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The Cast Mate

Chapter 35

It was a month into their dating and Silver, Sean, and Norman were on a flight going to the Comic Com. Sean and Norman were going to be on a question and answer panel but he had asked Silver to come with him since he was going to be gone for four days. She was sitting between them in the airplane. They all still got along and had fun together.

Once they got to the Com, they stood back while their booth was being put up. Norman had his arm around her neck while she was holding on to the back of his shoulders. His head was tilted down so they could whisper together. They had been hanging out every day but hadn't started sleeping together again or spending the night together. They had made out a few times but she always stopped them from going past that. He had managed to get his hands just under her shirt once but that was all. She hadn't been ready and he didn't want to push her.

" What are you going to do today? You just going to walk around all day?" Norman asked her.

" For a while but then I thought I'd head back to the hotel." Silver said.

" We're going to be late tonight. You want me to come over and say good night when I get back there?" He asked. Sean, Norman, and Silver each had their own rooms.

" Well...." Silver pulled away and they took hands as she swung them lightly back and forth. " I was actually thinking about checking out of my room." His eyebrows came up.

" You were?" He asked, trying not to smile.

" Yep. I thought maybe we could stay together." She said slowly.

" You did?" He asked. Silver shrugged and dropped his hands. She folded her arms over her chest and she turned to give him her side.

" That's okay. I'll just ask Sunny if I can stay with him." She said. Norman's hands darted out and grabbed her. Silver laughed as he yanked her to him again.

" No. I don't think so. My room is just fine." He hugged her tightly before he kissed the top of her head. "You sure about this, Babe?" Silver sighed.

" Yeah." She said, nodding into him.

Through the day she walked around alone, checking the Com out since she had never been there. She would check back in with the boys to bring them things to eat or drink. Some fans would ask the boys who she was since she would be standing close to one or the other. Since Norman and Silver hadn't cemented their relationship and were going with no titles, Sean would come up with creative things for her to be. Some times she was their manager, some times she was a fan who won a contest to hang out with them, some times he told people she was their personal slave.

" This is Silver. She's gonna be my baby mama someday." Sean told a group of fans. He linked his arm around her neck and yanked her to him. " Isn't that right, Reedus?" He asked. Norman was bending over signing a poster when he shook his head.

" Yeah right." He snapped with a smile. Sean burst into laughter while Silver smiled. He kissed the side of her head before letting her go.

Norman didn't get back to the hotel until eleven that night. Sean had wanted to go out but didn't push the issue when Norman told him Silver had moved into his room. He knew what that meant. Norman's hands had been in his pockets and he was almost bouncing around as they rode the elevator together to their floor. When the doors opened, Sean grabbed his friend before he could dash away from him.

" Good luck, man. Don't fuck this up again, you know? You need her. Silver's good for you and good for your boy." He said seriously. Norman nodded and patted Sean's back.

" Yeah, I'm not going too." He said. The two friends embraced and hugged tightly before they pulled away. Norman pulled his hotel card out and moved to his room.

When he walked into the room, his hopes for the night was dashed. The room was pitch dark. He shut the door and locked it before he took his phone out. He turned the flashlight on it so he could move through the room without tripping. He shone the light on the bed and saw her laying under the blankets on the left side.

" You gotta be shitting me." He whispered in a sigh. He had had plans for the night. The last time he had sex was with her and that had been almost three months beforehand. Two months, 3 weeks, 5 days, and 8 hours ago. He got undressed quietly then slipped in the bed. He slipped across the bed to her, bring his legs and front half to her back. " What the hell?" He whispered as he slid his hand up her very naked body. Silver started to laugh, making him jump. She rolled over onto her back.

" I just turned the TV off when I heard you opening the door." She said.

" So you weren't sleeping?" He asked.

" No." He was on top of her before she could say anything else. His hands went into her hair and his mouth claimed hers hard.

In the morning, Silver was sitting on a stool, behind the boys while they started sighing posters and pictures again. She was holding her cup of coffee, bring in the welcome scent. She and Norman had stayed up late, re-getting to know each other. In the morning, they decided to save time by showering together and their titles snapped right back into place.

" Is she one of your girlfriends?" A fan asked while pointing at Silver.

" Mine!" Norman said quickly, making Sean's head snap up because he said it so loudly and fast. Silver start to laugh. " She's my girlfriend." He turned around and reached for her. Silver was still smiling when she took his hand. He pulled her to him then put his arm around her waist. " Yeah, she's my girlfriend." He said before he kissed her head.

" Well, I guess you guys decided to use titles again." Sean said. Silver smiled and moved to hug Norman. Her arms went around his waist and her head came to rest against his chest. He kept a tight grip on her, signing things and kissing her off and on.
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