his arms over his chest while they smoked. His eyes trained on Silver who was smiling at Winston.

" I'm just into her, you know? We have a good time together. She's like this completely normal, regular girl who isn't trying to put on a front. She's sweet, she cares about her friends, she's just a genuine person and I dug that." He said. He watched as Winston leaned in to whisper to Silver.

" You do know that that girl called you Norman's girlfriend and he didn't deny it." Winston whispered to her. Silver nodded and smiled. " And you didn't deny it." Silver shook her head. " So?" Silver smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

" I don't know." She said.

" Silver, could you show me to the bathroom?" Lauren asked. She took Silver's hand and tugged her to stand.

" It's over there." Silver pointed to the bathroom.

" Why don't you show me?" Silver looked at the girl then back at Winston who shrugged.

" Sure." She said as she stood up. " Follow me, I guess."

" Shit." Norman muttered. " Lauren is taking her to the bathroom."

" Girl talk." Sean said. " She's going to be asking Silver all sort of questions about you two."

The boys watched as the girls moved through the apartment. Silver yanked Nick's hair as she passed him. Nick turned and punched Silver in the arm, making her laugh. Norman almost groaned when Lauren linked her arm with Silver's. Silver, to her credit, suddenly looked scared to death. Sean started to laugh as they disappeared into the bathroom.

" Well, here it is." Silver said. She pulled away from Lauren to walk out but Lauren shut the door and locked it before she almost ran over to the toilet. She put the seat down then faced Silver and sat down.

" So, tell me, how are things going?" She said.

" Ah, I can step out while you're going." Silver said.

" Oh, no. I don't have to go. I just wanted some girl talk." Lauren said. " So, how are things between you and Norman?"

" Fine." Silver said as she frowned.

" He really likes you." Lauren was offering her a big smile but Silver suddenly felt like she was inside a very tiny, very cramped box.

" Okay." She said.

" Do you like him? I mean like as a boyfriend because he would like a relationship with you but he's so awkward he won't ask. Isn't it funny how he talks to people all the time with his job but when it comes to you, he can't bring himself to ask you what he really wants to ask you?" Lauren said. Silver rubbed her lips together and glanced back at the door then at Lauren.

" You know what, I'm uncomfortable right now so I'm going out." She said before she turned and opened the door.

" Silver, wait!" Lauren said as she stood up quickly.

The first person Silver caught eyes with when she came out of the bathroom was Norman who had sat back down on the couch. Her eyes then shifted to Sean who was looking back at them, then moved to Nick who was also staring at her. She hitched her head sharp and quick towards her room. Nick frowned but Silver nodded.

' What?' Nick mouthed.

' Room, now.' Silver mouthed back before she walked towards her room. Nick looked back at the guys.

" I'll be back." He said.

" Shit." Norman muttered again as Nick stood up. Lauren came out of the bathroom and shot Norman an ' I'm sorry.' look. She started back towards them.

Nick walked into Silver's room and shut the door behind him. Silver was sitting on her bed.

" You okay?" He asked.

" I was just reminded again of why I'm only friends with you guys." Silver said. Nick leaned against the door.

" Why? What did she want?" He asked.

" She just started asking me questions about TR and me and how much I liked him and I just got so uncomfortable, you know? Because I don't know her. I sort of freaked." Silver said.

" She was asking you questions?" Nick asked as they heard the DVD started up again.

" Yeah. She was telling me how much he liked me and I just...." She sighed. " Now I feel weird because I just....I don't know her and how do I know if what she is saying is true? Why would she just come out and say that to me? I mean, if she's his friend then why would she betray his trust and tell me that?" A knock came to Silver's door and she looked quickly at Nick.

" Silver?" They heard Norman's voice.

" Just be really quiet." Silver whispered.

" What are you talking about? He knows we're in here. He saw us walk in, stupid." Nick whispered before he turned and opened the door. " Oh hey there, Reedus. How's it going?" Norman looked past Nick to Silver.

" Fine. Can I talk to you?" He asked Silver.

" Yeah, yeah, come in." Nick said. " I'll just go back to the concert." Nick pulled Norman in then walked in, shutting the door behind him. Silver dropped her eyes and shifted so she could sit indian style on her bed. Norman leaned against her bedroom door.