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The Cast Mate

chapter 23

After their show, he carried her bag and held her hand as they walked down the hallway to his apartment. He held her close to him, just wanting to be next to her as much as he could. They went into his place and he pulled her towards his room right away. He turned around so he was walking backwards. Norman pulled Silver to him by her hand, interlacing their fingers. He put his free arm around her waist. Her other hand came up to rest against his shoulder. He pulled her completely against him.

" Where are the other tattoos?" He asked as he brought his mouth to her neck. " No wait, don't tell me. Just let me find them." He said, making her laugh.

They stayed up late into the night. He searched her entire body for her tattoos. He kissed against the one on her hip, nestled into the tattoos one either side of her stomach, and kissed and sucked against the one of the left side of her ribs. He learned which spots on her made her whimper the loudest, she learned that he liked it when she barely touched him with her fingertips. He pulled her hair, she bit into his shoulder. He made sure he had had his mouth all over her and she returned the favor, surprising him. In the morning, he showed her his shower then taught her how good his memory of her body was.


A month into their relationship and he was ready for her to re-meet his son. Silver had briefly met him at the diner when she had dinner with her brother, but Norman was ready for her to meet him as his girlfriend. He thought Mingus would like their Michael Jackson night with the dancing so he was going to bring him over than. He hadn't there for the MJ dancing so he was excited.

" Do you remember meeting Silver with her brother?" Norman asked his son as they rode the elevator up to her place.

" Kind of." Mingus said. Norman's arm was around his son's shoulders.

" Well she lives with some of her friends. They are going to get loud but they are good guys." He said.

He had smiled when he asked Silver to meet the boy. She had gotten nervous right away and wondered out loud if the kid was going to like her. Norman pulled her close and kissed her, promising he would. Silver was a fun girl and there was no doubt in his mind that his son was going to love her. Norman had a blast with her and Mingus' personality was a lot like his dad's.

When the elevator came to her floor, they walked off and it towards her apartment. Already they could hear the Michael Jackson music playing. He knew Silver was going to be in the kitchen, making dinner with Winston. The two of them did the cooking most nights. He pulled Mingus tight into him as he opened the door to the apartment and walked in.

Nick was standing on their balcony, talking on the phone. He gave Norman a short wave and flipped him off. Norman returned the gester as Smooth Criminal pounded through their speakers. He walked to his right where the kitchen and dining room was. Winston was standing by the stove, flipping the hamburgers he had made while Sam and Silver were by the table. Sam had his right arm around her waist and her left arm was around his shoulders. Their free hands were clasped tightly together and they were standing close.

" You can't be looking at the ground when you're slow dancing, stupid." Silver snapped as they took a step back.

" I can't help it!" Sam whined. " I don't want to step on you."

" What are you guys doing?" Norman asked.

" Silver is teaching me how to dance in a non-high school prom way. I got invited to a wedding." Sam said without looking up.

" Sam, look at me." Silver ordered. Norman watched as the guy lifted his head up. He didn't miss the way Sam's eyes skirted across Silver's chest. She was wearing a tank top that showed a small amount of cleavage. " I saw that." Silver said, making Sam laugh.

" Sorry." He looked over her shoulder to Norman. " Sorry, Reedus."

" Okay, step forward, and the side and back... Sam!" She explained when Sam stepped forward when he was supposed to step back, running right into her. " You are hopeless!" She said as she pulled away. She smiled at Norman who put his hands in his pockets and smiled in return. " Hey." She said.

" Hey." He said.

" Let me show you how it's done." Winston said as he came forward. He walked around the island and snatched Silver up quickly. He took her hand in his, wrapped his other arm around her waist and wisked her across the floor, making Silver laugh. They waltzed around the room for a few minutes before Winston let her go. " That's how you dance with a woman." He said to Sam before he walked back to the stove. Sam shook his head.

" I'm a loser!" He explained. Silver walked over to Norman who bend down and kissed her lightly.

" Hey." He said again. She smiled.

" Hey." She said.

" So this is MIngus." Norman said, putting his hand on his son's back. The blond boy smiled up at her.

" Your name is really Silver? Like the color?" He asked, making her smile.

" Yeah, just like the color." She said.

The night went off without a hitch. Mingus thought her roommates were fun because they acted like big kids. Silver and Norman sat on the couch with his arm around her shoulders and one of her hands resting on his leg. They watched Mingus as he danced with her boys. The boys took to him right away, showing him the dance moves and slapping him high fives.

" Well, if nothing else, he has met three new playmates." Silver said when Norman started rubbing her arm with his fingertips. She, in return, started to scratched at his leg.

" Yeah, he is loving them." He agreed.

" You know Sam is really just a 13 year old boy in a 30 year old man's body." She said, making Norman smile. He leaned down and pushed his head into hers.

" You want to come over tomorrow? The three of us could have dinner and you could stay the night." He said. Silver looked up at him.

" I thought we said I wouldn't sleep there when he's there, not for a while at least." She reminded him.

" Well we did but I kind of sleep better when you're with me." Norman admitted, making her smile. "You know I like to cuddle and lately, my cat just isn't enough." She laughed and looked back at the boys who exploded in high fives and yells when the song ended.

" Why don't you ask him first? I don't want him creeped out by me or anything." Silver offered. Norman smiled. It touched him that she would think of his son's feelings.

" Yeah, maybe you're right. I'll ask him when we leave tonight. If he's not comfortable then maybe tomorrow for lunch, we can sneak off some where." He suggested, making her laugh again and look at him. He shrugged. " What? I went a long time without being with anyone and now that you're here, I'm kind of getting used to having sex almost everyday. It kind of sucks when we can't." He said softly. Silver laughed and let her head come to rest against his shoulder.

" And just how are you planning on getting us away from Sunny long enough to get it done?" She asked. He started rubbing his chin against the top of her head.

" I'll just tell him what we're going to do. He will be completely supportive and might know where we can go." Norman said.

She wasn't shy with sex so he knew she wouldn't care if Sean knew. There were times when they were hanging out at her place, where she would just turn to him and ask him flat out if he wanted to go have sex. It never seemed to matter to her that her roommates were around or not. Sometimes, when they came to her place, she would tell the guys. She would tell them to either stay out of the bathroom because they were going to shower and have sex or to not knock on her door for a certain amount of time because of the sex then she'd drag him off to either the bathroom or her bedroom.

At first he had been shocked by her openness because in other things she was completely shy but he got over it fast. She willingness for sex at any given moment and her openness about her body and what she wanted to do was a turn on. She let him try whatever he wanted and she brought a lot of ideas to their play time. The first time she had done it, they had come into her place. They had been soaking wet from getting caught in a rainstorm. Nick was the only one home at the time.

" Nick, get him some clothes, please." Silver asked. They were holding hands while Nick sat on the couch. She was pulling Norman towards the bathroom. " Just set them outside the bathroom door. We're going to have sex and shower." The shock passed through him quickly and he felt himself blush.

" I can't believe you just told him that." Norman said as he walked into the bathroom after her. Silver laughed while he shut the door.

" Told him what?" She asked. She reached into the shower and started the water.

" That we're going to have sex." He said. Silver pulled her shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

" Well, we're going to take a shower to warm up, why won't we have sex too?" She asked. She turned around and made a show of undoing her bra. " Unless you don't want too." Silver said, her voice low.

" I didn't say that." He said slowly, watching her drop her bra.

" You know what I want. The choice is yours." Silver said. She quickly shed her clothes then stepped into the shower, closing the door behind her.

' What the hell are you doing?! What are you waiting for?!' His mind screamed. Norman shook his head then started undressing as fast as he could.