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The Cast Mate

Chapter 9

By Friday, when he dropped her off at home, he put the truck in park and actually reached out to grab her arm. Silver jumped and looked back at Norman. She had been just about to leave his truck. Goodbyes had been said and she had to get ready for the night. But then he smiled at her and dropped her arm. Once again, Sean and Norman had tried to get her to spend Friday night with them and she had turned them down.

" Come out with us tonight." He said. She smiled and shook her head slightly.

" I'd like too, but I can't." Silver said.

" Why not? Every Friday and Saturday Sean tries to get you to go out with us and you always say no. You always say you have something to do, on both nights. What is it that you are doing on the weekends?" He asked. Silver looked away and frowned slightly.

" I....ah....I have things to do, that's all." She said. She sighed and looked back at him. " I have things to do, that's all I can say." He put his left arm on the door and took a hold of his steering wheel with his right hand.

" Do you not like us? Or one of us? Because, you know," he looked away and started drumming his fingers on his steeling wheel. His left hand came up and he started rubbing his bottom lip. " if you don't like me, you can hang out with Sean alone. He'd be completely fine with that. He thinks you're awesome."

" No, I like you." She corrected, feeling bad that he thought she didn't like him. Norman looked at her and tilted his head. He shifted and let his right arm slide along the top of the truck's bench seat. His left hand took a hold of his steering wheel.

" Then if you don't like Sean, or if he gets on your nerves, you and I could hang out alone sometime." Silver bit her lip as her stomach dropped.

" We could do that, but not on a Friday or a Saturday night." She said.

" What are you doing then? Burning down houses? Helping old people cross the street? Do you sell drugs?" He was teasing her and she knew it. Silver started to smile again.

" I burn down houses." She shook her head and looked away, pretending to tear up. " I break into houses then I just burn them down. After I get the people out, of course, because I'm not a murderer or anything." She said. She looked back at him and fanned her face as she faked cried. Norman was smiling at her. " Feels so good to finally tell someone." She finished up softly.

" So you make movies and you burn down houses." He said. She nodded and wiped her eyes.

" I do. I totally do and I'm sorry. I have tried to stop but I'm just addicted." Silver said. He looked away and chuckled.

" It sounds like you need help." He said before he looked back at her.

" I really do." She agreed. " I really do." After a few minutes of quiet he let her slip out of his truck. She faced him with a small smile as she stood in the open doorway. " Alright, so I have to go and get ready to burn them down." His smiled faded.

" I'm going to call you tomorrow." He said. She nodded.

" I'll be waiting. Thanks for the ride." Silver said.

" Try to not get burned tonight." Norman said.

" Yeah, I won't." Silver said. She patted the door then shut it.

He sighed as he watched her disappear into her apartment building. He took out his phone and called up Sean. His friend answered on the second ring. They decided to call the one person they knew could figure out what anyone was doing, their manager. She could find out what Silver was up to. She just seemed to have all the answers.


And that was how the two of them found theirselves in a little underground club at ten o-clock that night.

" This place is packed." Sean commented. There as a bar and a huge dance floor. They took a seat at a high table in the corner of the club. Across the dance floor and bar was a stage. A huge red curtain was pulled across it.

" Yeah. They must be good." Norman said. Sean signaled to a waitress.

Suddenly, the lights in the club dimmed and the crowd started to go wild. They both ordered drinks and waited as the curtain slid open. Standing in the center of the stage, with her head down, was Silver. To her right, with a guitar hanging off his neck, was Nick. To her left was Sam with another guitar and behind them all was Wintson at the drums. All four of them had their heads down. The crowd was clapping and screaming. Slowly, Silver raised up her head. The lights on the stage were starting to shine on them. She brought one finger to her lips and the crowd quieted down right away. Everyone was taken by her, including the boys.

At the studio she was always had her hair pulled up into a messy bun. She always had on faded jeans and converse shoes. Her shirts were always a long sleeve, long john type shirt or a tee shirts. On stage, she was wearing faded jeans again but her shoes were black vans. She had a tight fitted, low cut white wife beater and her hair was down and straight while parted to the right side of her head. It hung in layers and was down to her belly button. She smiled like she owned the stage. At the studio and the bar, she was shy and quiet, almost uncomfortable with her surroundings.

When the music started, every one went wild again. Her voice was bright and beautiful and the boys were stunned. She smiled as they performed their mix of punk and pop rock. She alternated from holding onto the mike and holding onto the mike stand. Her hips swaying slightly to the music. She took turns interacting with Sam and Nick.

After the first song, Sean sent her up a shot with a note he didn't sign. She looked confused when the waitress brought it over to her but she downed it and tucked the note into her back pocket. The next song was another fast paced one. Only that time, she took the mike from the stand. She, Nick, and Sam moved down the first step off the stage. The fans were crazy and were reaching for them. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. She was interacting with their fans, laughing and jumping when they jumped.

After the second song, Norman sent her a shot with a note. He didn't sign it. Things went on like that for a few more songs. Song, shot, note, song, shot, note. Then Silver moved down the center of the club to a piano. A slow song started with her playing and singing. When she reached the chorus, the piano started to turn slowly. She kept her eyes shut as she sang into the mike.

" This girl is amazing." Sean said.

" Yeah she is. She is kicking ass with singing." Norman agreed.

" Why do you think she wants to hide this from us?"

After the song was over they performed a few more fast songs before their set was done. They thanked the crowd and smiled as the curtain started to close. Before the curtain closed completely, Silver looked out one last time. Her eyes swept through the crowd and landed right on a table to the far left of the stage. Sitting together, both with their elbows on the table, were Sean and Norman. They were looking at each other and talking. Her face fell as the curtain closed.

Silver didn't say anything to her roommates. They were high fiving and cheering each other. They started packing up right away. Silver made an excuse about having to go to the bathroom. She hurried away and disappeared into the bathroom behind stage. She quickly moved to the sink and pulled out the six notes she had gotten with the shots. She quickly sorted them by handwriting. She then knew it was them that had sent her the drinks and she knew their handwriting. She had seen them writing in their scripts countless of times. Three notes from Sean, three from Norman.


Hey there sexy girl

Loving that ass

Making me drool


You look beautiful

Your eyes are stunning

Your voice is amazing

She swallowed hard and shoved the notes back into her pockets. What the hell was she going to do? Silver wondered as she stared at herself in the mirror. She shook her head.