Status: 'Tis the season (almost-but that's good enough)

The Magic of Macy's

Lucy Ferrell ll Inspiration
Soundtrack ll Sebastian Hanks ll The Lads

"It's that time again. This Friday starts the beginning of the annual 'Pain In My Ass' holiday sales events. Don't forget to set your alarms, because this bullshit starts at five AM. With door busters deals on over two-hundred and fifty items, like skinny bitch jeans and Puerto Rican stripper perfume, you can't lose. And, we'll even gift wrap them for you because aside from running the register, cleaning the fitting rooms, and getting sexually harassed by Dick, my floor supervisor, what the hell else I got going on? We also have a Letters To Santa program, so bring the kids! So hurry on down to Macy's annual 'Pain In My Ass' sales event, because these deals going fast! And so is my mother fucking patience."

"Yeah, I think you should leave out all that pent up rage, pent it up a bit more, and just mention that One Direction will be preforming and signing all day."

"Fuck you, Sebastian." I grumbled.

"Merry fucking Christmas to you too, Luce." He grinned.

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