Status: Active.

Never Let Me Go

When Jade is summoned to the Winter Kingdom, will he make it? Or will the winter's harsh element freeze him in it's unforgiving scenery like it had done so many other's that had been summoned to the Winter Kingdom?

*Rated PG-13, but the rating will likely change if this story goes the way I want it to.
*This is slash meaning boylove,Yaoi,etc.
*This is a fanfiction meaning that whatever happens doesn't happen in real life.
*Some of the scenery may resemble real places seeing as I live in Alaska so some names may be familiar, and other's not.
*Some names of villages are REAL places so, please, don't berate me if I get something wrong about them or some information being skewed, because I've never been to these places or have lived there and don't remember anything about them.