Forget About It


As we entered the club, we could just hear the thudding of the bass in the music that seemed to surround us. Why did we even end up coming to America for my birthday to go absolutely mental when we could go to a club exactly like this back in Scotland but no. My friend’s insisted we go to America. I don’t know maybe it will get better! We will just have to see. I don’t know.

‘Oh come on this could be fun! I’m sure you could find a girl tonight if you looked’ Andrew nudged my side nodding at a few girls who looked like basically your typical whores in clubs.

Oh fun. So now my friends are expecting me to get with a girl. I’d rather not, theres a little problem as girls aren’t really my thing. Yes I’m gay, my friends haven’t seem to have got this yet though.

Maybe if I like make out with a random guy tonight they’ll finally get it. I mean I’d rather not kiss a total randomer and then never see them again but it might just give away that I am not really into girls. We wonder deeper into the club venturing towards the bar. Well this could be more fun than I first thought.

A couple of hours later and I am definitely drunk, there’s no other way to put it. I felt someone push past me to get somewhere, I look at them about to make some comment about being careful and apologizing when I saw his face. Wow, okay he is really cute, like as in the cutest human being I have seen in a while, obviously he was pretty drunk himself as I now recognized him from a guy I had seen earlier. I just hadn’t realized he was that hot. He had short black hair with a little blonde bit on the side of his head , he was kinda chubby but it was cute and quite big lips but they suited him and just made him even more adorable oh my god. I probably sound like a 13 year old fangirl, but it’s not very often I see very cute adorable people in clubs so I shall take advantage of that moment.
‘KEVIIIIIIIN. THERE YOU ARE’. Connor yelled, I was taken out of my thoughts to notice that I was in fact staring at hot guy. Oops my bad. I felt myself being dragged away by Connor to somewhere else.

I was by myself again, the barstards I had come with have fucked off somewhere. Probably making out with some random girls or something in all honesty I don’t really care. I keep on seeing that guy around, ugh I’m just going to go talk to him. You never know he might not even be gay. Ahhh I don’t even care. I managed to walk over to where he was without falling over, somehow. He was all alone. Just sitting there watching everyone else.

‘Hey’ I smiled at the cute guy.

‘Hiiiiii’ he giggled with a thick American accent.

Okay so maybe hes even more drunk than I first thought. Oh god well this could go well.

‘I saw you staring at me earlier, but it’s okay because I was looking at you too’

Damn this boy is drunk but it’s so cute. I can’t believe he saw me looking at him.
‘I um yeah. I’m Kevin’

‘Harry’ he slurred.

Oh god I don’t know what else to say. Well this is great.

‘Let’s go dance!’

He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to where everyone else was dancing if you can call it that. Well it was more like grinding to be honest. Harry put his hands on my waist and started to dance like everyone else surrounding us was. Oh my god, this boy I haven’t even known him for ten minutes and hes already well doing that. Not that I minded.
After well a while of us ‘dancing’ Harry put his hands on my waist.

‘I like this’ he smiled, before pressing his lips to mine in a kiss which almost immediately quickened, Harry slipped his tongue into my mouth caushing me to let out a little moan. Well this has gone unexpected?

I woke up the next morning to find myself completely naked lying in my hotel room bed alone, with my head pounding like someone was playing a drum inside my head. I am never drinking that much again. But what the fuck happened last night?! I cant remember any of it apart from the fact I was alone at some point. Oh well. At least I’m in our hotel room and not a randomers bed or somewhere worse. Where is everyone else though? First thing first though I need to find some paracetamol or something to ease this hangover. Then I can find my friends.
♠ ♠ ♠