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The Cast Mate

chapter 28

By their five and a half month mark, Norman had really started to pay attention to how she and the boys interacted together. They all touched her and she touched them more then he had really thought. He knew she hugged them bye or they'd kiss cheeks. It had never really bothered him before, but since he found her sleeping on the couch with Nick on the floor, it all started to annoy him more and more. He hadn't said anything to her about that night.

One night he walked into her place and found Silver sitting on the couch with Sam. She was holding a bowl of ice cream and was in the process of bring the spoon to his mouth. Sam was leaning forward with his mouth open but both their eyes were glued to the screen. Norman frowned and shook his head. He glanced up at the TV and saw they were watching Dawn of The Dead. He looked back at the friends as she pulled the spoon out of Sam's mouth. She brought the spoon down and scoped up some more ice cream before she popped the spoon into her mouth. He shook his head and waited. It took her almost ten minutes before she noticed him standing there.

Five Months and 3 weeks:

"Hey, TR!" Silver said when she answered her phone.

"Hey, Reedus!" He heard Nick yell.

"What are you doing?" Norman asked.

" Nicky and I are headed to my bank so I can put him on my account." Silver said. Norman frowned as he leaned back the chair he was sitting in at his place.

" Why are you putting him on your bank account?" He snapped.

" Well, since we're leaving next week for two months to shoot off-site, I need to be able to pay my rent, cell phone and car. With Nicky on my account, he can write the checks for me." Silver explained.

" Then where are you two going?" He asked. He was mad that Nick was going to be sharing her account. Things with Nick had been bothering him, more then her interactions with the other two. Norman hated that she was calling him Nicky.

" I think we are going out to eat. You want to meet us?" Silver asked.

" Yeah, come out with us!" He heard Nick say.

" Am I on speaker phone?" Norman asked.

" Yeah." Silver said.

" Take me off, please Babe." He said. He heard her move her phone around and then next time she spoke, he could tell she had done what he asked.

" What's wrong?" Silver asked. Some tension in his shoulders eased away from him as he sighed.

" I just wanted to talk to you. Where are you going to eat?" Norman asked.

" We don't know yet. Do you have a place in mind you'd like to meet us at?" Silver asked.

" Why don't I just pick you up at the bank and Nick can follow us somewhere." He offered.

" Well that doesn't make sense. That's a waste of driving for you. Just pick a place for us to meet at." She said. Norman sighed and frowned again.

" I'll just see you at Denny's." He had never eaten at Denny's so many times in his life as he had being with Silver. It was one of her favorite places.

" Okay, TR. I'll see you in 20 minutes." Silver said.

" Alright, Babe. I'll see you there." He said before they hung up.


" He's here!" Silver said excitedly when they pulled into the diner's parking lot.

" Yeah, you told him to meet us here." Nick said.

" I know but sometimes when I see him I still can't believe we actually know him, and that I date him." Silver said with a smile.

" He sleeps in your bed, too." Nick pointed out. Silver laughed as he shut his car off. " I don't think Reedus likes me anymore."

" What are you talking about?" Silver asked once they got out of his car.

" Well, he never answers my texts anymore or calls me back. He hardly talks to when he comes over. I don't know, maybe I made him mad or something." Nick said as he slipped his arm across Silver's shoulders.

Norman frowned as he watched Silver put her arm around Nick's waist and smiled up at him while they talked. He tighten his hand on his drink and shook his head. Nick said something that made Silver laugh and pull away from him. She punched him in the chest but Nick just laughed. Then he took her hand and held it up into the air so she could spin under it. Norman shook his head and stood up as they walked in. Silver's smile increased when she saw him.

" Hey." She said, making him smile.

" Hey." He said.

When they reached him, Norman took a hold of her neck and leaned down to kiss her. She was surprised when she felt his tongue slip across her bottom lip but she parted her lips to give him access to the inside of her mouth. He didn't mind holding hands, having their arms around each other's shoulders or waist or even giving light kisses, but he usually didn't kiss her that deeply in front of people. He twisted his tongue around hers and pulled her closer to him with his hands silpping down to her waist.

" Are you okay?" She whispered when he ended it.

" Yeah. I just wanted to kiss my girlfriend. Is that okay?" Norman asked.

" Yeah." She said. When she moved to slip into the booth on Nick's side, so she could sit across from Norman, but Norman grabbed her arm and tugged her towards his side.

" Sit with me." He said.

Silver sat down and slipped across the booth to make room for him. When he popped down next to her, he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. Silver smiled and let one of her hands come to rest against his leg. He kissed the side of her head then nestled his chin into the top of her head. Nick sent Silver a little frown as if he was sending her a message saying, ' I told you so.' Something had changed in his friendship with Norman but he wasn't sure what it was.

" Are you excited for our off site shots?" Norman asked Silver after they ordered.

" Yeah, I am actually. I haven't been to Canada since I was 20. We all went for Sam's 21 birthday." Silver said.

" Good luck flying with her, Reedus. Our girl isn't the best flier." Nick said with a smile. Norman's arm tighten on her shoulders, pushing her into him more.

" Yeah, I know. Why wouldn't I know that my girlfriend gets nervous on planes?" He asked. Nick's eyebrows went up as his phone went off.

" Ah, I'm not saying you didn't know." He took out his phone and looked down at him. " Hey, I'll be back. Elizabeth is calling me." Nick quickly slipped out of the booth and hurried away before answering his phone.

" What was that?" Silver asked as she pulled away to look at him.

" Hey listen, since we are going to be for two months, Troy got us all apartments so we wouldn't have to live in hotels but I'm thinking of telling him to cancel one of the apartments. We should just stay together since we will sleeping at one or the other place. You okay with that?" Norman asked.

" Are you sure?" Silver asked him, making him smile.

" Yeah, Babe. I think it will be nice to spend some time with just you and Mingus." He said.

" And Mingus is okay with me being around so much?" She asked.

" Are you kidding? I'm pretty sure he has a crush on you. He talks about you all the time."

" Okay, then let's do that but can you tell me why you're acting so weird with Nicky?" She noticed the slight change in his face at the mention of her friend.

" I'm not acting weird." He said as he looked away.

" Yes, you are. Are you mad at him or something? Nicky said you never answer his texts or calls." Silver said.

" Well maybe I'm busy when NICKY calls me." Norman said in a frown.

" Why did you just say his name all weird?" Silver asked. Norman shook his head and started rubbing his chin.

" Look, I think Nick likes you and I'm uncomfortable with that. I mean you live with this guy and I'm pretty sure he has a crush on you." He said, making Silver laugh.

" You aren't serious right now. He is dating Elizabeth and we are just friends. He doesn't see me like that. He's way into Elizabeth and he knows I'm into you." Norman looked at her and smiled.

" Oh you are?" She shook her head and looked away.

" Shut up." She said with a smile, making him laugh.