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The Cast Mate

chapter 31

The next day, Norman couldn't believe he was walking down her hallway. His mind was racing and his heart was pounding. He needed to talk to her. He had to explain things to her. If she didn't accept what he had to say than at least he had tried. He could live with her rejecting him, he couldn't live with not trying. Besides, he still had things at her place and he had her things in his hands. When he reached the door, he knocked, thinking they won't like it if he just walked in. Nick was surprised when he answered the door.

" Oh, hey. " He said.

" Hey. Can I talk to Silver?" Norman asked.

" Well, she's still sleeping." Nick said, making Norman frown.

" Is she sick or something? It's almost 4 in the afternoon." He said.

" Yeah well Silver and Sam called me at 6 in the morning. Winston and I had to go and pick them up. They closed down a few bars and ended up walking to a few different all night diners. They were shit faced, I mean, fucked completely up. Silver only had one shoe on, she was just carrying the other one. We picked them up, went and got Sam's car which Winston drove, then brought them here. Silver was a mess and passed out right away." Nick explained. He noticed the clothes in Norman's hand. " Oh, you brought her stuff back. You want your stuff?"

" Yeah, sure." Norman said.

" Well come on in. I know where she put your stuff. It's in her room on her dresser." Nick said. Norman walked into the apartment, closing the door behind him, then followed after Nick who was already at her door. Nick opened it carefully as to not wake his friend. " Oh for fuck sakes, Silver." Norman came into the room to see Silver hanging half out of her bed. She was on her stomach with her right arm hanging off the bed. Her head and upper body were also off the bed. " I hope she falls out of bed. Serves her right for getting so fucked up."

Norman shook his head while Nick moved to her dresser. Norman crouched down and took a hold of her. He gently brought her back into her bed so she won't tumble out. He swept his hand over her hair then leaned down and kissed the side of her head. He tucked the covers around her, almost forgetting Nick was in the room.

" Nick." Silver whined out without opening her eyes. She smiled while Norman ran his fingers through her still wavy hair. " You smell like Reedus." She whispered. Nick shook his head and started towards the bed as she started to cry.

" I'm sorry, Babe." Norman said softly.

" Yeah, as her friend, I can't let you see her like this. She will kill me and I value my life." Nick said. "Come on, please." He said. Norman sighed and stood up. " You know the way out." He said as he handed Norman his clothes.

" Nick." Silver said again. Nick shook his head.

" You have to go." Nick said again.

" Just tell her I came by and I'd like to talk to her, please." Norman said, not taking his eyes off her.

" Nick, I'm fucking dying!" Silver whined as she yanked the blankets over her head. Nick rolled his eyes and sat on her bed.

" You're not dying. You're just going to be so hung over you going to wish you were dying." He said. Norman was having a hard time leaving. He wanted her to see him standing there. He saw her figure, under the blankets, curl up into a ball.

" He's got a girlfriend already. I should have punched her then punched him and walked out." Silver said.

" Okay! That's enough." Nick said quickly as he jumped up. He moved to Norman and shook his head as he started pushing him out of her room. Norman started to say something but Nick shut her door. Norman sighed and listen in. " Silver, don't cry. You're going to get way emotional right now because you're so hung over."

" How could he just get a girlfriend so fast? It's like I just meant nothing to him." He heard Silver crying. He shook his head as his shoulders dropped. He turned around and walked out of her apartment.


Norman didn't call her that night or the next day. He thought he'd give her time to recover from the hang over. He took Mingus to his favorite cafe to eat later the next night because he was tired of being stuck at home. The cafe was one he had taken Silver to a lot. He walked to the back where he usually sat and slipped into the chair while Mingus sat down across from him. He didn't need to look over the menu but he needed something to do with himself.

Silver's laugh yanked his head up and over to the other side of the diner. She was sitting at the table with a young guy. Norman's hands tighten on his menu as he watched. She was rolling her cup around in her hands as she smiled at whatever the guy was saying. Silver was looking at the table while the guy was staring at her. When her laughter died down, the guy leaned forward and placed his hand on top of hers. Silver took a deep breath and brought her eyes up. The guy was talking seriously, making her nod.

" Dad! That's Silver!" Before Norman could stop his son, Mingus jumped up and took off towards her.

" Mingus, don't!" Norman said as he stood up.

" Silver!" Mingus said, throwing his arms around her and surprising her. Silver pulled her hand away from her date and hugged the little boy.

" ML, what are you doing here?" She asked.

" Dad and I came for dinner and I saw you. I miss you so much." Mingus said when he pulled away.

" Ah, little man, I miss you too." She said.

" I'm sorry, Silver." Norman said when he reached them. " I tried to stop him but Mingus is fast."

" No, it's okay." Silver said.

" You should come and have dinner with us, please!" Mingus asked.

" Mingus." Norman warned.

" Please, Silver! I miss you so much and I know my dad does."

" That's enough, Mingus." Norman said quickly.

" I can't right now." Silver said gently.

" Why not? Is it because you're on a date? You can't be on a date! You and my dad just broke up! Silver, don't be on date, please!" Mingus begged. Silver's eyes filled up with tears.

" I said that's enough!" Norman said, a little louder. Silver took Mingus' hands and looked into his eyes as she turned to face him.

" I am not on a date. This is Joseph. He runs the club me and the boys play at. We are just have a dinner meeting, okay?" Silver swallowed hard and refused to meet Norman's eyes. " Go on back and have dinner with your dad. I will stop by when we are done. I won't leave without saying good bye." Mingus' arms went around her neck and he hugged her tightly. Silver closed her eyes and squeezed him hard.

" Come on, Mingus." Norman said, softer that time. Mingus pulled away and looked at her.

" I'll see you in a little bit." He said. Silver smiled and nodded.

" Yes, you will." She said. When his son left her side, Silver glanced up at him then back to her guest.

Silver held onto her word. When she was done eating, she walked over to their table. She spoke softly with Mingus, making sure she didn't look at Norman. She was careful to not meet his eyes and he knew it. But that didn't stop him from watching her interact with his son. She smiled and ruffled his hair before she pulled him in for a hug. His arms went around her waist while hers went around his shoulders. They hugged tightly then she was gone.

Later that night, with Sean watching Mingus, Norman drove past the bar and saw her car in the parking lot. He hurried past and to her apartment. He skipped the evelator because his nerves and energy level won't let Norman hold still. He run up the stairs to her floor and down the hallway. When he reached her door, he started banging on it hard. Nick threw it open a few seconds later with Sam and Winston behind him.

" What the hell, Dude? Why are you banging on the door?" Nick asked.

" I need to have her back. I need you to help me, please. I was a complete dick and I know it but I want her back." Norman was standing with his hands on the door frame as he stared at her roommates. Sam was smiling, Winston's eyebrows were up and Nick was frowning with his arms cross over his chest.. After a few seconds, Nick nodded.

" You better come in then." He said.