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The Cast Mate

Chapter 4

Silver had just walked into her apartment when her phone went off. She pulled it out and clicked on the message. It was from the phone number Sean had been pranked her with. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she walked to her bedroom. She opened the message up quickly and read through it. She slowly dropped her bag to the floor.

' Hey, it's Norman Reedus. I just wanted to tell you sorry for Sean. He's harmless but sorry if he was bothering you or making you uncomfortable.'

' It's okay. He doesn't bother me.' She answered, wanting to scream because he sent her a message.

' You looked upset at lunch. He just likes to fuck around.' He texted back almost right away.

' Seriously, I wasn't. I had to call Nick for something. Sean doesn't bother me. He's like a little kid. He needs the attention all the time.'

' lol, you know him already.'

" This is not happening!" She squealed as she went into her room. She shut the door and moved towards her bed.

' He's kind of easy to figure out.' Silver said.

' A bunch of us are going out Friday night, you should come.' She shook her head. There was no way he was asking her to hang out with them. She wanted to more than anything but she couldn't. Plans had been made and she couldn't back out.

' That would be so much fun but I have something I have to do Friday and Saturday night.'

' Working? Maybe we will hang out at the bar than.' He sent.

' No, I'm not working. I just have something I promised my roommates I'd do. I'm sorry.'

' That's okay. Maybe some other time.' Silver shook her head. She could not believe she was laying on her bed, texting HIM.

" Yeah, that would be great. I'm at the bar Thursday, just 7-9. I'm covering for someone. You guys could come by than.' She offered.

' Yeah, alright. I'll see if Sean wants to come, if he doesn't I'll still be there.'

" Holy Shit!" She yelled out, thankful the apartment was empty.

' I'll make you another shot.' Silver texted because she couldn't think of anything else to say.

' I look forward to it. By the way, you sounded great today at the read.' She was in the middle of texting him back when her phone started to ring. She stared at the phone in disbelief. He was actually calling her. She sat up straight and answered it.

" I was just answering you." His laugh made her break into a stupid smile.

" Well, I thought talking might be faster." Norman said. Silver's stomach jumped. " Anyway, I'm sure you were nervous since it's your first film, but you seem like a natural."

" Silver!" Someone yelled out through the apartment.

" Really? I kind felt stupid." She answered, choosing to ignore her other roommate instead.

" Yeah, you will for a while. I felt the same way when I started acting. But you did really good." He assured her.

" Thanks." She said as someone opened her door. " Hang on." Silver took the phone away but he could hear everything. " What the hell, Sam? What if I was changing?"

" Than it would have been my lucky day. Did you hear me calling you?" He heard a guy ask.

" Yeah. I did. Did it occur to you that I was ignoring you?" Silver asked.

" Actually no, it didn't. I need a haircut." Sam said.

" Than go get one." Sliver said.

" You know I can't go alone!" Sam whined. " I need you to tell me it looks good."

" For fuck sakes, Sam! You are thiry years old!" She said.

" Come on! Please! You always go with me!" He whined. Silver shook her head but held up her hand to show five minutes. Sam smiled as she brought her phone up.

" I'm sorry, I have to go. My roommate is a fucking baby." Norman laughed.

" It's cool. I'll talk to you later." He said.

" You fucking owe me." He heard her say before she hung up her phone.


Norman paced through his apartment later that night. He wanted to text her or call her again. He liked talking to her, he liked being around her, maybe too much. Norman didn't usually get involved with his cast mates other than forming friendships, didn't usually develop crushes but he was digging her. He thought she was hot and sexy as hell and he wanted to get to know her more.

Silver had her phone sitting on the island in their kitchen when it went off. She was cooking for the four of them. She glanced over her shoulder at it. Winston was sitting at the island beside it. Silver was stirring the soup she had made and couldn't leave it. She tried to reach for the phone and when that didn't work, she tried to snatch it up with a spatula. Winston watched with amusement. Finally Silver started to laugh as she gave up.

" Can you get that, Jackass?" She asked. Winston smiled and picked it up.

" You know, if you want me to do something nice for you, you shouldn't call me a name, bitch." Norman heard as someone picked up her phone.

" Oh shut up!" He heard Silver's voice. He could hear her laughing.

" I'm just saying....Hello?" Silver listened to her friend as she stirred their dinner. Winston didn't say another word. He stood up and walked over to the stove. He handed it out to her.

" Who is it?" Silver asked.

" Just say hello." Winston said.

" Well give it to me." Silver said as she reached for it. Winston held it in the air and out of her reach. "That's not fucking fair, Winston. You know I'm fucking fun size." His laugh was loud as he let her take the phone. Silver smiled and put it to her ear. " Hello?"

" What does fun size mean?" Norman's voice made her snap to attention. Her face flushed right away but she started to laugh.

" Well, I'm short but not too short. I'm just the right size to play with." She said. He laughed and that made her smile more.

" Fun size. I have never heard that one before." He said.

" You learn something new everyday. That was your new thing for today so you are welcome." She said.

" Who made that up?" He asked.

" I have no idea." Silver said.

" Do you learn something new everyday?" Norman rolled his eyes the second he asked it. What a lame question, he yelled to himself.

" Yeah, but it's usually something useless. I know a lot of useless shit." Silver said.

" Like what?" He asked.

" Oh no, you got your new thing for today. You want to learn something else, you have to wait until tomorrow." She said, making him smile. He sank down into his couch and put his hand behind his head.

" Fair enough." He said. " So, what time did you say you were working tomorrow?" He knew what she had said. He was just looking for an excuse to talk to her.

To both their surprise, they stayed on the phone with each other until ten that night. They didn't run out of things to talk about. He made her laugh and that made him smile. He liked to hear her laugh and imaged her pretty smile. When they decided to finally hung up, he felt good about calling her, about talking to her. He was glad he had swallowed his nerves and talked to her.