Forget About It

Kiss And Tell

Kevin’s P.O.V

After about an hour and a half later I had finally found my friends. Okay in all honesty I had only been really searching for them for about 15 minutes… The rest of the time I was getting ready and finding excuses not to leave the hotel room. When I finally found them they were sitting at a breakfast table eating. THEY WENT TO GET FOOD WITHOUT ME? HOW DARE THEY. I walked over to the table where the four of them were sitting and sat down next to Connor.

‘Hey you finally joined us then have you? How’s your head this morning?’ Andrew joked.

‘Shut up. It’s fine thank you. Now. Thanks for leaving me last night’

‘Oh, no I’m sure you had a fun time without us’ Paul winked at me.

What the fuck does that mean? What even happened last night? All I can remember is getting in the club. The rest I don’t even know. I hope I didn’t have sex with anyone… That would be bad. I don’t think I did though I mean I’d remember something like that right?

‘Do you even remember what happened last night Kev?’ Connor asked me.

‘Not really. No.’ I admitted.

‘Makes sense you did drink a lot. Don’t worry you didn’t do anything’
Now is just the choice whether to believe them or not.

Harry’s P.O.V

As I tried to sneak through the front door of my flat I heard someone call my name.

‘It didn’t work trying to sneak back in you know? I was wondering when you’d come back from his house’ My arsehole of a bestfriend Andy Biersack called.

‘Shit. You know?!’

Shit. He knows I slept with a guy last night? Well that’s awkward, considering as I swear I’m straight. Like 100% that was just something that happened when I was very very drunk. I don’t even have the guys number so I’ll probably never see him again as from what I could tell from his accent or can remember he was Scottish. No idea what he was doing there but. I wonder whether he even remembers it?

Andy broke the silence again. ‘Oh calm down. I don’t care you slept with a guy. I only know that because I saw him ask you whether you wanted to go back to his. That and you grinding on him’. He grinned.

I grinded on him? Oh god. This is why I am not allowed out in public. At all. Well I shouldn’t be allowed if I am I should have a massive sign following me around warning everyone that I am an embarrassment.

‘His names Kevin. He’s Scottish we went back to his hotel not his house.’


Even though Kevin did fuck me when we were both very drunk, and no one should be that drunk ever it was actually probably the greatest sex I’ve ever had. I’m not gay it was just the best sex I have ever had. I wish I got his phone number or something. Not that I saw him in the morning I left before he was awake. Also there’s another thing. He is really hot.

‘Yeah. I left before he was awake this morning though and didn’t get his number. It was a one night thing’

I wish it wasn’t though. Oh god Harry you barely know the guy yet you want to spend more time with him. All you know is that hes Scottish, his name is Kevin and he is great in bed.

‘Okay, whatever you say. ‘

Something tells me Andy doesn’t believe me. Well trying to convince him I’m straight is going to be fun. I AM THOUGH.

Kevin’s P.O.V

It’s almost been a week since we went to that club, I still can’t remember what happened. I mean my friends keep on taking the piss outta me for something but I have no idea what. Dammit. Right never getting drunk again ever. So next time they all get drunk I’ll remember everything what happened and take the piss out of them for it. Yep. Then they’ll know how it feels. Even though they insisted I did nothing, I KNOW I DID. I just hope it’s not too embarrassing. Actually some random person I would of probably offended then would of told me by now if I did something too bad. Oh it’s happened before. I’m not joking. It just feels like something is missing. Only thing since then is that the guys keep on asking my about whether I’m gay or not. I don’t know what makes them ask that, especially Connor. Maybe I tried to make a move on him when I was drunk? No idea. Just they don’t need to know, they’ll find out one day. Just maybe I don’t know when. Ugh Kevin just let the whole thing go. It’s not that much of a big deal.
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So shit. I'm sorry it will get better