Forget About It

Rescue Me

*time lapse – Two Years Later*
Connor’s P.O.V

Where is he?! He was meant to be here ages ago. I mean I don’t even know the guy, but I’m getting kind of worried about him in all honesty. Why I agreed to let a randomer stay in my flat for a couple of weeks I have no idea about. He was one of Andy’s friends so he should be alright shouldn’t he and not some mass murderer? Hopefully. I just hope he gets here soon because as much as I am concerned about him I really don’t want to go looking round here for a probably very confused American mostly for the part I simply cannot be bothered. I’m so lovely. Well at least I’m giving him somewhere to stay? Ahhh Oh well.

Finally interrupting the thoughts going through my head about random American dude who will be staying with me, was a knock at the door. I do hope it is him now or I will probably have to go on a search for him. I don’t even know his name so that would be awkward. As I got up from the sofa the constant knocking continued. Jesus Christ. Knocking more isn’t going to get me to answer the door faster. I finally got to the door, the knocking still had not stopped. Oh god. Guess I have to answer this then wont I? I opened the door to see a tallish? Kind of guy who is kinda chubby with big lips but it suited him really. He had short hair with a blonde bit at the side of his head. Why does he even look so familiar?! I haven’t met him before I couldn’t of apparently this is his first time in England plus HE’S AMERICAN. He might just have a twin. Weird.

‘Hey you are Connor right?’ He asked.

This must be the American dude then! YAY.

‘Yeah that’s me. You must be Andy’s friend right? Come in’

‘Yep. Harry.’

Harry pulled his suitcase inside and went into the living room where he sort of just stood there. Why does he look so familiar though?! Even his name sound familiar and I don’t think he has a twin who looks exactly like him and even has the same name. Dammit. But where though? I think it’s something to do with when we were in America for Kevin’s birthday but I can’t figure it out. Oh well.
‘You can sit down you know?’

Harry just nodded and sat down on the sofa.

Well. I hope it isn’t this awkward for the whole time he is here because I don’t think I can cope with that.
‘Um is there anywhere where I can put my stuff ?’

‘Yeah. Just in the spare bedroom’

I walked him to the door on the right to my bedroom.
Then I realized. Why the fuck he looked so familiar. Oh shit.
Fuck fuck fuck. Now this is um awkward? I can’t this is so weird. I knew he had something to do with Kevin. I just didn’t know he slept with him. The awkward part is Kevin still doesn’t remember and we all do. I don’t even know if Harry remembers.

Harry’s P.O.V

Well this is awkward to say the least?! Im not even just talking about the fact I’m staying in some random guys house and the silence between us is just awkward but also the fact that maybe I don’t know I slept with this guy’s friend?! Kevin the guy who made me realize I wasn’t exactly straight. I don’t even know if the guy remembers me but I remember Kevin introducing me to him. Oh fuck fuck fuck.

Fun times. Lesson here is never get drunk and have sex with random people. Well you can just make sure you avoid those people because awkward.

‘Oh my god!’ Connor gasped.

Oh shit. Here we go. If that’s even it well whats the chance it wont be? None. You never know he might of found money on the floor or something. Yeah like that really happened.


‘This is slightly weird but did you sleep with some guy called Kevin a while ago?’
And there is it ladies and gentlemen. Oh god.
‘Yeah. Um. Why?’

‘Nothing just hes coming round here later and he doesn’t remember sleeping with you. That’s all.’
OH SHIT. This shall be an interesting time then. This would happen to me. Never drinking again. Nope. Never.
♠ ♠ ♠